Episode Highlights:

  • 00:44 – Purpose Of This New Youtube Channel
  • 01:46 – Cryptocurrency…Like Searching For Gold
  • 02:26 – Trading In The Cryptocurrency Space
  • 04:14 – Bitcoin’s Beginning
  • 04:40 – Functions Of The Software
  • 05:03 – What Is Digital Uptake
  • 05:50 – Cryptocurrency Scanner

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Hey guys this is Dan from Digital Uptake.com hey wanted to let you all know that I’ll be starting a new YouTube channel and any blog that’s going to be talking about cryptocurrency investing icos tools resources that you can use to learn more about this brand new world that we’re in the wild Wild West right now. If you haven’t noticed if you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade almost you may not have heard of Bitcoin. But for those that have heard of Bitcoin you guys know that there’s a big thing going on right now in the world and its called cryptocurrency. A lot of people know like Bitcoin but there’s a lot more going on in the world right now than just Bitcoin in regards to crypto currencies.

00:44 – Purpose Of This New Youtube Channel

This new blog new YouTube channel that I’m going to be starting is really meant to help you guys learn how to invest in quickly a currency. Before we really begin I how many of you all remember the Goonies and the reason I’m asking is because if you look right behind me there’s a big poster of The Goonies I’m actually working in an office right now that happens to have a poster of The Goonies up right how many of you know of The Goonies,  it’s one of those classic videos or movies of all time and I think it was the 80’s when I was kind of a little kid  but very very classic I just looked up and saw that poster I’ll show you guys real quick but would love to know how many people actually remember the Goonies and once you think about it, it was a such a good movie and actually kind of fitting right now I’m talking about crypto currency making money in the cryptocurrency market or exchanges.

And The Goonies, the Goonies were searching for treasure they were going on an adventure taking big risks to try to find a treasure a pirate ship that was hidden away and then they find it
right they find tons of gold and treasure.

1:46 – Cryptocurrency…Like Searching For Gold

I like the cryptocurrency market right I didn’t plan to talk about the Goonies and how it relates to cryptocurrency but it actually does kind of relate right here here’s a subset of kids going on an adventure taking risks trying to find treasure or whatnot and in the end they do they find gold they find jewels they find against all odds they find all this stuff and the cryptocurrency
market is kind of the same way.
There’s lots of gold in that market right now, you just know how you need to know how to get it could be risky it could be very risky or you do it the right way it’s not risky at all very very low probability that you’ll lose money if you do it the right way so anyway I just wanted to really expect the Goonies.

2:26 – Trading In The Cryptocurrency Space

Let’s get right into the topic at hand here I’ve been investing in day trading in crypto currencies for about six months to a year now I’d say maybe around 8 months made quite a bit of money doing day trading and position trading I’ve grown my account very very significantly in a very short amount of time and I am NOT a traditional stock market investor or guru I mean of course I’ve invested in the stock market I have bought penny stocks here and there I have my 401 k’s and whatnot investing in stock market and mutual funds and things like that, but by no means am I a trader by profession if you will I’ve only recently been getting into cryptocurrencies cryptocurrency investing and so forth and let me tell you it is a fascinating exciting and just exhilarating market to be in.

It’s just a it’s just a really cool place to be right now because there’s so much happening so much is changing and it’s a brand new technology that’s very very new that people don’t quite know how to use yet but they see a huge or an enormous amount of potential with this technology. And the technology itself is called blockchain Bitcoin is actually a product or a tool that’s been built using blockchain technology and all of the other altcoins that have been created. Altcoins are anything other than Bitcoin so there’s aetherium, there’s neo, there’s curecoin, there’s all kinds of different coins litecoin z cash and what these coins are there really iterations or different flavors of the blockchain technology kind of manifesting in a different form so what typically happens or what happened did happen

4:14 – Bitcoin’s Beginning

Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a guy named Satoshi Nakamoto. And he started Bitcoin he wrote white paper on how it would work and really from there blockchain was created in Bitcoin was the first application to be created on top of this this blockchain technology since then there’s been iterations of Bitcoin using blockchain technology changing different dimensions.

4:40 – Functions Of The Software

Different aspects functionalities of the software itself or of the technology itself to create new coins create new applications for this technology and we’re only at the beginning I think last time I checked there was something around 5,000 different alt coins aside from Bitcoin but these are popping up day after day.

5:03 – What Is Digital Uptake

We’re literally in the Wild West it’s a brand new market that really is very new and I’m very excited about so anyway I wanted to just give a quick introduction to what digital uptake is.

I will be posting these videos not only on YouTube but on my blog at steamet.com steamet it is another coin or cryptocurrency technology application that has been built it’s more like a social network slash blogging platform that’s been built out of blocks chain technology.

I’ve been blogging there you can go check it out in the notes of this video I do want to show you before we leave I do want to show you one quick tool that I’ve been using that that’s really helped me gain some traction and really the last like two months I have them in turnout forever.

5:50 – Cryptocurrency Scanner

It’s a fairly new tool you’re actually looking at it right now you’ve been staring at this entire time you’ve probably been hearing these little annoying beats every couple of minutes.
And so what you’re looking at right now is a crypto currency market scanner if you go to crypto marketscanner.com

You can get this you can access this completely free. Free to anybody who goes to the website? What this really does is it alerts you and notifies you whenever any cryptocurrency has dropped below a certain percentage so if a crypto currency has shot up and gone up in value 10 15 20 percent that would show up here if a crypto currency has dropped in value beyond a certain percentage 10 15 20 percent that will show up here.

The idea of this is really to give you the ability to monitor different cryptocurrency stocks on
various exchanges right there’s four exchanges listed the trade exponents likley and HTC those are the only ones today I know the developers adding a number of more exchanges to this but any altcoin or Bitcoin that you find on any of these exchanges can be used here.

Also there’s another a couple of quick features I’d like to show you if you go right up here to this change you can actually change some of these settings you can put the percentage you want right here I put 8 percent it is 10 percent by default so anytime the colors change by 10 percent it would technically alert you I like to do 8 percent because it’s it’s not the default it’s a little below the default  and anytime there’s a change that’s over 8 percent, I want to be able to see it before anybody else right and most people are using this set to 10 percent which is fine  and you could do that but what everybody is doing that right so anytime that they’re alerted everybody’s going to that stock and trying to invest in it.

So you can imagine that there’s probably more competition to actually buy that stock not really an issue haven’t really been a huge issue I guess it just gives me kind of peace of mind that’s all said it below 10 percent there.

So I’m going to go ahead and save this out and now I would alert those beats you’re hearing it’s alerts that are coming up every single time and what happens is when you get an alert you can actually click right on the link and it’ll take you right to a piece of software called coinagi and what coinagi does is really it’s a central location where you can trade you can position trade a trade you can basically trade different altcoins or bitcoins across a number of different markets.

And you can see here on the left side all the different markets you could trade on and here’s all the different coins that you can actually trade against so when you use this crypto -currency market scanner right here anytime there’s an alert you click on it you’ll go right to quantity you’ll see exactly what’s happening in this case there was a there was a jump in price and it looks like it was gosh 10 to 20 percent something fairly large right so I wouldn’t necessarily invest in this but I just want to show you how the tool actually works and there’s been many times let’s just let’s just go to one more as another example okay, so let’s say ZRX has dropped 17.8 percent wow that’s that’s quite big.

Let’s s take a look at this coin real quick here and see what’s going on and I won’t belabor this point I’ll talk a little bit about coinagi in a different video but I wanted to least show you the scanner and how her legs going so yeah you can see here  you know you can see that this dropped all the way down to 26 1 something around that and it’s been going up and down and it was up at around 5 around 5-4-5-5 and went all the way down to 2- 6 and now look like it’s kind of coming back up so that’s the key that I want you to be aware of and again, I’ll talk more about this in later videos.

But this is how I’ve been very successful at doing day trading and position trading by literally looking at all the bases that are created by these different up-and-down swings within these different coins. And anytime there’s a panic or a significant downtrend more than 10 percent typically doesn’t have to but typically you buy while it’s going down on the down through the panic and then when it goes up you sell on the high side. I’ll get more into that again later but I wanted to show you a quick recap of that. So anyway check it out crypto market scanner.com you can check it out I don’t own this, it’s completely for you there’s no affiliate program anything like that you want to make you guys all aware of it.

Let me know what you think again I’ll be posting videos in this youtube channel and on my blog and we’ll be sharing them out let me know how it goes let me know if you guys like the content if there’s any specific questions you have or any content you’d like to like to see specifically until then have a great day.