Episode Highlights:

  • 01:53 – Advice You Will Receive In This Video
  • 02:57 – The Reason For This Video
  • 04:02 – Is Bitcoin A Bubble
  • 04:50 – My Bitconnect Journey
  • 05:48 – Recouping Your Investment In An Early As Three Months
  • 06:18 – Make More Money By Reinvesting
  • 06:49 – How I Reinvest And Make Money On Bitconnect
  • 07:36 – How Much Money I Make With Bitconnect
  • 08:15 – Ways You Can Invest In Bitconnect
  • 09:01 – The Single Cycle Re-Investment Method
  • 09:35 – Example Of The Single Cycle Re-Investment Method
  • 13:52 – A Deeper Look At The Single Cycle Re-Investment Method
  • 16:32 – Turning $10,000 Into $47,000
  • 17:50 – The Power Of Recurring And Compounding Daily Interest
  • 19:05 – How Much Investment Do You Really Risk
  • 19:29 – Making $4700 With Just $100
  • 19:29 – Quickly Making $4700 With Just $1000
  • 20:33 – More On How To Make Money With Bitconnect
  • 22:06 – Do You Really Make Affiliate Commission Wit Bitconnect
  • 23:21 – Dispelling Bitconnect The Affiliates Scam
  • 24:32 – How Bitconnect Differs From Other Mlm Platforms
  • 25:02 – The Future Of Bitconnect

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Hey guys what’s up, it’s Dan from cryptocamacho.com where each day I bring you the latest and greatest ways to make money in crypto currency. If you haven’t been following my channel please subscribe on the button below. And each day we will talk about crypto currency, we will talk about the latest and greatest ways that you can make money in crypto currency. Sometimes we talk about trading, sometimes we talk about investing, other times we talk about crypto lending programs, we may talk about crypto mining, cloud mining and that type of thing. But each day I’m going to try to show you how to make money in crypto currency. We have a huge opportunity in front of us guys. Probably the biggest opportunity I will see in my lifetime and for many of you out there. It’s the biggest opportunity you will ever ever see in your lifetime. In the 90s we had the Internet boom. If you bought a domain back then you’d be rich today. If you started an e-commerce site back then, you’d be rich today. That was a huge opportunity. Then in the early 2000’s we had the real estate boom. Real estate went through the roof, a lot of people made money, a lot of people missed the boat. Now we have another opportunity to make money in crypto currency. We’re at the very very beginning of this revolution and it’s only going to grow more and more massive as time goes on. Mass adoption hasn’t even happened yet, it’s just starting. More and more people are starting to become aware of what crypto currency is, what bitcoin is, what it actually means for society, how you can make money doing it.

If you’re watching this video then you likely want to be innovators that has been learning about crypto currency and bitcoin and so forth. And you’ve already understood and you are understanding the value that crypto currency is going to bring to nations, to peopl. We really are in a revolution right now and I am really glad that you guys have tuned in to my channel because it is a fantastic opportunity to make money in this crazy crazy crypto currency was that we’re seeing today.

I’ve got to go ahead and pause this because I don’t know what actually just came on my screen.

01:53 – Advice You Will Receive In This Video

So today guys, I want to talk about a topic that often has a negative connotation. It’s been reviewed very negatively on the Internet, on many YouTube videos and so forth. I wanted to talk about it today to dispel some myths that you probably heard out there around this platform. And today what I want to give you an update on is my BitConnect journey. I have been investing in BitConnect for about a month now and I have invested $1000 approximately. And I want to give you an update on my results today. I want to give you a straightforward, I want to give it right from the horse’s mouth, I want to show you how the program works. I want to give you an update of how much money I’ve made back, how much money I still have tied up in the program and I want to give you some tips on how you can actually make money by using BitConnect despite all of the rumors and information you hear out there that BitConnect is a scam. I want to show you that it is actually possible to make money using the BitConnect platform. I want to show you that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I think it’s going to be around for quite some time even though it eventually may go under. I still think there is a huge amount of potential with BitConnect.

02:57 – The Reason For This Video

And the reason I wanted to have this video is one, to give you an update of my BitConnect journey and how much I made using BitConnect, kind of how that’s going and give you an update of what’s going on. But then two, to show you that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be in terms of a scam. Everybody is saying BitConnect is a scam, BitConnect is a scam and yes there are scamming elements around BitConnect. But there is also some very very positive aspects around BitConnect and there is a lot of people making a lot of money on BitConnect. And one thing that really bugs me is that everybody doing analysis, analyzing different companies, different ICO’s, analyzing bitcoin, analyzing the crypto market and the crypto space today; they are all using the old paradigm of calculating bubbles, what bubbles are and calculating economic theories based on the current economic environment. And based on the current monetary and fiscal system we have set up today in the US and largely around the world, crypto currency brings a brand-new paradigm to the financial world, to the monitor world; a brand-new paradigm.

04:02 – Is Bitcoin A Bubble

We cannot keep saying bitcoin is a bubble because we think it is based off of the old paradigm, based off the old way of doing analysis and this economic climate that were in today. So I just wanted to bring that to the forefront and let you know that what we’re witnessing today with crypto currency, with bitcoin, with alt coin, with blockchain, with tangle; it’s entirely brand-new. This economic model data being built is entirely new. It’s never been done before. It’s never been sanctioned before. It’s never been tried and true before. So yes there is risk. But where there is risk there is abundant opportunity. There is a huge huge opportunity in front of you guys.

I just want to show you guys exactly what I’m talking about. And hopefully you’ve been watching some of my videos so you can kind of see this.

04:50 – My Bitconnect Journey

So anyway let’s get right into it. Let’s jump right over to BitConnect. So guys, if you’ve been watching my progress so far, what I actually want to do here is jump over to a specific tracker that I have been building around my big connect journey. I’ve shown you this in a passive video but I want to give you the latest and greatest updates so far of how I am tracking BitConnect today. So you can see my progress here. Last time I showed you this I think I was at 15 days in the program. Now I am at 26 days in the program. I started investing in BitConnect on November 15 which was approximately a month ago, about 26 days ago, a little less. I invested $1030 in the platform, and so far today in interest alone I have made $255 back which is almost a third of my investment. It would be about a third of my investment in about a month. In a few days it is going to be a third of my investment in a month.

05:48 – Recouping Your Investment In An Early As Three Months

So I can bank on in three months, I am basically going to recoup my capital, my initial investment. And so on the BitConnect platform, it does say or capital, your $1000 will not be released onto 239 days after you’ve invested. But that’s not actually quite true, your capital will be released until after 239 days but you can recoup your initial investment in as early as three months which I could show your right here. And I’ll jump to the platform in just a second so you guys can see exactly what I’m talking about.

06:18 – Make More Money By Reinvesting

But first things first. So I have invested $1000, I’ve got about $255. Every invested $50 of this $255 and I’m averaging about $10 approximately in daily interest. Every single day I’m getting about $10 and every month I’m getting about $300. And that is on a $1000 investment; which brings my average daily interest to around 1%. So that’s kind of where I stand currently with BitConnect.

06:49 – How I Reinvest And Make Money On Bitconnect

Let’s go and out show you what that actually looks like in the platform. So here is my BitConnect account right here. And let’s just go over through the transactions so you can see exactly what I’m showing you here. Give me just one second.

So now that we’re reloading, let me go to transactions. I’ve got the transactions here so you can see my lending wallet and we show you all the action. Here’s kind of what I make in the back.

So right here is of interest that have made. Actually it’s go to a different view. I think this would be easier in a different view. Let’s go back over to the dashboard and let me show you.

07:36 – How Much Money I Make With Bitconnect

So my total investment is $1080. Initially it was $1030, I reinvested $50 which brings it to $1080. Total earned his $255 which I just showed you. I do have $86 in affiliate commission but let’s not talk about that right now. I’ll come back to that in a moment. So essentially what I’m telling you is that I’ve invested $1030, $1080 technically and I’ve gotten back to hundred $255. So that validates exactly what I’ve been showing you. So now, let’s jump back over to the tracker; you can actually see that this is all legitimate and right here is a number I just gave you. I’m going on purpose because I really want to show you how this works, I really want you guys understand how this works.

08:15 – Ways You Can Invest In Bitconnect

So what I’ve done is actually I’ve broken down the calculator here because there are many different ways you can invest in BitConnect. You can invest by literally just putting your money in waiting for it to give you about the capital and basically double your money. You could also reinvest the interest that you’re getting on a month over month basis like I did. I reinvested $50. But you can do that every single month, you can do that every day, every week, whatever; you can invest over and over the interest that you’re getting. And so with that in mind you have your initial capital that you are investing, then you have your daily interest that you can reinvest as many times as you want. And you can create a perpetual income system for yourself overtime if you use this method. There are a lot of ways you can structure this and a lot of ways you can do this.

9:01 – The Single Cycle Re-Investment Method

But I’m going to show you just one way you can do this to essentially make four times the amount of money you invest in a platform. They don’t tell you this on the BitConnectpage but if you follow what I’m about to show you, it’s quite easy to do. And I’m going to continue to build this out. This is just one method and I call it the single cycle reinvestment method. There’s many many different ways of doing this. In future videos I’ll give you some additional ways in which you can actually do this. But I want to show you the concept here in this video before we go any further.

09:35 – Example Of The Single Cycle Re-Investment Method

So take a look at this. So I have invested $1000. I’m going to use a $10,000 investment just as an example to show you the strategy that I’m considering and undertaking. I’ve been really happy with BitConnect. So far I’m considering invest in a $10,000 amount. I’ve actually built this out for myself to show myself how quickly I could recoup my money and how much I would make in the end and in the long term if I stayed in it for a while.

So let’s look at this, if in month one my total investment was $10,000, BitConnect basically says if you invest $1000 you will get your capital back after 120 days. That’s pretty common. You can find that on the BitConnect website. And you’re going to get an average of 1% daily interest and I’m calculating that off of my own experience investing $1000. See if you put $10,000 into BitConnect tomorrow or today, let’s just say, at the end of month one you would earn about $3000. Pretty consistent with what I’ve earned. I’ve put in $1000 and I’ve earned $255, I’ve got a few more days left anything to be close to $300; about 10%. So after a month I can expect to earn about $3000 from investing $10,000 into the BitConnect platform. If I investment amount during month one, that entire $3000 in month one, the interest I learn in month one will essentially be nothing. I get $3000 but I’m going to reinvest it. So the reinvested interest is going to be 0. I’m not going to withdraw anything in month one, I’m not one to get my capital released in month one. So essentially in month one I’m not going to see any monthly income.

Now let’s go two month two. Month two, we don’t invest anything but we do get $3000 interest earned from the previous investment of $10,000 that we made. Let’s say we invested that $3000 as well. We just go ahead and reinvested that $3000 immediately during month two. So from month two, we can expect to get $900 in reinvestment profit. Because remember in month one we reinvested $3000, which brings us to month two, getting interest off of that. So off of that $3000 reinvestment, we will get $900 approximately from that reinvestment interest. And the way I calculated that is I essentially took the $3000 which is a reinvested amount, I multiplied that by 1% daily interest rate and I multiplied that out by 30 days. So in 30 days, $900.

So during that month, during month two, you could actually withdraw $900 and keep this going. We draw $900, you won’t get your capital released but you will make $900 back and so your total profit for that month is $900 which essentially is about 9% of your overall investment. So you have recouped about 9% of your overall $10,000 investment during month two.

During month three, it gets sweeter and it gets nicer. In month three we don’t invest anything else out of pocket but we do invest the $3000 that we get from the original investment. We just reinvest that again. And so in month three, we not only get the month one reinvestment interest, we also get month two’s reinvestment interest and that brings the total to $1800 in month two. So it brings you to $1800 in month two, we can go ahead and withdraw that $1800. We want withdraw the capital quite yet. But that brings our monthly income to $1800 and it brings our total profit up to $2700. So in month three, you can expect to have 27% of your money back off your initial $10,000 investment.
So in month three, were looking at a 27% return on your $10,000 and that’s pretty easy to be expected. You can pretty much bank on the fact that BitConnect is not going to go away in the next three months. It might, but likely it’s not. It’s been around for so long, it’s likely not going to fold in the next three months. It’s likely going to last at least another year, if not longer. I have it is going to last as long as bitcoin lasts which is a very long time. But let’s be conservative here.

13:52 – A Deeper Look At The Single Cycle Re-Investment Method

So you’re falling me so far. So in month three, you’re basically getting $2700 back. Then in month four, let’s go to month four. Again, we don’t invest anything you. But we do invest from that original $10,000, we do invest another $3000 of pure interest. Which brings us to the total interest earned of $2700 in month four; pure reinvestment interest. We’re still not taking money from our original investment. The original interest earned, we are not taking any profits from that. It’s all from the reinvestment interest that were getting. So we could withdraw that $2700. And guess what, in month four which is 120 days, your $10,000 capital is actually released. So your total monthly income for that particular income, for month four is $12,700. Your initial $10,000 and your $2700 from your reinvestment amount that you made. So your total profit to date in month four, is actually $15,400. Which is 154% of your overall investment. So in month four, you’re not only recouping your investment but you’re also making about 50% more of your original investment. So you are actually making $5000 after four months. And it gets better and better and better and you can see where this is going.

So let me just explain one more thing, in month five were not investing anything new, we’re not getting any interest from the reinvestment amount, we’ve already invested all of the interest that we have so are not getting anything new. So we’re not reinvesting anything but we still are getting reinvestment income that’s coming from the previous months invested. And that is $3600 in this case because you’ve reinvested $3000 four times bringing you up to $3600 in monthly recurring income. You are going to withdraw that $3600 and in that month you make $3600. And then for the remainder of the program or for the next few months, you can expect to make that $3600 but just from the reinvested interest that you made previously.
So after you have recouped your $10,000, after you’ve made your $5000 a month before. You actually are going to make $3600 for the next couple of months bringing your income up even more.

And it gets better than this. It gets better and better and better. So let’s go all the way down to month eight. If you follow this plan, follow the method that I am laying down for you here; in month eight year still getting $3600 every single month because of the reinvestment interest that you got and interest that you have been putting in here.

16:32 – Turning $10,000 Into $47,000

So in month eight, because you reinvested $3000 interest and on $3000 interest, I believe it is 180 days are 200 days which BitConnect says you get your money back; so than at month eight, nine, 10 and 11, we actually will get that original $3000 that we reinvested from interest. We would actually get that back at the end of the program, after that 200 days or so as an example. And as you can see in the end, when this all adds up, when all is said and done, from a $10,000 investment you would end up with a $47,000 profit. Technically it is $37,000 profit; which you are going to end up with four times the money that you put in at the beginning. And you’re mitigating your risk because you’re going to get all of your capital back in month four. And you’re going to get the majority of your capital back, a quarter of your capital back in month three. So technically you have to wait three months before you get 25% back. And then you’re betting or risking 75% which is about $7500 – still a lot of money.

But during month four, you actually get all of it back and you get more than that back. And then month over month after that, you’re actually just generating income overtime and overtime.

17:50 – The Power Of Recurring And Compounding Daily Interest

So I just wanted to show you the power of recurring interest and compounding daily interest. With BitConnect, this is exactly what happens. You reinvested in the daily interest compounds, not only on your initial investment but on the daily interest that you’re reinvesting as well. And you can do this over and over and over. This is just one method.
I call it the single cycle reinvestment method because you’re essentially only reinvesting the interest one time. You’re just doing it one time. You’re saying I’m just going to do it one time and it’s going to be all done from there and I’m going to just a ride in the waves and let it play out. I’m going to take my $47,000 at the end and run and I’m going to be gone.

But if you wanted to keep going, if you have more faith in BitConnect like I do, you can actually do this over and over and over. Since that of stopping reinvesting in month four, you could actually keep reinvesting in month five, month six, month seven. All of this money that you are withdrawing can be reinvested in each of these months so that it literally just compounds and compounds and compounds. And overtime you just start building up a bigger and bigger nest egg that pays out recurring passive income every single day. Every single day you could withdraw that income if you want. You don’t have to but you can withdraw it. So you can see how this can really add up very quickly.

19:05 – How Much Investment Do You Really Risk

The thing that attracts me with this is that you really are only risking 3 to 4 months of time period for a much much longer recurring income process that can extend into the future. And that’s what I really really love about these programs, about BitConnect and so forth is that you can do these things and it’s recurring. You do risk upfront initially, but after that it’s recurring over and over and over and over.

19:29 – Quickly Making $4700 With Just $1000

And so I am actually going to try some of that with my initial $1000 investment. I’m going to start reinvesting this $300 right here in the way that your seeing right here as well. I want to see how much is actually is up. And let’s go ahead and switch this. If I invested not $10,000 but $1000, like I show you up above, it’s the exact same math and at the end of it I get $4000, $4700. The returns are still the same. The only difference here which I have to calculate in, is that of the capital being released here in month four, my capital for my thousand dollars is released after 239 days; so somewhere out here. So I would extend that just a bit but that’s really the main difference here.

So I’m going to go ahead and put this back to 10,000. If you guys want the spreadsheet, if it’s helpful for you, I’m happy to put it in the show notes. You can download it, you can use it, manipulated, add to it. I’d be happy to see what you guys come up with. I’d really like to build out this method in a couple of different ways and a couple of different flavors. This is only one way to do this but hopefully understand where I am going with this.

20:33 – More On How To Make Money With Bitconnect

So let’s jump back over to the BitConnect platform. Again you can see this, you can see what I’m doing here. Before we jump back here, I want to show you one more thing.

So this is all BitConnect, this is all just built around BitConnect. I wanted to show the strategy there but whatever really and ultimately going to be doing is doing something similar for multiple type programs. On a previous video you saw this tracker, you saw exactly how I am structuring this. Think of BitConnect and what I just wrote you and build that out, extrapolate that out too many many different crypto lending platforms. There are new ICO’s coming up, there is existing lending platforms that already exist. What I’m going to be doing is I’m also going to be taking some of the interest that I earned from my initial BitConnect loans and I’m going to be funding these other lending programs with my original bid connect interest that I’m getting. So I can take this $300 right here and I can go essentially back to each one of these platforms and put $100 and three of these platforms and then I have three more going on. Just to see how they work, just to experiment and teach you guys and show you guys how these things work. I’ll take all the risk, you guys can see all the benefits and rewards and results. It’s very possible some of these could not be legitimate ICO’s, not legitimate companies. I find that out and I’ll let you know as I progressed through my journey.

So that’s really what my overall plan is. I’m super excited about it because I can see the potential here. I can see how this would snowball and snowball and snowball and snowball and I’m super excited for that.

22:06 – Do You Really Make Affiliate Commission Wit Bitconnect

Now one thing I want to address and a myth I want to dispel is that a lot of people think that BitConnect is all hype, people are hyping it up just to get affiliate commissions and really to scam other people to get their affiliate money coming through. It’s not the case at all. I actually have first-hand experience from this.
I want to show you an example. So I have invested $1000, I have probably made maybe three, maybe four videos about bid connect in general. I do have $86 in affiliate commission but it’s quite low compared to the work I’ve done and what I’ve done with BitConnect.

I’ll go to my referrals tab, I do have about 11 bid connect referrals of so far. The thing they are lending money on the platform so I don’t get paid anything when they don’t lend any money on the BitConnect platform. I have 13 today and thank you guys for those that have joined up, signed up to BitConnect underneath me, thank you guys so much I really really appreciate that. I’m not asking you to do that but if you’d like to I would love it and we could collaborate on what’s working and what’s not. So definitely leave a comment on this video. Let me know if you are going to be joining the program. I’d love to know what you are. I’d love to collaborate with you on how we can actually spread the word and how we can grow this and grow your team as well. One thing I’ve been thinking about quite hard.

23:21 – Dispelling Bitconnect The Affiliates Scam

So this is h outside ow this works. If you look at my affiliates, the majority of them don’t have anything lending. So there is an affiliate, nothing lending, no active lending. Here’s another affiliate, there is no active lending. I don’t get paid anything for these affiliates. So this is a big myth; a lot of people think that people are promoting BitConnect because they’re scamming and getting a ton of people underneath them to make a lot more money, which certainly can happen. But the vast majority of these people are not actively participating in BitConnect and so I’m not actually making any money off of them. There are a few like a WMTrader, no, he’s not even doing it. Let’s find who is actually even… So we have SS Kenneth who is investing $1000. Great, thank you, I do get commission. Like I said, I’ve made $80 off of this referral commission. This is not the main way I am using BitConnect. It’s a byproduct of it. The money behind BitConnect is not affiliates. It’s just how they have been keeping business. They need more users to come to the BitConnect platform so that they can sustain the model, they can sustain the pyramid only by bringing in more and more and more users.

24:32 – How Bitconnect Differs From Other Mlm Platforms

That’s how every single MLM, multilevel marketing platform, scheme, company works. There are thousands of multilevel marketing companies in the United States. I’m sure they exist abroad. They all work off the same principle. You have to bring in more users so you can sustain the business model. BitConnect is different because it is tied to bitcoin and instead to the fact that you need to bring in new users to stabilize the BCC, theBitConnecttokenprice so that that doesn’t go down. That’s how the model works a guys.

25:02 – The Future Of Bitconnect

These guys that created BitConnect are super super smart. Very very very intelligent business model. Whether or not it’s a Ponzi scheme, it may be, I don’t know. Whether or not it’s going to last forever, I don’t know. The way it is going, I definitely think there’s a decently bright future for a BitConnect ahead. I don’t think it’s meant to go in the next couple of months. I don’t think it’s going to go away in the next six months. I don’t think it’s going to go in the next year to be honest. Crypto currency is just heating up, the revolution is just starting. Bitcoin is going up in value, it’s going to go up way way way higher. And I expect that when it does, BitConnect is going to go away higher as well. And I’m going to be a part of that and I hope you guys are part of that as well.

So again, if you want this spreadsheet, if you want my tracker I’m happy to give it to you guys. Again, this doesn’t factor in affiliates or anything like that. Happy to give it to you guys. Go to the show notes, downloaded. Or you can go to cryptocamacho.com/BitConnect and you’ll see what this is.

Anyway, I’m Dan form cryptocamacho.com, thanks again for joining. If you haven’t subscribed, click on that little red button in the corner up here and join my channel. Each day I’ll teach you something else on how to make money with crypto currency. Get in on this while you can. Even if it’s $100, invest. You have not much to lose. $100 is not much. You can turn that into 1000 and you’ll be happy about it. Again, Dan from cryptocamacho.com, look forward to talking to you guys next time and look forward for your comments. I love your comments so thank you. Bye guys.