Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Day Trade Opportunity
  • 00:30 – Sether Coin
  • 00:54 – Sether Chart

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com


And today I want to present to you guys a day trading opportunity that I think you can use to build up a small account. What do I mean by a small account? If you have an account within like 1,000 to $10,000 of an account, this is a very, very good cryptocurrency that you can day trade and actually starts building your account up right. You could be making 5, 10, 15% profits on a very, very regular basis. So, let’s jump into it guys.


So, what coin am I talking about? I’m talking about a coin Sether. If you don’t know what Sether is, just go to sether.com and you’ll check out what Sether is. I did do a review of Sether. If you want to look at Sether look at some of my previous videos. I’ve invested in Sether as an ICO and now I’m just looking to day trade on the Sether cryptocurrency on the charts right. So, let’s jump over the chart real quick.


So, this is the Sether chart right. Doesn’t look like much from the surface, but I want to break this down for you guys because of look at all of the opportunities. If I zoom in just a little bit here and this is a one-hour chart okay? But if I zoom in just a little bit here look at all of the volatility here. Look at all of the downs and ups, the highs and lows. It’s consistent, it’s completely consistent and it just keeps happening over and over and over again right. And you’re talking about gains like every, every day or two of 15% right. And these chunks are let’s see November 20…sorry March 22nd to March 23rd, March 24th, March 25th, March 26th. So, every single day we’re seeing it go up and down 10 to… 5 let’s say 5 to 15% right again right here 13% again right here 14% again right down here 25% and it just goes on and on. So, recently we saw a low and a high another 12% look another 8% and climbing right now. So, what I really want you guys to take away from this is that, there are lots of cryptocurrencies that look just like this, that have opportunities literally every single day. And if we go to the 5-minute chart, you could even get a further breakdown of this right. Every 5-minute you know Sether is going up and down quite a bit. I would play this on more of a an hour chart, because it doesn’t look like the percentages are going up enough in 5-minutes, but if you look at an hour chart there is opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity right here. And let’s just look at the chart where it is today right. So, the price I drew this little yellow line, because as the price was going down, I knew this is exactly where the price is going to bounce at least a little bit, because that was the last low right. So, always look at the last lows. The bottoms there are areas of support, and look at the last highs the areas of resistance. And draw a line that’s what I do. I draw lines where each of the bottoms are in the tops the support and resistance areas. So, that I know you know where the coin will go, where the price will go whether up or down. So, let me just draw and show you what I’m talking about here. So, I draw a top here all right. So, if we look at Sether and it looks like the price could keep going up, if it does go up, it’s likely going to stop right here, because that’s where the last high was right. Well, let me draw a little line here, here all right. So, if you look at the chart, there was a high previously right here, big run-up right. And then we dropped right. So, I can imagine that if this keeps going up, it’s going to get to that high and it’s likely going to bounce back down, because it’s going to test the resistance right. That happens all the time right here it tested the support up here, it’s going to test resistance right. If it goes back down, we’re probably going to see it go back down to about right here again and it could bounce again right it could bounce right there, but use these little yellow lines as a guide to where the price of may go up or down. There’s another high right here. So, as the price starts going up you know where you can get in, or where you could unload right. There’s another one I’m going to just mark the chart over here. Just to make this easy for you guys and I’ll break this down here just SAG you want to draw all my lines okay. Let’s make that extend that a little bit all right. So, this is looking pretty good. So, if we keep going up, we’re going to go up until about 51508, if it breaks out of51508, then we’ll go all the way up to 53988. And if we go up to there, it will likely come back down. If not then that means it will get enough support to break pass. if it does break past that, then you’re looking at a higher of 58312 and what are the percentage gains here guys? If you do play this right, like if this…if you buy down here, and we go up one level that’s 9%. If you go up two levels that’s 14%, If you got three levels that’s 23, 24, 25% right, Looks like we’re heading back down. I expect the bounce here likely, we could see another fall right. If we do see another fall there, is a possibility even that we’ll see that bounce right here. So, I’m just drawing all these lines for you could take a screenshot out of this. Come back and watch the video again after this goes up. I’m just using these lines, because I’m showing you how you can do a day trade within a framework. So, that you know what types of percentages you could be looking at whether up or down as you go to day trade something like this. So, if I were playing this, and I’m not giving you financial advice, but if I were to play this I would actually wait till this drops till it cracks this base right here. I would wait till it either gets closest to here or even a little bit below that before, I play on this again. If we keep seeing it go up then, that means the trend is going to be going up right. So, this right here is the bottom right here is a bottom actually, let me change colors there one sec here, very important that I explain this concept, because I think it’s important that you guys know this all right. Let me get the right color I’m going to use. I’m going to use a pink alright. So, it seems like there could be a trend forming right here right. So, if this does not keep going down and it goes up a little bit more, we’re going to see it go up to here right. And we’re going to see it go up to the top here, then we’re going to see it bounce down again, probably some words like right here. And it’ll keep doing that kind of all the way up and all the way up and heat until here right and it’ll keep going up and down. So, this is a framework that you guys could work within as you’re investing in something like Sether right. and just look at this guy’s get in, set your alerts where there’s a low when it goes past that low, that’s where you want to buy, because there will likely be a bounce again in the future. I hope this was helpful for you guys? I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com let me know if this was helpful. Let’s check back in a few days and see what happened to Sether good luck guys. Talk to you later.