Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Rawg Tokens
  • 04:04 – How Rawg Token Works
  • 04:21 – What Can I Get For Rawg Tokens?
  • 05:26 – What Users Say
  • 08:22 – What Is Rawg?
  • 09:34 – The Roadmap
  • 09:47 – How Rawg Tokens Works
  • 10:30 – 3 Years Is How Long We Won’t Accept Fait
  • 11:58 – The Rawg Team
  • 12:22 – Rawg Onepager
  • 12:43 – Rawg Whitepaper

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Hey, guys what’s up? It’s Dan again from cryptoCamacho.com


Hey, guys I have spotted an opportunity and I am NOT a gamer, but I want to let you in on this opportunity because I think there’s a ton of potential here with this new platform that is being built by a Rawg. Let’s jump over to Rawg’s token sale and I’ll tell you exactly what I’m talking about guys. Hi, I’m Rawg. It’s a video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services guys. They will be starting an ICO in May early this May. It’s already early this May now; they’re going to be starting the ICO soon. We’ll jump into it soon. Right now even before the ICO has started, they have…let’s see their telegram channel has 8,872 followers. And the reason I want to talk about Rawg today is because Rawg is building out a video game discovery ecosystem that allows gamers to find the best games that they want to play, those games to test, those games out and to actually be rewarded in cryptocurrency. And then convert that cryptocurrency into fiat currency or they could buy goods and services in the physical world, in our world, in the real world right. Or they can buy goods and services within the virtual worlds that they’re playing on the Rawg network; super smart idea. I’m not a gamer, but if I was a gamer this is something that I would you know gravitate to completely, because look at things like Fortnight, look at Minecraft, look at games like that that are attracting enormous followings because they’re building out these virtual worlds and participating with others in virtual and real world kind of different games and challenges and missions and things like that. So, Rawg is building out this network on cryptocurrency to allow you to play these games and using the Rawg currency right. So, there are some advantages to doing that, because by building an ecosystem and getting users to join that ecosystem and to do so, they’ll need to use Rawg tokens right. So, what that’ll do is if Rawg the network builds out video games that are you know highly addictive, highly compelling right. Games that people want to actually play what’s going to happen is people are going to just get into that game and they’re going to want to keep playing that game like Minecraft or Fortnight and the user base will grow and grow and grow making the network, making the ecosystem, making the game more fun more valuable, but ultimately driving up the price of the cryptocurrency and in this case, its Rawg coins. It would drive up the price of the Rawg coins depending on the popularity of not only the game itself, but the network of games that Rawg is creating right. So, Rawg is creating this network of video games that people would want to play right. Just like any other video game that people would want to play. A few of these games will likely become very popular video games and will grow a big network of followers and enthusiasts that actually want to play that particular game right the popular game that will grow. And to do so they’ll be required to use Rawg tokens in order to play that game, in order to buy goods and services or buy different aspects of that game right. Buy different weapons; buy different levels, things like that. And what that’ll do is it will drive up the price and the value of the Rawg tokens which will strengthen the network and it’s kind of a cyclical cycle that the more users you have, the more fun the game is, the more valuable the cryptocurrency is, the higher the price is propelled up. The more investors want to get in because the price is going up, because the user base is growing, because of a game that is highly addictive right. Imagine Fortnight, or imagine Minecraft that had a Blockchain network behind it, that actually had a value associated with a currency that was distributed by Minecraft or Fortnight right. Well, that’s exactly what Rawg is doing, but for a network of games. So, let’s get into it now that I’ve given that kind of brief explanation. If you do want to participate in the token sale, in the ICO you have to join this whitelist. It’s not available quite yet, but join this whitelist and they’ll send you updates on the different sales that come up right.


Okay, so here is how it works. They’ve already got partners with a lot of the gaming people in the market right. Deloitte, wargaming.net, Playrix, Gameinsight a lot of gaming agencies and or partners that they’re gaming; token sale starts in May


What can I get for my Rawg tokens? So, trade tokens for good services, game, and in-game items right. It’ll look something like this right. So, they’ll have a marketplace and all the Rawg tokens that you have you can earn by playing the games themselves right. You’ll earn Rawg tokens, and then you can exchange that for real goods and services like headphones, or joysticks, or whatever you want right. Or you can exchange those tokens for money itself for fiat currency or you can exchange that for different up levels or new passes or new weapons or whatnot in the game himself all right. Check this out I highly recommend this video. It’ll show you exactly what the Rawg network is doing. Here’s an example you can actually go and watch Rawg and play Rawg games live at rawg.io. I’ll show you the website in a sec but here are snapshots of a couple games that they’re developing out on the platform and games that you can actually play and tryouts. You can see the types of games that they’re building right. So, if you’re interested in games and you’re gamer, go check that out. Just because it’s a fun game there’s going to be some fun games to play and you can earn some cryptocurrency while playing right.


Okay, what users say; product hunt listed this and had over 700 up boats. If you know anything about product hunt that is very, very good means that it’s a popular platform. More than 2 billion gamers worldwide and the market is going to reach 128.5 billion by 2020 right. So, and that may go higher, it says it’s been beating expectations right. So, that’s really the power here is getting gamers together onto a single platform onto a single ecosystem of a network of games that they can discover new games. They can play those games and they can actually earn and get rewarded for playing those games in Rawg tokens and then they can actually buy other games or other products and services in-game or out of the game with those Rawg tokens right. So, the more people that are in this network, out in this ecosystem the higher the price will be of those Rawg tokens, the more the value is going to go up and the better it is going to be for investors like you and me right. Okay, so here it breaks down pay people to play more and use more devices more than 76% of gamers have two devices no single trusted, recommendation service for games like currently there’s not recommendation service that is objective and tells you really what games are the best. Rawg is building out this network that will let you actually rate and quantify how many people are playing different games and in how much they’re actually participating in those games because they’re going to be tracking everything with cryptocurrency right. And so, they’ll be able to track what’s being bought and sold over the network with their own cryptocurrency and all the data everything everybody does across all of these games will be stored. It’s almost like creating the ultimate like mega-surveillance program for this world of games that’s being built and then once they actually have all of this data, they could then start to market to that world of games in so many different ways. It’s unbelievable right. I mean imagine a real world where everything you did was tracked right and recorded on Blockchain or on it on a ledger right on the date in a database right. And then imagine that that data could be then bought and sold to anybody you know that I wanted to. And then products and services could be marketed to you in the real world based on the behaviors that you’ve elicited, and based on what you’ve done and what you bought who you hung out with and so forth. Well, that’s what they’re going to do in this virtual world on Rawg right. On all these virtual worlds that are being built. They’re going to be able to track all this stuff and they’ll be able to market to individual users based off of what they’ve been actually doing in the game. How much they’ve been spending, what worlds they’ve been visiting, what other players they’ve been interacting with, what demographic they fall into in the game itself and in the real world right? A lot of interesting things are going to come out of this platform. And gamers are going to be able to discover a lot of new games right. So, I’m pretty bullish on Rawg, I think it’s an actually a very interesting use case, a very, very good use case. Okay, so let’s go through it. 

08:22 – WHAT IS RAWG?

What is Rawg? 56,850 games and Counting our database is projected to become the largest cross-platform base by the end of the year with over 100,000 games. So, they already have over 56,000 games on the network guys. So, they’re getting users on all of these games and they’re tracking everything that all these users do on these games and they’re reporting that all on the Blockchain. And they’re about to issue a token to let you invest in this network of games that’s getting so popular. woohoo, this couldn’t get any better than this. This is getting really good and actually going to sign up. I haven’t actually signed up for their whitelist, but I’m going to now after just even looking at this a little deeper. It’s really, really cool. What is Rawg? Social platform in a community of gamers right. So, that kind of goes without saying tracks your games, your followers, your friends, your celebrities. It’s like a social network but a gaming platform that lets you earn money like its pretty, pretty, freaking awesome. Okay, Rawg tokens; the only way for gamers to be rewarded for their achievements in a wide range of games. So, they’re using the Rawg token as a common currency across all of these 56,000 games, to let you get rewards and achievements across all of the games. And you can store those in Rawg tokens. Very, very cool. I can’t say enough about this, and I’m not just like hyping this up. This is actually really cool stuff.


Okay, so roadmap; let’s see 2018, May 2018 they’re going to be building friends and community activity feed. August rewards with Rawg tokens. Advertising sales, so August is really a big month for them. They’re going to be giving out rewards and Rawg tokens.


How Rawg tokens work right. So, simply players will get play that will play games and they’ll get paid Rawg tokens for playing the game right. They’ll then use those tokens to buy things across the Rawg network right. Advertisers will buy advertising in the Rawg network using Rawg tokens as well. And it’s kind of a cyclical process that happens if you look at the detailed process. It’s a little more complicated right because they incorporate the crowd sale here into the Rawg platform, into the goods and services platforms across to the players throughout the ecosystem and advertisers. And it just goes you know blows up from here. It blows up a lot more from there actually and this piece is very interesting and I think you should take note of this right.


Three years is how long we won’t accept a fiat currency. So, Rawg will not accept any fiat currency to play any of their 56,000 to 100,000 games by the end of the year. They will not accept any fiat currency to play any of those games or to redeem you know tokens are won out for prizes. They will only accept Rawg tokens for the first 3 years. So, what that’s going to do is, it’s going to drive the price of those Rawg tokens up right. Because as they get more user adoption, just people that want to play video games right, then more and more Rawg tokens, they’re going to sell. And the only way people are going to be able to pay those games is in Rawg tokens.  It’s going to basically force people to buy more Rawg tokens and what happens when people buy Rawg tokens? Well, the price of the cryptocurrency and the price of that token will go up, because the demand will be higher right. And the supply will get lower. So, as the network and ecosystem grow, the price of the Rawg token goes way up right and the supply goes down right. That could change the dynamics, could change after they start accepting fiat currency in three years if it’s still around right. But that’s really important that you understand that because that will help drive the price up if you are an investor right. Okay, so they expect to have 2 million users by the end of 2018 which is very, very ambitious right. So in just over seven months, they plan to have over 2 million users in their platform right. So, this is a compelling business proposition I think and a compelling ICO that they’re going to be launching here.


Okay, so here’s the team; very, very experienced in gaming in general. So check, take a look at their team. You can check them out on LinkedIn all across the board. A lot of advisers here obviously, some of these are well-known names. Some of them are not. Deloitte is a very big partner of theirs, a very big agency in the United States and really worldwide. Anyway, so that’s Rawg.


Check out the one-pager if you want to check out, how Rawg works. Very simply, this breaks it down very nicely. it gives you have two major problems and then the solution and how that actually breaks down. So, the price right now is 3cents. When the ICO starts it’ll be 3 cents per token for Rawg token. Okay, what else?


Here’s their white paper. Their white paper is a white paper right. Um you guys have seen lots of white papers. I’ve seen lots of white papers. Read through it. it outlines the risks and you need to take note of that, because I am NOT a financial adviser, I am not recommending you go and spend your life savings on these tokens, but I am saying that there is potential in the price of Rawg tokens going up in the future from 3 cents. I guarantee they will. Don’t guarantee, don’t mark my words, I don’t want to be responsible for the loss of your money. However, Rawg is building a very, very powerful gaming Network, an ecosystem that has potential to go very high. And I think it’s going to go much higher than 3 cents per token in the future, in just short years to come. When you have a network of 2 million people, and there gamers and they’re addicted gamers and their cult ish gamers, and when you have an ecosystem with 2 million people and you have 100,000 video games for those 2 million people. There’s going to be some of success in that ecosystem and network unless the founders and owners just completely mess it up which I don’t think they will. They seem like they have you know everything under control. This is going to be a success. I mean it just purely right. Anyway, here is Rawg website; Rawg.io and you could check out the games right. You can search for games. Let’s just say battle, let’s see if what kind of battle games they have. Oh! There’s some battle games right here; battle rush, battle cars, hero battle. So, you can click into any of these games. This is the platform that’s live today. You can go check it out and you can play these games right. It’ll rate it; it’ll show you what number it’s rated at, it’ll show you if it’s a multiplayer. It’ll show you what the game is all about and it’ll even give you some videos on the game you know and you can just kind of go from there. But there are tons and tons of games and then they have not only a search, but they have a way of just browsing games. Grand Theft Auto 5 right; you can play Grand Theft Auto and it’s rated number one, number one of 2013 game right. If you play this game, you can get rewarded in Rawg tokens right. Very cool what they’re building and very, very smart. I think very smart what they’re doing. Anyway, guys I’m Dan not Rawg. I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com and please go check out their ICO. Token.rawg.io I’ll put the link in the show notes. And if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do by clicking on that little red button. I review ICO’s every day. I review cryptocurrencies every day. I day trade and I will help you make more money in cryptocurrency than anyone else. You can buy and sell while day trading, and buy low and selling highs. You can make money a lot of different ways in cryptocurrency and I’m helping folks do that by making these videos guys. Anyway, check it out and I’ll see you. See you guys