Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Update On Spectro Indicator
  • 00:22 – What Is Spectro Indicator?
  • 02:37 – The Feature Of Spectro Indicator
  • 03:59 – What The Trading Course Offers

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan from cryptocamacho.com


And hey guys I have something really, really exciting for you, I think it’s going to help you trade. And I think it’s going to help you really trade and just learn the market dynamics of how markets actually function. When the right time to buy is when the right time to sell it and I want to show you this because I’ve come across it, and I feel that it is going to be a game-changer. I think it’s early on in the development of this product. But I think that there is a ton, a ton of potential and you could actually jump in and join and actually help use and test this product yourself and let me get right into it guys. But first, if you guys like my videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking on that little red button right below this video I’d be really, really appreciative. I love it when people subscribe. I love it when people comment or engage on my posts So that I can help them be more effective traders, help them learn cryptocurrency and Blockchain and so forth and so on. So, anyway please do that but let’s jump right into what I’m going to talk about today guys.

00:57 – HYPESTER

So, guys meet Hypester. Hypester is a company that’s providing financial education services specifically within the crypto markets, not exclusively in the crypto markets but definitely in the crypto markets. And I want to go through today something called Spectro. It’s an indicator that Hypester has recently put out and it’s claiming to have 81% precision which is mind-blowing right. I mean even if it had 55% precision, or 60% or 70% this would still be a game-changer but they’re basically touting that they have an 81 percent precision rate to give accurate calls on whether to buy or sell different cryptocurrencies right.


So, let’s go through exactly what Spectro is, what Hypester is and what this indicator is and how you can use it. I am going to be creating a series of videos that really kind of show you as an experiment you know what Hypester is, what Spectro indicator is that the crypto trading course that they actually are giving away to users that use Spectro. And I’m going to show you how you guys can benefit from this. Because I think it’s going to be a game changer and I think that people that can get in early on this, I think are going to have you know tremendous success. I think they’re going to find that you know when you have the right indicators coupled with a bit of trading knowledge or invest day trading, swing trading whatever you want to call it. You can be very, very effective in your trading style okay. So, let’s just get right into it okay.


So, Spectro indicator gives entry and exit alerts and trend analysis with 81% precision that’s pretty good huh? It sounds too good to be true but let’s keep reading. a powerful trading indicator with a proven performance by trusted source trade better, faster and safer with Spectro. Here’s the founder, his name is Roderick Specter. I’ve actually talked to him a few times and very, very impressed at you know what he’s created, his ability to explain trading, to explain investing, explain the crypto markets as he sees them. And I was actually very impressed because what he’s putting together here is really an educational service to help folks become better traders, better cryptocurrency traders, and better stock market traders. And in this offer for Spectro is actually something that’s right up my alley that I would love to test because if it is effective if it can help me trade better even just a little bit, it’s going to be worth it in the long run okay. Okay, so Spectro works on many assets and timeframes as you want simultaneously. Spectro offers multi-resolution trend analysis, entry and exit point, possible direction change warnings, noise reduction and everything else, highly customizable. There’s no limit really okay. Spectro takes your trading to the next level and I have seen this firsthand by starting to use Spectro and I’m going to make in this video series you know what Spectro is, how you can start using it. What it looks like you know the ways you can use it to trade and become a better trader. So, let’s keep going. Spectro works on any asset and is completely customizable. So, Spectro is not only for cryptocurrency markets, although I will be focusing on cryptocurrency markets because that’s what I’m into. I don’t dabble too much into the stock market here and there, but Spectro can be used for both the stock market and for cryptocurrency markets right. It works through the platform trading view. So, you can sign up for a trading view account. There’s a link in the bottom of this video to do that. You can sign up for training to account and essentially it acts as a plug-in. So, Spectro indicator is essentially a plug-in or an add-on for trading views right. And so, it works directly integrated with the trading view platform okay. Spectro indicator isn’t a magic formula. So, keep that in mind. Never the power of human judgment and it is not a Bot. it’s basically a tool to help you have better-informed decisions of when you should buy and sell. And there are actually indicators on the charts which I’ll show you here in a minute that’ll show you exactly how to do that okay easy to use, limited users and awesome support. So, right now there are only a handful of users on this platform. Not too many and so the advantage to that is that, if you use this strategy, the methodology that Roderick is using while he creates Spectro indicator, it’s not oversaturated. It’s not overused. It’s not at the point where there are you know a million users and everybody’s using this strategy, therefore, it actually you know creates this effect where that strategy no longer is valid. We are not in that case yet. So, it’s a good time to get in on Spectro because the strategy, the indicators still work and I did talk to Roderick you know directly himself in the way that it really works is that Spectro is predicting parabolic movements using algorithms and equations to predict where a price may be in this parabolic type of movement right. So, if you notice in cryptocurrencies, in the charts if you just look right here, you’ll notice that there are all sorts of parabolic movements right. Some are small; some are large that you can see there’s down-up, down-up, down-up. And these are parabolic movements all right. So, what Spectro indicator has done is they’ve actually created an algorithm that predicts you know on these charts where the next buy or sell play may be based on these parabolic movements. So, they use predictive analytics and predictive math or algorithms if you will to predict whether or not there will be a spike or a downturn based on the parabolic movement of the particular asset that you’re looking at. And in my case, it’s cryptocurrencies right. So, here’s a quick example of how it works. Let me go back to the front page here and show you exactly what it’s doing here. It’s hard to see on this chart, but you can see there are little indicators right here. I’m going to go on a real live chart here in a minute and I’ll show you better what this looks like. But then, also there’s something in the background you can see here. See where it’s red and green, red, green, it actually will show you when there’s a market change. So, when there’s a change from a bull mark to a bear market, it’ll actually highlight that and indicate that directly on the charts in the background showing the color of a bear or bullish market whether or not if the markets going up or down. So, that gives you another indicator if we’re entering a bear market or a bull market. So, that you can prepare and trade you know more effectively using your own strategies okay. Okay, so right now they’re offering this indicator. It’s more in beta, I would say. Not officially in beta, but they’re only allowing a maximum of 200 members to join and to sign up for this indicator and to try out this platform because they want to dial in the performance okay. Right now, they’re saying that and it even says in order to preserve Spectro performance, we will limit the number of memberships per market which is very smart right. You don’t want to dilute, saturate and ultimately change the way that this strategy is working because there are too many members, too many people using this same strategy okay. Right now they’re claiming an 81 average percent precision rate which I’m going to test and put to the test. Spectro average performance using market data from the world’s 12 most popular assets from 2005 to present are considering a 25%…I’m sorry an 81% precision rate. The best part of Spectro is that it’s $35 a month because it’s new because it’s right now just being launched. Right now Hypester is offering the Spectro indicator for only $35 a month. And honestly, if you keep it for more than a month, you’re also going to get a free cryptocurrency trading course which I’m going to show you here in a minute. I’ve gone through the crypto trade course. It is phenomenal. It is worth at least a couple hundred dollars and I’m going to show you that in subsequent videos of why I think it’s worth so much money. I mean there are hours and hours of videos on how you do technical analysis and trading but aside from that little bonus that you’re going to get, it’s $35 a month to get this indicator. And guys even if it works part of the time, $35 a month is not a whole lot of money when you’re trading in the cryptocurrency markets. It’s just not okay. I mean you can make $35 fairly easily in the crypto market. So, you can lose it as well, but $35 in a month is really not that expensive. So, for me, it’s kind of a no-brainer to use this again or at least to test it out for myself right. Okay, sign up for trading views.


So, how it works; right here is really in a nutshell of how it works. You first have to sign up to trading view which is basically a trading platform similar to Coinigy and I will put a link in the show notes to allow you guys to sign up for that. Then you have to sign up for a subscription on trading view and insert your username into the Hypester or Spectro indicator platform which shows that you have an active trading view account. Then you’ll add on Spectro indicator and be able to trade using the indicator that Hypester is set up with Spectro. When your Spectro license is set up, you will receive an email with step-by-step instructions on how to start using it a few clicks and you’re ready to go okay.

09:32 – PRICING

So, here’s the pricing and here’s everything you get with Spectro indicator. Again it’s $35 a month. I personally don’t think that’s too bad which is why I’m telling you about this. I don’t think this is going to break the bank. What you get is auto-renews each month. You can cancel anytime. No extra fees. Works with any market, any asset in any timeframe. So, again it’s not just for cryptocurrency markets. It’s for any market really in the world that’s supported by Tradingview. It’ll give you alerts for entry and exit points of when you should be buying when you should be selling and I’m going to show you that in a minute. It’s going to give you direction change warnings. So, as I showed you before, the background will turn red or green depending on whether the market’s going to be a bearish or a bullish market. Noise-reduction opposite options; to let you kind of hone in on what’s actually happening in the markets. 20 indicators of confluence, Specter price prediction clouds, the list goes on and on. Advanced trend and analyzer, 8 types of moving average, crossing fine-tuning panel, VIP support knowledgebase so forth and so on. And I’m going to give the basics on some of these videos in the series that I’m going to make. But I also may try at some point to get Roderick on camera, if he’s willing to go through how each of these aspects and these features work on the platform. I think it’ll be really helpful for the audience out there to really understand from the founder, from the Creator, the person that actually developed the software, how these things work and how to best use them. I’m going to be doing the same thing on AI trader, another experiment that I’m running. There are a couple of reviews you know check that out for yourself. There’s actually a ton of reviews on it, but again $35 a month right. This is really, really good. Let me just read this. The subscription gives you the full power of Spectro and allowing you to use any asset on any timeframe you want. It has been tested with Forex, stocks, commodities, futures, and cryptocurrencies. All presented a precision from this 69 to 86% right. So, high-frequency trades use a leverage which was also tested as well. You can combine in signal in any way using the same asset across different time frames so forth and so on okay.

11:30 – FAQs

I highly recommend you go through and you look at these frequently asked questions. I’m going to get through this maybe in a little bit at a different time, but what I really want to do is I want to actually get into a live screen of how this works real quickly before we run out of time on this first video. But go through these examples too. this will show you a good example of how…let me see if I can open this image in a new tab. this is just an image I’m going to go to a live trading here, but you can see how there are indicators right up down, up down, up down and you can you could customize these indicators to be you know arrows or buy, sell signals whatever you want.



But let’s jump into a Tradingview of this okay. So, right now this is a Bitcoin chart on trading view okay. And really if you can see here, you can see the back and you could set this in a variety of different ways. So, I’m not going to show you how to customize that right now. I’m just going to kind of show you the basics of how this actually works okay. But you can see let me zoom in here. You can see that the backgrounds right here are either red or green depending on if we’re in a bull market or a bear of sorry a bear market or a bull market right. And so you can see right here, there was a bear market and all of this is red. Let me uh let me try to change the color of that. If you can see my low here, we go okay. So, if you can see my line right, this is where the bear market was, and then we get into a bull market. And the same thing the green indicator shows where the bull market is and where it ends. It goes down and then it predicts it again back up okay. So, that’s kind of one aspect of this platform. But I want to highlight to you because it’ll really give you a sense of is if we’re in a bull market or a bear market. Then what’s really, really powerful are these buy and sell signals right here. I mean these are these couldn’t be more powerful right. It gives you an indication of when you should buy and when you should sell. Of course, this is not a replacement for your own trading judgment, for your own technical analysis but it definitely gives you another leg up on whether or not you should buy or sell based on again the parabolic movements Spectro is trying to predict. When at the right time to buy and when the right time to sell is based on these parabolic movements that happen over and over and over in the cryptocurrency markets and really in any market over specific time periods. And so, Spectro is using algorithms in math really to predict you know where that next parabolic movement is going to be. Is it going to go up? Is it going to go down? Where are we in that movement itself? And that’s what’s actually happening here. And that’s why you see these buy and sell signals right here. most recently, we see that Bitcoin went down to about 7,800 and Spectro jumped on that you know after showing a bear market right here, jumped on that and said to buy. So, you can buy in both their markets and in bull markets. But it looks like right here that Bitcoin is going up right. I’m on a 4-hour chart. if I switch it over to a one-hour chart, you know you’re going to see that actually that that’s a really good percentage gain. I mean let’s see what that is. That was 4%. A 4.2% gain and it’s going up as we speak. I mean it’s literally going up as we speak. So you can see the green live. The green background, if you can see it. It’s changing green right. It’s changing from red to green indicating that we are now entering a bull market at least in the short term right. These are the hour charts. So, keep that in mind. if I go to the day chart, you know it’s going to get a little bit more messy oh you know what I got to turn off I got to turn off these. These are…these little balls and circles or other charts that you can look at on Tradingview which basically is kind of the sentiment of what’s happening in the market itself okay. So, as you can see, I’ve moved to a day time frame and there are a lot of these that are coming up. But you can see, that the background is green. It’s been green for a little bit. I’m going to zoom back out into the 4 hours so that you could kind of see what’s going on here okay. Now you can see in the 4 hours, we’re still in the red but if we go to the 1-hour and it depends on what kind of trader you are right. Because you if you’re trading on the one-hour chart, it’s still going up right. And this would be a good time to get in on that has been a good time to get in when Spectro indicated that you should. But now if we watch this eventually, and I probably won’t have time on this video, but eventually there will be a sell signal that will pop up which indicates that you should sell. Because it’s going to go down and I expect that to happen after we see this a run-up okay. This works on the 15-minute charts, the 5-minute chart, the one-day charts. It really works on any chart you want. It obviously, it gets a little bit more detailed when you’re down on like the 15-minute charts right here. But this is an awesome tool guys and I couldn’t be more excited about this. I can’t wait to experiment and play around with this and make a video series of how this is actually working and how much I’m profiting from using Spectro indicator okay. So, again this is Spectro indicator, it is $35 a month. So, you do have to pay for this tool but it is very powerful. I would give it one month guys. Sign up give it one month to try it out and that’s what I’m going to do and if you can you know if you make $35 from this indicator and from this tool, it’s going to be well worth it right. And as I said before, if you stay on for more than one month, you’re also going to get this crypto trading course for free. And I’m going to just jump over here real quick. I’m not going to do a much of review on the course. I will at a later time but this course is very, very good. I mean it goes into literally every type of trading technique from an analytical technical analysis point of view to you know just how traders operate. The mentality, the psychology all of these different things you’re going to get if you stay with Spectro. and you sign up for spectra and keep it for over a month, you’re going to get this course for free which easily can be sold for a couple hundred dollars on Udemy or some of these other platforms out. There game guys, I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com. Hopefully, you found this video useful? And please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you find this useful. I’d love to know if you sign up. Please comment if we get enough people commenting down below, I will hopefully get the founder Roderick Specter to actually talk to us about Spectro indicator, about Hypester, about what he’s trying to do and what he’s trying to accomplish. I think it’s actually very cool what are you trying to do. So, anyway let me know what you think guys. And I will talk to you next time. See you later. Bye.