Episode Highlights:

  • 00:04 – Discovery Of New Cryptocurrency
  • 01:34 – Funfair Coin Review
  • 02:35 – Funfair Blockchain Solution For Gaming
  • 02:59 – How Funfair Work
  • 03:54 – Players
  • 04:57 – Our Solution
  • 05:22 Pictorial Chart Of How Funfair Works
  • 05:57 – Funfair Chat On Coin Market Cap
  • 06:25 – Funfair Chart On Coinigy
  • 09:40 – Check Funfair On Social Mention
  • 10: 01 – Check On Cryptocamacho.Com

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com


And today guys we’re going to discover a new cryptocurrency, a new coin today together. If you guys remember in previous videos; I’ve been doing a little bit of a coin discovery by using my Binance referral account to help you guys discover new cryptocurrencies that are popular. And the reason they’re popular and the reason I know they’re popular is, because I have almost a thousand referrals on my Binance account. And every time one of those referrals buys any cryptocurrency on Binance I get a small percentage or a small fraction of that purchase into my account. You can see some of those that have happened today right here. A lot of people buying BNB, a lot of people buying Nano, But BNB is definitely being bought a lot, Ethereum a little bit, so forth and so on.  But every day this happens right, and every day new cryptocurrencies come into my Binance account. And what happens is that I start accumulating hundreds and hundreds of cryptocurrencies in my account. Granted there are only fractions of cryptocurrencies, they’re not necessarily hundreds of coins per se, but the cryptocurrencies that are most popular, that are being purchased the most rise to the top right. This is my account right here. You can see my different cryptocurrencies that are rising to the top right. Last time we did a review of Ncash, and you guys understood what Ncash was. A lot of these cryptocurrencies I don’t even know what they are because I haven’t personally bought them myself. They’re just coming into my account through the Binance referral program, which you see right here.


So, guys today, what I’d like to do is, I would like to review a coin that’s top on the list. Again I’m skipping the top coins right here because these are coins that I’ve actually purchased. Once we get below Ncash, I haven’t really purchased any of these coins except for Iota and maybe one or two ADA Cardno, and maybe a handful of others. But the last one I did, it was Ncash right. And today I’m actually going to jump to Fun, FunFair. So, what is Fun Fair? I don’t even know what Fun Fair is. I do have you know probably a hundred Fun coins in my Binance account today. And let’s discover what fun coin is today; let’s see if it has potential. I think it does have potential because a lot of people have been buying a fun coin or funfair token. I just don’t know what it is, but they’ve been buying it. And so, that must indicate to me that you know that must indicate that the market is bullish on fun, because otherwise not as many people will be buying it or at least people think that Fun is a good idea. There’s hype in the market, people think it’s going to go up in value, which drives people to buy the coin right.


So, let’s look at fun right. If we go to funfair.io we’ll see what fun is. Blockchain solutions for gaming; funfair provides Blockchain powered solutions with the potential to profoundly change the online gaming industry for both the operator and player using the latest Ethereum technology. We deliver low-cost high-quality transparent casino experiences that are probably fair right.


Okay so, how does this work? Groundbreaking technology using a powerful combination of peer-to-peer networking and cryptography, FunFair’s advanced Blockchain powered casino platform is the first to deliver secure and fair games to players for easier set-up in much lower cost, helping to create and empower a new breed of operators’ right. So, traditionally games are bought, sold, made, created on the internet put on Facebook, put on wherever right. But never in the Blockchain right. And I think what FunFair is trying to do is, they’re trying to you know really disrupt the casino industry using Blockchain technology by enabling cheaper transactions, faster, more efficient transactions, more options in terms of what currencies you want to use in gaming. Let’s look at the use cases; player’s, casino operators, game developers, and affiliates right. Okay so, there are a lot of different use cases here.

03:54 – PLAYERS

So, for players let’s quickly jump over to players right. Blockchain games offer an ultimate peace of mind. Transparent RNG ensures games are probably fair, Verifiable game logic. So, basically, they’re just enabling players to play these different games, in the cloud on the Blockchain for casino operators. I think this is really where it’s going to be beneficial right. Let’s see…okay lower costs, secure, access to crypto audience, first mover advantage, so forth and so on. So, the biggest advantage I think is lower cost right. Fewer servers because they’re using distributed technology which they’re using on the Ethereum Blockchain, I think that’s why game developers are going to enable game developers financial rewards, that they can monetize their games on the Blockchain by utilizing this network and affiliates for promoting FunFair. They’re likely going to offer some incentives here. So, really it’s an incentive for I’m sorry it’s a….


Let’s just look at our solution on FunFair. FunFair is a revolutionary Blockchain technology platform provided low cost, high quality, transparent casino experiences that are probably fair. Thanks to Ethereum Blockchain and protocol, our casinos are easier to create, cheaper to run, faster and fairer to play and can reach more players across the world than any other platform. So, it looks like they’re really trying to just decentralize the casino gaming industry online. They’re trying to disrupt it using Blockchain technology.


And here’s kind of a quick picture of how the platform actually works. I’m not going to go into the details on these videos. These videos are really just meant for you to discover these new tokens because they’re popular; they’re showing up on my radar, because people are buying them through Binance. So, if they’re showing up on my radar, I want to know what they are, I want to know if they have potential and so on right. So, this explains kind of the technology behind FunFair and the fun token. It shows some competitors and what they’re doing. FunFair kind of covers everything here has the best platform so they claim.


Now let’s go and look at some charts. So, if we go to cryptocurrencycoinmarketcap.com we search for FunFair, is actually number 71 in the overall coin market cap at 150 million market capitalization price points. About 3 cents approx total supply in circulation is 4…whoa is that? Am I reading that right? 4 billion so, there is a very, very large supply which isn’t necessarily bad, but that’s probably why the price is down a little bit.


If we go over to Coinigy and look at a chart of fun, and this chart of fun you can see that fun is very volatile. It’s a very, very volatile token which isn’t a bad thing. If you’re a day trader, it means that there are a lot of opportunities here to day trade and to make money. I mean look at this; this is crazy like. I mean it’s going up and down, up and down. So, the next time it goes down. I mean this is an opportunity for anybody to really make some money on these charts. I mean every time it’s dropping down, I mean I’ll just start I guess down at the bottom here it dropped what up 25%. it dropped went up 8%, it dropped it went up 6% it, it dropped again went up 15% dropped again it’s dropping literally every, every like 2 to 4 days. It seems like it’s really dropping and bouncing, dropping and bouncing every 2 to 4 days approximately right. And so, if we look here the 27 yep 29th it bounced dropped again. On the 29th – dropped again pretty hard then on the 31st it bounced. So, every two to four days this price fun is dropping and bouncing right. And so, I would expect the same thing to continue happening. Looks like we’re kind of on a downtrend here, it likely will go down a bit more. I would think because typically it goes down, then it goes up and it goes down a little bit more. So, I would expect it to go down a little bit more before going back up. So, it’s actually in a decent place right now to buy for a not necessarily a day trade, but a swing trade, like a short-term play. I think it’s a good chance that it’ll go. One thing that concerns me is it’s going the price has gone consistently down since the ICO right. It’s consistently gone down. I mean it went up in December, and then it’s consistently gone down. However, when you zoom out the way I just did, this is actually a little bit more compelling right. Because it has gone way up and then it dropped drop, drop, and drop. It’s been dropping now it kind of looks like it’s starting to turn the corner a little bit right. It looks like it may be turning the corner. We may still see one other drop, because look the lowest it was that was about 140 now. It’s at 440 so, 140 is all the way down here. So, I can see it dropping you know somewhere maybe down here. Depending on the overall market, If Bitcoin keeps going down yes we’re definitely going to see fun drop down to lower levels of about 300 right? If Bitcoin turns the corner, we’ll likely see something like this and see something kind of turn up right like that. It won’t be sideways obviously, but it shouldn’t do something like that. So I’m actually you know not quite sure what to make of this, but somewhat bullish right because you see we go way down, way up, we go down and then we go way up. Again it’s almost like it’s creating a parabolic trend right. And you’re going to see the trend go…oh sorry about that let me delete that and do again. What I was going to do. So, you’ll see it goes way down, way up, way down. And then it’s going to go way up past that. So, when the market recovers you may very well see that you can’t get that right. You may very well see the price jump up quite a bit right. So, that’s fun guys. I have mixed feelings about fun. I think it’s a good opportunity. It’s obviously popular.


And one more check I like to do is I like to go to socialmention.com. I like to check out what the sentiment is on this particular coin and on every coin that I look at because it does give me an indication. Again very, very strong definitely strong like Ncash even probably stronger than Ncash in terms of sentiment Wow! That’s pretty good.


And if I go to cryptocamacho.com/sentiment I’m curious to see how it compares to others. And I don’t know if it’s in my chart here, but let’s see it should be because I got cryptocurrencies under $1 on here. But let’s check fun. Nope, I don’t have fun on here interesting. I’m going to have to add fun to this list, but anyway, this is a really, really good sign very strong, very strong social sentiment data on fun. And I definitely think after even looking at that that we are in for a ride up. It may go down again guys. It may go down a little bit you know in the short term and they go like something like this, but I think overall we’re going to see an overall uptrend on fun. I’m not a financial advisor, this is not financial advice, go ask your CPA or your crypto financial guru. If you should buy this or not, But I am bullish on fun guys and let me know what you think anyway. I’m Dan from cryptocomacho.com hopefully this was helpful for you guys? If you haven’t subscribed yet please, click on subscribe button right below my big head underneath this YouTube video, and I will talk to you next time. See you guys.