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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com


And today I just want to show you something that I stumbled upon I thought it was pretty interesting. If you’ve ever needed any type of cryptocurrency resources or any anything done related to cryptocurrency, a website being built, a banner ad made a you know you can even get picks for what cryptocurrency is you should be buying. I want to show you this; it’s pretty, pretty fascinating. So, how many of you have used the marketplace Fiverr right? fiverr I think a lot of people are familiar with Fiverr. You go to Fiverr, you go and you find different projects on Fiverr. You can have people do things for you, you can have people write for you, make videos for you whatever you know program for you. You know create a design or a graphic for you, virtually anything you could have somebody do for you on Fiverr. So, I went to Fiverr the other day, and I searched for the word cryptocurrency and I couldn’t believe my eyes at the number of people you know offering cryptocurrency related services on Fiverr for $5 and upright. I mean for as cheapest five dollars you could get a number of different things made right. And it’s crazy because I mean just look at all this stuff right here, I mean that you can get done and I’m going to sort here by price, because I think it’s important. let’s see price, maybe I’m not going to search by price but look at all of this stuff I will drive Bitcoin cryptocurrency investors to your website for $80. I will provide media coverage to your ICO for $65. I will create a video for your cryptocurrency project for $250. I mean it just goes on and on and on and on. I mean there are services galore here about cryptocurrencies. This did not exist like two months ago this did not exist. I use Fiverr a lot, I’m a proponent of Fiverr and I do use it. And this is brand new, people are starting to understand that cryptocurrency is a need, people that want to start a cryptocurrency business, people that want to start an ICO, people that are simply interested in cryptocurrency or creating things around cryptocurrency are coming to places like Fiverr to get it done. I will develop any cryptocurrency wallet app for $130. There’s even like you could get a website built around cryptocurrency. I will create a custom cryptocurrency coin ERC20 for $195. So, what that basically means is that you could get your own custom cryptocurrency made on the Ethereum Blockchain for lower than $200 right. That’s crazy you could do all that on Fiverr right. And the list goes on and on and on. And I think some of the interesting ones are like the Pics right. I will write articles about cryptocurrency. I want to find one that will show you…I’ll design cryptocurrency T-shirts for you right. I mean the list goes on and on and on, but I did find some really interesting ones in here that I wanted to share with you, and it was around like I will create a cryptocurrency tracker portfolio spreadsheet look at this for 25 dollars. And this guy who is this guy? Excel web will create a cryptocurrency Excel spreadsheet tracker for you. So, you could track all your cryptocurrencies right with formulas and everything built in. crazy one, there’s a couple that I thought were really interesting and it was around picking different cryptocurrencies. So, actually making picks price picks based on what cryptocurrencies you should actually buy. And I want to find some of these here, because I thought those were actually pretty interesting. Let’s see if I could find it. I will research and write cryptocurrency…a lot of these are around writing. Let me do a quick search here Cryptocurrency pick okay let’s see what that comes up with. I will give you my long-term cryptocurrency picks for $15. I don’t know

Percy but would be interesting to know if this person actually delivers on picking cryptocurrencies for $15. Can’t-lose a lot right, but by spending $15 to get a recommendation maybe interesting too now; let’s search the word Bitcoin.  Let’s see Bitcoin I imagine there’s going to be a ton as well right. Yeah I think Bitcoin a lot of different search results as well.

I mean like you can even get you know a website built. I mean let’s just type in cryptocurrency exchange. Let’s see what that comes up with. I will let’s see…I will create a cryptocurrency exchange token. I will design a Bitcoin website with cryptocurrency exchange built in and we’ll build a cryptocurrency exchange for 50 bucks. Guys, you can start a cryptocurrency exchange right. And obviously it’s not that easy, but it’s pretty fascinating that all this stuff is being offered on Fiverr for such a low-cost right. This is definitely the democratization of Bitcoin a Blockchain I mean when you start seeing these types of services popping up on a Fiverr of all places you know that’s pretty crazy. I will teach you how to trade cryptocurrency for $5. This person has a review and it looks like they do a lot of technical analysis and they will train you to do technical analysis. So, if you’re interested in that go check that out. I’ll put all these links in the show notes and I’ll put my favorites in them. So, you guys can see you know some of my favorite ones. But if you’re looking for anything cryptocurrency related in terms of surfaces creating videos, creating promotional videos, creating banners, websites actually actual coins themselves, picking a domain name, getting Bitcoin or cryptocurrency traffic. It’s all about Fiverr guys getting a survey built for you the list goes on and on and on and on and even down to recommendations of what cryptocurrencies you should be picking. You could do in here right. I will make a cryptocurrency trading bot right for $250. That is crazy guys. I mean so that the sky is really the limit and everything is not you know 500 dollars. I will show you three cryptocurrencies worth investing for five bucks. I mean you have nothing to lose if this person you know they have three reviews. Let’s see what their review says I can’t read the reviews, but they got three positive reviews. It looks like here and this person is an active cryptocurrency investor they’ll make picks for you for five bucks. So, anyway I just thought this was fascinating. Go check it out it’s at fiverr.com or clicks on the links below and I’ll show you some of my favorite gigs, but if you do need any help around this let me know I just thought it was fascinating and wanted to show you guys what was out there. So, again I am Dan from crypto Camacho…oh wait for look at this one real quick. I will give you cryptocurrency investment strategies 20 bucks. I think the list goes on and on. This is crazy. I mean this is really crazy. When I go a little further here and see what else I could find no in this video in just a second. I will design or develop a cryptocurrency website. Build a cryptocurrency App. I will edit your ICO papers. I’ll develop a trading bot. I will help you in buying and selling cryptocurrencies. So, gosh I mean you guys could get into cryptocurrency very, very easily at a very cheap price by going to a place like Fiverr. I will give you advice or basic guide on how to mine cryptocurrency. Wow! Who goes on and on? I’m Dan guys from cryptocamacho.com and go check out Fiverr. Check out the links below I’ll point you to my favorite projects on Fiverr. If you like this video let me know. If you don’t like this video let me know as well. Because I don’t want to make videos like this that you don’t like, but I found it intriguing. So, I thought I’d share with you guys. See you guys later