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  • 00:05 – Currency Independence
  • 04:44 – The Expenditure Of Energy Of Energy By Man-Machine And Nature Is The Sole Source Of Value

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Alright what’s up guys? This is Dan from crypto Camacho I am live


And today guys I want to talk about currency independence. So, guys on May 25th John McAfee on Twitter posted a declaration of currency independence. He’s since posted that a few times on the Twitter site and I want to get your take on what exactly this is and if you guys would sign something like this. Okay, so from his Twitter post, he puts for privacy to exist, we must have freedom of choice. We do not have that in cryptocurrency, we have written the founding document of the crypto movement. The Declaration of currency independence please read it and sign it on the Blockchain a first and when you click on this link, it actually takes you to a website called currencyindependence.com. Declaration of currency independence and it’s in a multiple language and it’s essentially a form of a document of Independence Declaration of Independence that cryptocurrencies should be free, that people in the world should be free to buy sell trade and do whatever they will with cryptocurrencies. And this document essentially states that and lays out the case for currency independence. And the unique thing, the interesting thing about this is that if you were to sign this declaration of currency independence which you can do right here on the website, it is essentially your signature is locked in stone or locked in the Blockchain forever. So, if you sign the document you’re essentially agreeing to and with a binding form of document you’re actually agreeing in you know in terms of what John McAfee is saying right here. And I’m curious would you guys actually sign this document? Would you sign this declaration of currency independence and given everything going on in the world right? We know that the SEC is looking at cryptocurrencies very; very hard. We know that they’re going to likely put restrictions and/or ban certain types of cryptocurrencies. They’re looking right now to determine whether or not cryptocurrencies are defined as securities right. And if they are defined as securities then there will be a whole host of regulations that come along with the securities as cryptocurrencies are labeled such right. Now many people disagree with this and say that you know cryptocurrencies are not securities. They should not be regulated the same way as other assets or other securitized assets in the marketplace because cryptocurrencies just do not fulfill kind of the same requirements that securities do fulfil. And so, what I’m wondering is would you sign this declaration of currency independence? And let’s look through this a little bit. let’s read through it just a little bit because this is I think very, very important and I think it’s one I think a very smart and marketing tactic from the McAfee team to…I think it is going to be something used in the future to really basically push to government, to banks, to central banks, and third parties that there are aa certain number of people in the world in the population that want currency independence in the form of cryptocurrency, Blockchain and other similar types of protocols and technologies guys. So, would you sign this? Would you put your name on this? And would you agree to this currency declaration of independence okay? so now I want to go through and read a little bit of it I’m not going to read the whole thing, but I do want to read a little bit of it because I think it is fairly insightful. And I think it’s interesting and I think I’ll want to get your take on some of these points here okay? History may not repeat but it certainly rhymes when the course of human events it becomes apparent that the bands of control and power stem from a universally common source the necessity of separation from these powers becomes a matter of survival for as long as the printing presses existed, the whole of civilization has quietly fallen under the influence of sovereign entities with the ability to control the value of expended work through the manipulation and control of currency. The sweat off the brow ceased to be represented by any discernable value but rather through an unseen uncontrollable force of entities outside control of the masses exchanging their representative currencies right. Okay so that is pretty interesting in and of itself that statement right. He’s basically saying that entities that control money basically exploit you that you’re actually creating from the fruits of your labor, from you actually going out and working. Your work is being exploited or the amount of money you can earn is being exploited by banks, by governments and ultimately by fiat currencies and that’s what he’s saying right here right.


Okay, so next let’s see the expenditure of energy by man-machine and nature is the sole source of value. And he’s saying this because the banks have inflated currencies so much, they’ve printed currencies so much that they’ve essentially devalued the currencies and ultimately devalued or diminished the value and utility of your actual physical work that you put forth right. Because every time you work, you earn fiat currencies. If fiat currencies are devalued then the amount of work you’re putting in the value of your work is also being devalued right that’s what he’s saying right here. These sources and the result have been devalued through the intentional inflation of printed currencies money and currency as understood by the global population are no longer an expression of the collective output of exertion, but rather an arbitrary calculation of  unaccountable individuals and organizations that hold them in their influence. Humanity has fallen under the domination of control through Fiat but this domination has only increased the pressure of humanity seeking a viable escape right. So, this is…I’m going to keep going a little bit guys. When entities acquire the power to artificially create value with the stroke of a pen, bribery collusion becomes a trivial matter for those with that power. Those with access to this power naturally develop a bubble of judicial protection accelerating disparity of wealth. We see that hand-over-fist today. I mean there is an income gap like we’ve never seen before right. The 1% the richest 1% of the world own like I don’t know what it is like 80% of the wealth in the world right it’s an incredible amount of money that the 1% elites own and that’s what’s being called out right here in this document right. As a result the value of work has been wholly degraded by arbitrary calculations of political expediency. The integrity of value within all Society has societies has been literally and figuratively saleability. If you look at the amount of debt that the United States has, that the United States and government and other financial sectors of the market have, it’s unprecedented. We are now in the multi-trillion dollars worth of debt. We are never going to be able to pay back that debt. The value of the dollar has significantly decreased over time because of the debt that we have, we’ve really grown in the last several decades. And since we’ve abolished the gold standard, we’ve also accelerated that debt as well and we’ve accelerated inflation ultimately right. Even though you maybe can’t see it on paper because the feds, the government the central banks they artificially manipulate those numbers so you can’t actually see what is truly happening to inflation right. Prior to the proliferation of crypto assets, the option of the state negating control over the supply of currency was never a viable possibility to the threat of forgery and the cost to secure the integrity of the currencies. The state and only the state could secure the integrity of a printed currency through the threat and employment of force. The maintenance of this integrity as a noble cause and necessary to the stability of a state because it ensured the exchange of a value could be trusted, however the maintenance of that integrity can has and is fundamentally manipulated right. So, the only backing that any currency has is the good faith in the folks that are going to pay back that currency like what’s a back right. The US government used to back fiat currency or US dollars in gold which they no longer do. They abolished that I believe in the 70s or 60s, 70s I believe. They abolished the gold standard and now it’s essentially backed by nothing but the good word of the United States government right which we all know how good that word is right. It’s fucked up all right. Where value was once proved by the strength of the state at the end of a barrel, a gun humans have developed, demonstrated and proliferated a technology capable of proving value through the expenditure of electricity via the irrevocable proof of math. Such a concept has never been accomplished prior to the initiation of the Bitcoin Blockchain right. Pretty, pretty interesting guys. I’m going to pause it, we are not declaring independence from state-controlled currency. We are declaring control that currencies through fiat have been rendered obsolete. So, he’s essentially saying you know currencies created government through central banks fiat currencies are now obsolete. Our reasons for declaring obsolescence are plentiful many deaths and crimes of the previous century can be traced to unaccountable entities with control of currencies who have gained control of the many levers of power in order to direct the course of humanity right. Okay, so I completely agree with that completely, completely true. Those who create our currencies have conspired to assume total control of the global money supplies while abscess obfuscating through suppression of media and education the fact that they are capable of conspiracy very crazy, interesting men. They embody the systemic risk with the hypocrisy of providing loans to public banks that must provide transparent audits while avoiding such any audits themselves. You ever wonder why you know if you borrow money, if you do your taxes you’re subject to very, very specific very, very tight audits and measures. the government’s not the central bank is not most of the financial world is not right. Because they are whole part and parcel of the same system, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers you name it. It is big entities that have gone bankrupt in the past 2008 during the housing crisis, none of these people were subject to this type of scrutiny like you know I mean and that’s why that’s why we’re in this mess that we’re in right now right. Okay, they have become the cause and solution to the financial crises to which there is no means of recourse for the rest of humanity which bears this burden as a result of their behaviours. This declaration of currency independence is a direct response to the continued manipulation and destruction that stems from the deliberate degradation of value across the whole of humanity. We the undersigned will dedicate our lives building networks and systems that restore the integrity of value and directly challenge the authority of those who seek to destroy value. You can sign this right here if you do, you can download a PDF as well. If you sign right here it will be an immutable record that you support the currency independence movement. I want to know if you guys would sign this document. Would you put your name on this document? Would you attach your name to an immutable Blockchain tracking that you in fact agree with this declaration of currency independence? Would you guys sign this? Would you put your name on this? Would you side with John McAfee and his team on this? Would you side with the Godfather of cryptocurrency John McAfee in this effort to really break free from the chains of fiat currencies, governments, central banks and the likes right? This is not calling for an end of governments, this is not calling for anarchy, and this is not calling for the end of banks by any stretch of the imagination. This is simply calling for cryptocurrency independence or currency independence meaning that people should be able to buy sell transfer trade in-store cryptocurrency however, they want. They should be in control of it. It should not be regulated by the government. it should not be regulated by any type of third party because you know what guess what ultimately it won’t be able to be regulated right because of Munero, Bitcoin private, Dash, Zcash all these private and anonymous coins coming out. The government will bail regulate. So, do you guys agree with this declaration of currency independence? please let me know and if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel please do, because every day I talk about interesting things like this and most of the time I do talk about how to help you make money in cryptocurrency. Today I wanted to focus on this, because I think this is important. I think this is an important landmark during this time and let me know what you think. I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho.com guys. And let me know if you would sign this. Really, really want to know. And if you do, maybe I’ll give you something special. Alright guys I’ll talk to you later. See you later