Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Makeafolio
  • 00:44 – What Is Makeafolio?
  • 01:56 – What Makes Makeafolio Different?
  • 02:42 – Create, Track, And Leaderboards
  • 03:58 – Track
  • 04:16 – Leaderboards
  • 05:13 – Presale Token
  • 06:10 – Makeafolio Mentorship Program
  • 06:32 – Faqs

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What’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com


And today I want to present you with one ICO that I think is interesting because of what they’re doing to educate people about cryptocurrency and about Blockchain. I’m talking about a company called Makeafolio. And so it’s brand, brand new. Barely have this site launched, to barely have a telegram channel launched, but the concept is interesting to me because I am an educator. I am a learner, I am a perpetual learner of cryptocurrency and Blockchain of really all things that are interesting to me. And Makeafolio is a platform that is going to help many, many people from beginners to intermediate, to advanced and expert users understand, learn and really dig in and adopt cryptocurrency guys.


So, what is Makeafolio? Complete cryptocurrency management; the days of people feeling confused overwhelmed or scared to enter the cryptocurrency space will be a thing of a pass. So, what Makeafolio is trying to do is they’re really trying to build out a platform that helps new users get more familiar with cryptocurrency. Learn how to buy and sell and trade cryptocurrency. Learn about wallets, learn about tools and everything you would need to know about cryptocurrency and they’ll have a space for that. Then on the expert side, they’re going to allow experts to mentor those beginning users, those beginning folks that are just trying to understand and learn about cryptocurrency. There will be a mentor space to let people actually teach others how cryptocurrency actually works right. So, they say we make cryptocurrency easy. We are creating an all-inclusive platform that users of all skills can pick up and use with ease. The features we will implement into MAF aim to remove the intimidation factor associated with purchasing and choosing specific cryptocurrencies. This allows for anybody with no prior history and cryptocurrency investment to simply sign up, have a portfolio with the maximum chance of success by following experienced traders on our platform right.


Okay, so what makes Makeafolio different from others that are trying to do the same thing? They’re going to offer interactive tutorials, mentorship programs, easy to use portfolios and social features to allow you to be a cryptocurrency expert in no time. So, basically what they’re going to do is they’re going to offer kind of a beginner, intermediate and expert suite of tools if you will and suite of services to allow anybody to really understand and learn about cryptocurrency right. Okay, you’ll be able to also stay up to date on all ICOs and know if they’re up to par with viewing their math rating from the token directory. MAF is the name of the token the Makeafolio token that they’re going to be building out all right.


Okay, so create track and leaderboards. So, the idea for creating is that you will be able to deposit it in the amount of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and it will be converted into a math token. After that, you will be able to make your token selections and input your desired diversification ratios which with input fields that allow for the movement of tokens to be a preferred wallet. Once all the selections have been made, simply press Makeafolio and the system will then convert math tokens into the desired portfolio with the correct percentages. So, essentially they’re going to make it easy to buy. You’re going to be able to buy math tokens push a button and then actually have it be divided up automatically into the portfolio of your choice right. Just kind of on the fly without you having to do a thing right. So, this is kind of like atomic swaps on steroids they’re kind of a bulk version of atomic swaps. you say I want…I’m going to buy a thousand dollars worth of math MAF tokens and you can say okay I want that thousand dollars to basically go into 10% Bitcoin, 20% Ethereum, 10% Litecoin, 50%  Bitcoin cash so forth and so on. You press a button Makeafolio and it’ll automatically be converted and distributed into the portfolio type that you specify right; pretty cool, I think that’s pretty interesting.

 03:58 – TRACK

MAF track allows the user to quickly check the health and performance of their portfolio. This service will include a live chart of the users’ overall performance, the token name, amount personalized, entry point, current price, total token price blah blah blah.


then leaderboards; okay the above system will be one of the main features of MAF as it will rank all users according to their overall portfolio performance, acquired achievements, total portfolio value and few other statistics that will implement to keep the ranking system accurate. MAF leaderboards will give users the ability to copy the portfolio of their choice and directly apply it to their own all with the click of a button. So, that’s actually a really, really cool feature right. You see a portfolio you like in the Makeafolio environment or ecosystem you say hey I want the same portfolio as this person because their portfolio is actually doing really well, it’s done really well over the six months and I know they’re a very, very expert good cryptocurrency trader. I want to copy their portfolio. You could do that with a click of a button automatically convert your portfolio into the portfolio that you see in bada-bing you’re off and rolling right. That’s pretty cool. Actually, it’s a very, very cool feature that I would love to have by my trade button okay?


Okay so if you look at the pre-sale, the pre-sale will start July 1st, 2018. The tokens will be built on the Ethereum Blockchain. So, will be compatible with the ERC 20 wallet like am Ethereum and my ether wallet as an example. Total tokens in the pre-ICO will be 5 million tokens guys. Yes. That’s 5 million tokens. The pre-ICO will start in 32 days. So, if you’re interested in this please join the whitelist by clicking that link here. The ICO sale will end on September 1st, 2018. Each MAF token will be worth 35 US cents right. So, 35 cents for one MAF token and acceptable currencies you guys can read through this and here’s the distribution how this is actually going to be divided out. Here’s the timeline; so in May let’s see July pre-ICO, September MAF main ICO launch boom.


Okay, Makeafolio mentor program. Okay, so this is for experts; if you’re an expert you can actually join make folio and actually become an expert and get paid in tokens for helping other people get up to speed in cryptocurrency right pretty cool. So, if you’re an expert out there I want to make a little extra money, want to help others that’s a good program for you. Here’s the team go check them out on LinkedIn I won’t do that here, but I will let you guys do it.

06:32 – FAQS

And FAQs; okay what is Makeafolio? At the core of Makeafolio, a cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency conversion tool. Just a simplified and glorified at cryptocurrency conversion tool, so imagine change Li which I have a change Li link cryptocamacho.com/changeLi if you want to check it out. But imagine change Li on steroids where it’s not only converting an individual cryptocurrency, it’s converting an entire portfolio. So, I can take my entire portfolio and let’s say I have 500 coins all of a sudden I want to convert that into two coins, I can just click the button on Makeafolio and it will make it happen right. So, it’s a pretty cool interesting technology guys. Okay, get in touch, coming soon, so it’s brand, brand spanking new. I think it’s very interesting you should check out the white paper. It’s only 13 pages so not extremely long but it does give you a very good idea of what the platform is trying to achieve right. Makeafolio as a cryptocurrency management platform with a difference by taking the guesswork out of portfolio management in Blockchain investment, we can offer the single most all-inclusive ecosystem allowing you to track, manage, compare, and invest with ease and clarity. Perfect not only for newcomers but also experienced traders who wish to share expertise and management skills via their portfolios in one convenient innovative and self-contained platform okay. So, that’s very cool. So, they’re trying to create an all-inclusive platform that allows users of all skill levels to pick up with ease and use and to get started as soon as possible, which this is definitely going to be possible if you can convert I mean you could just basically say I have a thousand dollars, a Bitcoin but I want to break it up into ten different cryptocurrencies, copy the best performer and boom you’re off to the races. I love it love it love it. Okay, where I’m going to calm things down guys I’m going to come down. So, guys if you haven’t already subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do by clicking on that little red button below and every day I’m going to teach you something and I’m going to give you some way of making money. Today I made you aware of Makeafolio because Makeafolio has a lot of potential not only in investing in the tokens themselves, but after the platform launches to invest directly into cryptocurrency. It’s going to help you do that. If you join my YouTube channel, you’re going to be able to every single day get a nugget of value, of information that will help you make more money in cryptocurrency. So, guys please subscribe and I’d be very grateful. And thank you so much. I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com. I’ll see you tomorrow. hope you enjoy?