Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Some Hilarious Cryptocurrency Term
  • 01:06 – Breakdown Of 5 Terms In Cryptocurrency
  • 01:42 – Fomo
  • 02:02 – No Three: Shilling
  • 03:00 – Satoshi
  • 03:48 – Hodl
  • 04:37 – Goes To The Moon
  • 04:50 – Google Trend

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptoCamacho.com


And hey guys do you remember when you first started getting into cryptocurrency? You started hearing all these different terms and you were like what is that what the hell all these things mean? All these people were saying, all these random things in cryptocurrency and you were like I don’t even know what these people are saying. They’re not even talking the same language, I mean I remember when I first got into cryptocurrency, I hear things all the time I hear people be like hey bro you still holding your Bitcoin right now. And the other guys say Nah man he‘s not holding any Bitcoin right now. There’s too much fun in the crypto sphere right now guys. And people there are too many people shilling their coins right now, and I just want to be careful with how many Satoshis I buy, because you know when the market starts to get really hot there’s going to be a lot of FOMO and people aren’t going to you know to stop buying. They’re just going to buy because of FOMO out there and you’re just like, what’s going on like what is this entire stuff mean? I remember when I first got into cryptocurrency, it was exactly like that, I was just like people are throwing out these terms FOMO bud, shell, shilling, pump, and dump you know Satoshis like what does all this stuff actually mean?


So, today guys I’m going to break down the five most hilarious and five most probably common terms that people use in cryptocurrency. One is FUD. What is FUD? FUD is fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Often cryptocurrencies are going to fall in price or fall in value because of FUD. Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. When there’s Fear Uncertainty and Doubt people start selling their coins right. People use the acronym FUD to represent Fear Uncertainty and Doubt when coins are starting to fall right. That’s number one.

 01:42 – FOMO

FOMO number two FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. I actually found this handy website to show you what I’m talking about. FOMO ah FOMO is not on this one, but FOMO Fear of Missing Out when the price starts going up, or when there’s news in the media about a particular partnership for a cryptocurrency or an ICO or there’s a lot of chatter in the social media sphere about you know a particular coin going up in value or being revolutionary, or whatever. People start you know getting the sense of Fear of Missing Out and they start buying coins. Because they’re going to start missing out on the price potentially going up, that’s FOMO guys. So, FOMO


Number three shilling. To shill, what does that actually mean? To shill it means to pump, to promote, to advocate for something, anything right. When people are shilling at cryptocurrencies, they’re basically promoting them, they’re pumping them. People often accuse John McAfee of shilling different coins, shilling different ICOs, which he certainly does for $100,000 per share, per promotion right. And so, people use that word a lot to shill. To shill Shilling right; they’ll talk about shilling coins and it basically needs to promote or to pump them up in price right, pump up their value by just simply saying that they’re fantastic or they’re phenomenal or whatever.

 03:00 – SATOSHI

The next one is Satoshi. So, what’s a Satoshi? So, first Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym or the person or group that created Bitcoin from the beginning right. Satoshi Nakamoto, we still don’t know who that guy is, we don’t know who his identity is. He’s an anonymous person that created Bitcoin, published a white paper called peer-to-peer electronic cash Bitcoin in 2009 Satoshi right. And when people say Satoshi, I bought some Satoshis. They’re referring to basically buying a fraction of Bitcoin right. And in this case, the Satoshi is a billionth of a Bitcoin. One billionth right that’s 8 zeros after a decimal point. So, decimal point 8 zeros and then a number you have Satoshi’s right. That’s what Satoshi is right. So, we have FUD, we have FOMO, we have shilling, we have Satoshi, we have HODL.

03:48 – HODL

What is HODL, H.O.D.L. you would think that it was held right, but no it is HODL. So, this one came about I think there was a typo I’m going to jump over to my little my little guide here right. HODL is basically a misspelling of the word hold right. Someone’s somebody’s Hodling Bitcoin. They’re holding Bitcoin till it goes up in price. And so, what happened is way back in the day, in on Reddit, I believe I think it’s right here. The original post was created on a Bitcoin talk and somebody misspelled the word hold and they put HODL in the title. You can see here right. I am Hoddling and because of this it has blown up in popularity, everybody in the crypto space hears the term HODL and basically just means holding cryptocurrency in a wallet you know for a later time till the price goes up in value


One other thing that people always say is go to the moon right. They want their cryptocurrency or Bitcoin to go to the moon. That basically just means they want the price to explode way, way up in value, but I just think it’s hilarious that there are all these different terms out there and check this out.


Let’s go to Google Trends and let’s just type in the term HODL. Where did Hodl will come from? I mean I’m sure there’s always been a certain amount of people that have said HODL, but let’s say from 5 years ago. Where’s HODLoh that’s hilarious right. So, HODL really only started catching on according to Google Trends in like 2017. It really blew up and that’s the same time Bitcoin actually skyrocketed in value. What about FOMO? Let’s see if FOMO rises as well. So, yep over the last 5 years, FOMO has steadily increased with the cryptocurrency revolution. Let’s say FUD. Has FUD gone up in a number of searches? Yes. It definitely has. There were a lot of searches for FUD when the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed last year in December. A lot of people were searching for FUD. Let’s check Satoshi. Satoshi hmm same thing guys, the word Satoshi over the last 5 years has steadily grown because of cryptocurrency and I just think it’s hilarious that people are always using these acronyms and these different terms in a new market and a new space and a new industry. And Outsiders people that aren’t part of that industry have no idea what people are talking about right. I mean if I were to go up to your mom and said hey lady, hey do you know what I am Hodling, so much Bitcoin because there’s so much FOMO in the market and John McAfee is Shilling coins left and right and I don’t want to get burned by that. So, I’m going to just idle my Bitcoin until there is more FOMO in the marketplace and I can buy more Satoshi’s. Your mom would be like you just spoke a foreign language to me guy. What are you actually saying boy? And you would say okay hold on rewind go watch crypto Camacho’s video and you’ll find out what those terms mean guys. I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho.com. Hopefully, this was educational to y’all who don’t know what HODL, FOMO, Shilling, and Satoshi mean for those of you that do know what those terms mean. Congratulations guys I’m very, very proud of you because that means you have passed the first cryptocurrency test. And that is to just learn what is going on out here today. If you guys haven’t subscribed to cryptocamacho, please click on that little red button below and I will teach you how to make a hell of money in cryptocurrency. Until then I’ll talk to you later. See you guys