Episode Highlights:

  • 00:01 – Introduction
  • 01:10 – Looking At Ico Box
  • 02:03 – How Does Ico Box Work?
  • 04:03 – Looking At Ico Box Team
  • 05:06 – Learn About Ico Box Store
  • 07:12 – Two Icos Offered By Ico Box
  • 07: 57 – What Is Connectius?
  • 11:00 – Looking At Ins Ecosystem The Grocery Industry Reivented
  • 12:27 – Looking At The Roadmap
  • 12:39 – Looking At Ins Website
  • 14:51 – Overview Of Ico Box Offerings
  • 16:33 – What The Media Has To Say About Ico Box?
  • 20:08 – Ico Really Has A Lot Of Potential

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00:01 Introduction

Hey! What’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocomacho.com where each day I teach you how to make more money in cryptocurrency. Today guys, I have something really exciting pretty unique that I want to review with you. I haven’t looked at anything like this before. I have considered running my own ICO, launching my own ICO, I have a number of ideas around some of the things that I have talked about on this video or this show, on my channel. There’s a number of things that I have talked about but I haven’t actually gotten into building out an ICO and actually building it out. So while searching for how to actually put together an ICO. and how to do the intent process, writing a white paper, standing up a website promoting it, doing everything needed to actually launch an ICO I actually stumbled across a pretty interesting website, a pretty interesting service that I’m looking at a little bit harder now. Starting to look at what other ICOs are using this service and just wanting to let you guys know about it as well so that it might be useful for you. For anybody out there, who is trying to launch their own ICO and for anybody that is trying to get discounted ICOs I think there’s actually a pretty unique twist on what this company is doing.

01:10 – Looking At Ico Box

So let’s take a quick look guys over at icobox.io If you go to icobox.io you’re going to see that what this is, it’s a service that this company is actually promoting and the service is really to help people or companies launch their own ICO, right. Two weeks for preparation 1 month for PR campaign, so this is essentially to help launch and promote a new ICO. This company is doing that now and they have a couple of ICOs that they are featuring here that you can actually go and invest in. The thing that is intriguing to me is kinda 2 fold here. (1) You can actually hire a company like this to launch your own ICO. If you have an idea you’ve been toying around with an idea for a while. You don’t quite know how to get it off the ground, you don’t know quite how to write the white paper or to promote it or put the whole package together something like icobox.io is perfect for you guys.

02:03 – How Ico Box Works?

Let’s take a quick look at how this works. ICO Box is the first and biggest new generation blockchain growth promoter and business facilitator for companies seeking to sell their products via ICO crowdsales. Let’s scroll down like I said there’s some of the ICOs and we can look at those in a second but how does it work. They really put together a solution to launch an ICO anything from a technology solution, legal solution, business consulting and marketing consulting, promoting the ICO as well and then any kinds of additions that you want to add to that. Let’s dig in and see what this is. The Basic package to launch your own ICO to have help from this company to launch this ICO is really a number of things. There is the technology aspect. How do you set up a proper wallet? How do you set up a proper wallet so that you can actually receive and send tokens to people that may want to invest in your ICO? It needs to be ERC-20 universal standard wallet. They will help you get that all setup completely. They will help you setup a smart contract and management system so that you can actually start doing business using the token and the blockchain that you have actually created. Then you have a number of other things that you can do. You can customize the technology, you can customize the type of payment you want to accept. If you want to accept bitcoin, or ethereum or lite coin or whatever you want to accept to fund your ICO you could chose that as well. They will build out a website for you to help you promote it and they’ll build out a number of things a referral program a number of different things that you could do. If you don’t need the entire package you could buy a Stand-alone package. If you want legal consulting, if you want a stand-alone technology package so they can actually set up the ICO for you they do that as well. The reason I think this is really interesting. I’ll get into the team in just a second here but the reason I think this is really interesting because I think there’s a lot of folk out there that would be interested in launching an ICO but they simply don’t know how to do it. A company like ICO Box will help you do exactly that.

04:03 –Looking At Ico Box Team

Let’s jump down and take a quick look at the team. It’s actually a pretty extensive team. I would imagine it is a big team for a project this big, you could go ahead and look through all the LinkedIn profiles here, but Nick Evidokimov is the founder and he’s a blockchain hustler. But he’s really the founder and the brainchild behind this. You can take a look at his LinkedIn and look through it but the team is very big they have a number of technical developers for smart contracts for blockchains, for the technology side then they have a number of legal counsellors, on the legal side and on the marketing side they really bring the whole ICO together so you have… You have to build the ICO out from a technology standpoint, how do you blockchain, how do you create the smart contract and management software. How do you accept payment to actually fund your ICO? How you pay out the tokens when you are done with the ICO? How do you actually standup a token? These guys can help you with all of that. Now let’s go down and there is one other thing I wanted to show you which makes this really, really interesting. It’s the store if we click on icobox.io and then you click on the store here.

05:06 – Learn About Ico Box Store

Let me just jump in and show you what this is. This is super interesting and it looks like it’s relatively new but it’s very, very interesting what they are trying to do here. Let’s just read it: ICO Box Store. A marketplace offering tokens at discounts of up to 75%. New deals every week. It’s almost like they are trying to build a Goupon type of marketplace for ICOs. Right? There are like new ICOs popping up all over the place. If you go to coingeico.com ICO alert. There are a number of places you can find ICOs but probably 100s are popping up every week. Every month there’s new ICOs popping up all over the place and sometimes it’s hard to get in on them. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right ones. Sometimes it’s hard to get in when they are down on their cheap. Sometimes they sell out so quickly that you can’t get into them or you can’t invest enough money that you want to because there is a cap on how much you can invest. What these guys are trying to do with ICO Box store is that they are trying to actually bring ICOs to the public to individual investors to smaller time investors like you to actually get in early on the ICOs and get a discount on them before they actually go pretty sell up and before they actually launch. It makes sense what they are doing, is they’re offering ICO initial coin offering consultant services to actually help companies build out package to build out an ICO. From a legal standpoint, a marketing standpoint, from a technology standpoint They’re helping companies do that and so it would only makes sense that the companies that they’re working with they then go ahead and promote the ICOs that they have actually setup for their company. This looks like it’s one way to do to promote the ICOs that they’re helping them setup and here are 2 examples of doing it and so it’s kind of a win-win on both sides It’s a win for the people setting up their ICOs because they could promote it to the public, and make people more aware of it, offer discounts to doctors and it’s a win-win for this company for ICO Box because they can then promote these ICOs as well and offer that as a service to their clientele so it’s their marketing service.

07:12 – Two Icos Offered By Ico Box

Let’s dig in and look at these 2 ICOs that they are offering right now and let’s just see what they are. I’m going to keep an eye on this marketplace Looks like it relatively new but I can envision this if they actually build this out you can pick and choose what ICOs you want to participate in and you can get in at like a 75% discount that’s really cool right. It reminds me of an appsumo. If you have ever seen appsumo, it’s where you go and you can buy software, software as service packages at very, very discounted prices. You guys may have seen that appsumo.com you can check it out. This is a very similar type of offering or type of service but it’s strictly for ICOs, strictly for ICOs that are in early stage that haven’t actually launched yet you can get in on the ground floor before they actually launch.

07: 57 – What Is Connectius?

Let’s jump in to these 2 specific ICOs just to give you a little bit of context around what they did. Connectius is a blockchain based solution for existing e-commerce and digital marketplaces. We can go over their website and you can look at that but real quick let’s just look at this. The ICO start date was the 19th it ends January 19th with a symbol of C and T. The type is a utility, you can look at their white paper of course which we can look at in just a moment. But Connectius chain this is a blockchain as a service which is pretty cool right as a service which can be easily integrated in any existing ecommerce the main goal of the project is to help all of these ecommerce stores to save money that they lose on fraud transactions so now people are actually trying to build out block chain as a service and this ICO is doing exactly that . There’s a number of fraud prevention services that are probably available to bigger companies but not necessarily available to individuals.

It looks like what Connectius is trying to do is they are trying to make those services available to any ecommerce shop to anybody that actually sells on the internet or ecommerce shop they can tap into this and they can then get fraud prevention services based on the block chain based on what this company Connectius is doing. That’s pretty interesting. Here is their roadmap I won’t go through this roadmap of course but then again, here’s the team, advisers you can check it out a little bit more David Drake his name has come up before but it looks like you know… and here is their website again you can read through this a little bit more but it does look like you can purchase paying the ICO for another 27-days. I want to see if there is a hard cap anywhere there. Okay, yes there’s a 31 million hard cap on here. 1 C and T is worth $1 to start off with so that’s if you buy directly through their website 1 CandT is $1 You can do that that way or you can go back to ICO Box and you could participate this way and you can actually save, I think it was 30% after checkout just a sec, we’ll look here. Tokens are going to be released $31 million dollars. 31 million token hard cap like I mentioned. Let’s go back and see what the actual discount is. The actual discount is 75% if you use ICO Box store itself. If you use the Connectius website you’re paying a dollar for your C and T. If you use ICO box you’re actually paying .25 cents for a token I can see how this is very attractive. People that may be interested in something like Connectius they may be like I want to invest in this but they may not have an option to get a discounted price for their tokens but using ICO Box store they can actually get a discount this is pretty cool and it’s something I’m going to watch I don’t know what type of ICOs they’re going to put in the store whether they are junk ICOs are they are very good ICOs I don’t really know that’s why I’m going to keep a watch on it but it’s very interesting how they are doing this they’re approaching this like a groupon type of sale site for ICOs which I think is kind of fascinating.

11:00 – Looking At Ins Ecosystem The Grocery Industry Reinvented

Let’s look at the other one INS ecosystem the grocery industry reinvented. Let’s check that out real quick. For non-US residents only. Unfortunately only non-US residents can participate in this one. This one looks like it was a 30% percent 33% discount on this one so let’s look at the details here. What is INS platform? INS ecosystem grocery industry. It looks like they are reinventing the grocery industry. The INS platform is a decentralized marketplace that allows manufacturers to join, publish their products for sales carry out promotions and loyalty campaigns and get feedback from consumers. It enables consumers to order those products and facilitates the order fulfillment process. I recommend you watch this video. I’m not going to play it right now. Here is what they do. INS token creation the token launch to fund development and expansion. Establishment of a decentralized fair and secure model for order execution. Development of smart contracts to run the order payment and fulfillment services. This really looks like for the grocery industry. They’re going to be helping them with fulfillment services and order payment. To expand grocery operations. To allow really any grocery store to tap into this type of service. Also to develop active marketing campaigns and regulatory services as well.Let’s look at the road map here I won’t get into that too deep. Here again is just the team that’s involved in this again I won’t go through that in too much detail.

12:39 – Looking At Ins Website

Let’s check out… So now I actually want to see, oh here it is the website. I’m curious to look at their website and to look at what this ICO actually is. Tokens sell live the grocery industry reinvented, first global decentralized ecosystem directly connecting grocery manufacturers and consumers. It looks like what INS platform is, you’re actually connecting consumers with manufacturers so that they can buy groceries directly from the grocery manufacturer versus like a Safeway or a traditional grocery outlet like a Wholefoods or something like that. Looks like they’re trying to disrupt that industry and wow they are already 95.8% complete with their token sale. They have raised 60,000 ethereum coins. I’m sorry there is a hard cap at 60,000 ethereum coins and they are already 95.8% of the way there. If you buy through the website here. It looks like what you’re paying for, for the token and if you’re buying through ICO Box… This is a pretty interesting one. If you’re buying through ICO Box you’re going to get a 33% discount . This is how INS really works. Directly connects grocery manufacturers and consumers. Overcomes retail domination. Offers a variety of smart contracts to facilitate operations and uses the INS token as a means of consumer loyalty program reward. Very interesting how they are trying to disrupt the grocery industry to allow customers to purchase directly from the manufacturers rather than traditional retail outlets or retail grocery stores. This is very, very interesting a lot of brands are joining on to this. This looks like a very well established ICO. Again, for things like this very, very interesting that you can buy something like this through ICO Box. I think it’s a phenomenal idea and actually now that I’m looking through this ICO. I’m going to have to read through it a little bit more. I’m not going to go through the whole thing on this video but the main point is that you can buy this ICO through ICO Box store and get a 33% discount on these tokens. So very, very cool way that they are using this technology and it’s a natural progression from what this website is doing anyways, right?

14:51 -Overview Of Ico Box Offerings

Guys, I think this is a pretty interesting service,to say the least and typically it seems like these types of sales on ICOs are reserved for hedge funds or for funds that are much larger than an individual can typically afford and the reason that these guys can do this is because they are already working with ICOs. They are already setting up ICOs and setting up marketing practices for ICOs. They are enabling the public to tap into these bigger discounts because they can do it at a scale, right? If enough people come here and participate in this sale, through the ICO Box store they can offer these deeper discounts because they’re doing it in bulk, in mass, like a big fund would do as well. They are basically turning that traditional model on its head of big institutional investors getting in early getting discounts on tokens. They’re turning that on its head and saying hey the public can actually buy these at a discount because we have such a high volume that it’s really similar or the same thing as a huge institution or investor coming through and investing a large amount of money. I’ll be definitely watching this for quite some time and I think what’s going to happen is beacause they’re going to be listing these on their store because they’re going through and setting up ICOs for a variety of clientele they are going to go through and screen and have a selection process of who actually gets in on this particular store and you’re only going to find high quality ICOs. You’re not going to find like mom and pop shop type of ICOs. You’re going to find well-established, well documented, well organized, well-funded and extensive teams that are starting ICOs on ICO Box store. You’re not going to find start-ups with just a 1 page white paper. These are established things that you can actually invest in and get a good discount on. I’m definitely going to be watching this I wanted to make sure you guys were aware of that as well.

16:33 -What The Media Has To Say About Ico Box

One other thing to jump over is some media stories. I did google this just a little bit just to see what stories I could find. I did find a few, on News BTC. I found a review “ICO Box Launches a Token Store” and this basically just goes through what ICO Box is, what I just said. But let’s just read… Let’s see what the founder of ICO Box says here. “We wanted to dramatically expand the token holder community’s access to high quality token.” So it’s founder Evidokimov, ICO Box co-founder. “We will be conducting an even more in depth selection of ICO projects to be admitted to our store looking at among other things whether They’re ICO’s progressively smoothly and is positioned to accomplish their stated financial goals, for instance, having already reached soft cap goals and whether they used escrow services in which funds are kept for no less than 2 months pending ICO completion. We are offering the token holder community increased peace of mind and curated choices.” Not only are they offering discounts for ICO Box store but they are actually guaranteeing or making sure that people that participate in these ICOs are comfortable with the process, they get their tokens in time and they don’t have to do all of it on their own. Typically when you participate in an ICO you have to set up a wallet, you have to transfer coins back and forth between that wallet and somebody else’s wallet, the ICO coins wallet. You have to make sure that the new ICO coins are transferred back to your wallet. You either do that with an ERC-20 wallet. There’s just different types of things you have to be aware of and not everybody is aware of that so ICO Box is helping folks get more comfortable with that and doing the hard work. The hard lifting for them.

Lastly, there is one other story that I saw while googling on bitcoin [] It’s basically… Okay, ICO Box the world’s biggest provider of sas ICO solutions is about to add an exciting new innovation to its already impressive list of services. This week of December 18th they will unveil its token store. The token store will be a marketplace that sells tokens of interesting ICO projects to participants at a 30 – 75% discount. There will be no upper or lower limits on the number of tokens that can be acquired by users aside from the hard caps, right? There are definitely always hard caps on pretty much any ICO out there so aside from that there will be actually no limits on how much you can actually buy all these ICOs. One more thing. Your one stop token shop. Those who wish to use the token store will no longer, will have to register using their ICO token ID on the token source to your platform, once they register they can deposit cryptocurrencies on their accounts and you can use bitcoin, you can use ethereum, you can use other tokens as well. Participants will be able to withdraw the tokens from platforms subject to KYC verification. This is a standard legal requirement that involves the user giving his full legal name, address, copy blah, blah, blah. In order to participate in these ICOs you go to ICO Box, you register, you register for an account then you can purchase through their platform and they handle all the leg work or all the hard work to get you setup for whatever ICO you want to participate in. I won’t go through this again in too much detail. One thing I do want to read about ICO Box. ICO Box was established in July 2017with the goal of providing sass and turnkey ICO services the block chain based projects but soon thereafter ICO conducted its own ICO and collected 4000 BTC ever since the project has been organizing ICOs and today its clients have collected over two hundred million dollars which they will spend to bring their state of the art products and services to market.

20:08 – Ico Really Has A Lot Of Potential

Alright guys, that’s really what I wanted to cover in this video. It’s ICO Box store. It’s store.icobox.io. You can go check it out. I would at least watch this one if not participate in it directly because I think it has a lot of potential. Right now there’s only 2 ICOs on here, definitely INS ecosystem I would check out. It looks very, very intriguing to me at least same with Connectius but I’m more interested in the INS ecosystem project. Keep an eye on this, this is going to be populating and more ICOs are going to be popping up on this. So just another way that you can get discount on ICO and get in early n some of these ICOs. It may not be for everybody but I think a lot of people are going to benefit from this getting in on this at much lower prices than they would traditionally in get than if they just went directly to an ICO website and brought directly off of that website. Again, just one to look at, one way that you could make a little bit more money with your cryptocurrency investing. Hopefully this was helpful guys. I’m going to go back over here and… Let’s see here. That’s it guys hope you found this episode useful. I would love to know your thoughts about ICO Box if you have seen anything like this before. I would love to know what it is. I would like to check it out as well and see if there is any alternative sites to ICO Box. I’m intrigued by the idea, I’ve actually setup groupon sitesin the past and so, not now for ICOs but groupon types of sites for products in the past, I’ve been very successful at that. These guys are doing it for ICOs doing like a groupon type of site for ICOs which I think is a very intriguing concept. I’ll be following it.

Again, I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com. If you have not subscribed please subscribe to my channel where you will get daily updates on how to make more money from cryptocurrency. Hopefully you found this useful guys and I will talk to you later.