Episode Highlights:

  • 00:06 – Crypto Maps
  • 00:40 – Steam It
  • 01:23 – How Crypto Maps Works

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Hey guys! It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com bringing you another tip on cryptocurrency.

00:06 – Crypto Maps

Today I wanted to talk about a really cool tool that I’ve been using just discovered it. And I think it’s a great tool that I wanted to just share with you. It’s going to be a very quick video. Just want to share with you what I found. And you’re probably wondering what is that in the background? Like what is that chart showing BTC? And other you know little squares that are showing performance. And guys welcome to crypto Maps. Crypto Maps is what you’re seeing behind you, behind me on the screen here. And let me give you a quick little tour of how it works.

00:40 – Steam It

So, I found this little tool on Steam it. if you haven’t heard of Steam it, you should definitely go check out steam it. Steamit.com. But I found this tool while just kind of browsing through steam it, and it looks like a developer put it together to make a useful way of you know actually organizing cryptocurrencies coins, and tokens by market cap, by you, know their percentage gained or lost week over week, day over day etc.

And it’s a nice dashboard that kind of puts all cryptocurrencies in one place. And that’s why I wanted to show it to you right here. I mean of course you can go to coin market cap, you can go to a lot of different coin Gecko, a lot of different sites to find out information about you know the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the percentage gains and so forth. But it’s very difficult to find somewhere where you can find it all in one single place. And this is what crypto Maps does right here. So, let me give you a quick little tour.

01:23 – How Crypto Maps Works

So, when you go to cryptomaps.org, you are going to see this dashboard here. When you hover over a dashboard, you’re going to see write the price of the actual coin which you can see here. The price of Bitcoin right now, and as I’m filming this is 8,330. It’s going up and up and up. I remember what it was like 900 bucks or less. And then you’ll see the percentage change in the last 24 hours.

And you’ll see the market cap and the volume over the last 24 hours. And you can see this and do this with any altcoin in existence on cryptomaps.org. and you can quickly look right here,3.86% gain on Bitcoin in the last 24-hour period. You can also you know modify this to be you know seven-day performance. Over the last seven days, Bitcoin has gone up 27%. Wow! That’s actually really good right and then you can you know do other things. One-hour performance, in the last hour it’s gone up 1.3 1% so forth and so on. You can do this by arranging the charts in coins, and in tokens right.

So, you can see the different results for the different coins, and different tokens right. In the last day, looks like a lot of coins have actually gone up in value CVC 21% although, that is now tanking as we speak which may be a good buying opportunity. QTum 9%. So, a lot of these are kind of going up and down every day. So, let’s go back to all and just want to drill down into this a little bit more right. So, let’s go over here all these little tiny squares or all coins right. So, when you double-click on any of these, let’s go to Atlantic 1. It’s double click and it actually zooms, it in a bit more. So, you can see the actual names of the altcoins and they’re all right here. Double click on here and it zooms out again a little bit right. So, it’s arranging these by scripts, by tokens, by coins, you know so forth and so on.

And it’s just a really quick and easy way to let you know how performance is going for cryptocurrencies all across the board right. So, I wanted to show you this real quick tip. I try to think is there anything else to show you here? Not really anything else to show you here. It’s just one convenient quick thing that I reference day over the day when I’m looking at the market trends right. First thing I do when I wake up in the morning when I go to bed. Come to my computer turn it on, go to crypto maps, [inaudible, 03:43], check out how the market is performing, check you know how the price of Bitcoin is holding up, and performing. And maybe some other altcoins that I’m invested in, and then I go on with my day. So, wanted to give you a quick tip on how this works.

So, hopefully, it’s helpful for you guys? And that’s really it guys. I just wanted to give you a little tip on this tool that I use every day. take a look at it, tell me how you like it. Share it with your friends. If you’d like, I don’t have a stake in it. I don’t get any affiliate commissions or anything like that from it. A just useful tool that I found and wanted to share with you guys. Hopefully, you enjoyed it? See you guys next time.