Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Ai Trading Engine
  • 02:12 – Ai Power Trading Ecosystem
  • 02:45 – What Ai Power Trading Is Doing
  • 03:29 – What Is An Ai?
  • 05:21 – How Does Ai Power Trading Platform Works?
  • 07:23 – How Ai Trader Works
  • 09:47 – The Pricing Information
  • 10:35 – The Team
  • 10:49 – Ait Trader Result
  • 12:30 – Ai Trading Platform

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What’s up, guys? It’s Dan from cryptocamach.com


And today guys I have something super exciting for you. I’m not going to review an ICO today. I want to review a platform that is actually live and you can actually use today to trade cryptocurrency today using artificial intelligence guys. Today I want to talk about an AI, trading engine or an AI trading platform that you can use to actually profit very, very significantly. And I’m going to show you how exactly it works. I’m going to go through what the company is doing and this platform guys. I am super, super bullish on because if you’re new to crypto if you don’t know how to trade cryptocurrency. Even if you are a trader, an intermediate trader, expert trader, this will give you a tremendous amount of insight about how you can trade profitably using artificial intelligence guys. These AIS are getting better and better and better and I’m seeing these things pop up all over the place. I mean there are individual people that I know that are creating AI, bots if you will to trade cryptocurrency. There are others that are creating AI platforms to trade cryptocurrency. There’s just kind of a variety of different solutions out there and I don’t personally recommend you use like a bot to actually go and trade crypto. But using an AI platform, like AI trader which is what I’m about to review is a very, very effective way to increase the gains while you’re trading crypto guys okay. So, one thing I want to tell you before I get started with the review. These guys have actually given me a link that will give you 10% off the price to use this AI trading platform very, very much worth the price, but you get a 10% discount if you sign up through my link below. And also I want to make sure you know that this is for a limited time only. The platform is only going to be open to folks with a referral link. So, you’re going to need to click the link below in my video notes if you want to use this platform before July 20th. If you don’t go before July 20th you will not get the 10% discount. You will not be able to use this trading platform as I’m showing you today okay. So, very important that you use the link below, you’ll get a 10% discount. Sign up before July 20th and you will get into the platform and be able to use the platform that you get okay. Cool oh I got a comment there alright.


So, let’s jump right into it okay. AI-powered trading ecosystem; deep learning AI automates crypto training. Super excited about this and I’m actually going to log into this platform. I’m going to show you exactly how it works because this is not an ICO guys. This is not something that you know.  They’re trying to raise money; this is a live platform that is actively being, used today by hundreds if not thousands of cryptocurrency traders okay. So, let’s first dig into what the platform actually is and then I’ll jump into a demo and show you the backend of how the actual platform works okay.


So, here is best performing strategies in the last 30 days. So, what this platform is basically doing? It’s coupling together a variety of different types of cryptocurrency trading strategies and allowing you to pick the best strategy or the strategy that you want to use to trade a particular coin on a particular market or on a particular exchange. This is giving you the last 30 days of the best performing strategies on the platform which you can see right here is mostly on Binance. And I’m going to show you here in a second how you can view all of the results across all of the different pairings in just a moment here. But let’s first go through and let me just explain to you what this is. So, supported on this AI trading platform is Binance and BitMEX and coming soon is Kraken, BITTREX and COBINHOOD.

03:29 – WHAT IS AN AI?

And so, what is an AI trader okay? The AI trader application is built with the knowledge and expertise of traders and is coupled with machine learning and artificial intelligence delivering the first of its kind trading ecosystem. This is not a trading Bot, I want to very much emphasize that. it is an ecosystem that is using artificial intelligence, that is using machine learning to enable cryptocurrency traders to trade better to trade more effectively. You are in control. The bots is not in control. You are in control of what’s traded, how you’re trading it you know what volumes are trading at how much you’re trading so forth and so on. You could control all of this okay. The system empowers all investors to overcome the most significant factor limiting their investment returns themselves right. You know when you’re trading, if any of you guys have been trading and have experienced trading, you know that there’s a lot of emotion. There’s a lot of psychology up in trading. And it becomes difficult like if I’m having a bad day and I go to trade cryptocurrency, I may not have the emotional patience or the emotional intelligence to hold on a trade or to you know go all in on a trade right. Because maybe I’m having a bad day, maybe my mind’s not working effectively, because whatever maybe I got plastered the night before and I’m just not on my game right. AI kind of just gets rid of all those factors right. AI is not emotional. It’s based on science. It’s based on machine learning. It’s based on data aggregation, data correlation. It’s based on regression and other different types of statistical significance tests right okay. So, the easiest way to visualize the system is to imagine a supercomputer backed personal assistant that trades on your behalf unaffected by bias and emotion. That’s why I love this platform because it doesn’t necessarily trade for you. Although it does, you can do that. But it allows you to get more insights and allows you to make trades when you may be off your game for a particular day or period of time right okay.


So, how does it work? AI-powered crypto trading; AI trader uses artificial intelligence to review and make trading decisions based on real-time market information and conditions. AI trader has been programmed to recognize market conditions, optimal for trading in order to realize gains from the market. There are two modes in which the user can trade. Autonomous AI trading and Osio trading. The eye trading mode; once a strategy is chosen, the AI begins trading autonomously seeking optimal trading results okay. So, that’s one mode you can’t have the AI trade for you if you want. But you do not need to okay. In the Osio mode, the platform offers you a unique opportunity to trade on all pairs with the ability to place both a stop loss and take profit simultaneously. So, you have more control of what’s being done on the platform in the Osio mode. And I’m going to show you this mode in just a second here behind the scenes after I get in. one very cool thing about this platform as well is that it offers automated leveraged trading. If you haven’t leveraged traded you should definitely do. So, you can use BitMEX, you can use Poloniex, you can use Bitstamp. There’s a variety of exchanges that you can do leveraged trading on. I’ve recently been getting into leveraged trading and it’s a fantastic way to make money by betting other people’s money. You do need to be careful because it is risky right. You’re leveraging additional funds that you may not have, but it allows you to make higher profits with a lower amount of capital that you may not have right. So, if you have $1,000 and you’re doing leveraged trading, you can actually trade with 3, 4, 5, $10,000 when you only are putting up 1,000 dollars at risk okay. So, very, very powerful but you do need to be careful by using something like AI trader. It puts the power in the AI hands coupled with your wisdom yourself to allow you to make the best decisions on whether or not you should leverage trade. So, big profits here guys. I’m going to be experimenting with this platform in the coming weeks. And I’m going to show you exactly how it works. And I’m going to show you how profitable it is for me. I’ve just started using it. So, I don’t have a whole lot of data to show you, but I’m excited about the platform and wanted to make a video about it okay.


So, how does AI trader work? AI trader analyzes historical data from the past months on multiple timeframes depending on the AI attitude cheetah, zebra, elephant right. There are a couple different modes or attitudes are what they call it. One is short term medium term and long term depending on what type of investor and trader you are. You can trade very quickly or you can trade for the long run right. And this, this AI platform lets you enable any version you want based on the type of trader you are okay. After rigorous tests, our team identified the optimal amount of data to provide the training set for each AI attitude. This was imperative as overfitting or underfitting of the data can vastly affect the performance of machine learning. The weight allocated to neural networks is divided as follows; 85% price 10% volume 5% indicator data MACD, RSI, stochastic. I’ve gone over all these on different videos of mine. We continuously run models on the live market on a 24-hour basis which allows the machine learning pattern to change and adapt to the fluctuating market conditions. I absolutely love this. So, they are giving you the weighted allocation used by the machine learning and neural networks to show you how they are doing regression testing to come up with the results that the AI is trading off of right. They’re using mostly price. They’re using some volume right as an indicator. And they’re using other indicator data like MACD, RSI, stochastic to basically pull together all of that data into this AI machine learning magic trading you know engine if you will. And I love this because you can see exactly how it’s working. And I have a lot of experience with machine learning, more on the marketing side trying to optimize marketing campaigns, try to automate marketing campaigns in the power of machine learning trying to cleanse data. for example at fortune 500, fortune 10 companies I’ve worked for in the power of machine learning to do all these things is very, very powerful. Using statistical data to actually create an environment in which the AI can actually learn. These guys are using past, past data trends, past data points to project in the future how the market is going to react and how the price movement is going to go whether up or down right. So, I love this okay.


Okay, so here’s the pricing information for the platform. It’s $150 for a month, 450 for 6 months, and 600 for one year. You do get a discount if you go up in the number of months. If you sign up with my link again, you get 10% off of this price and you’re only going to be able to use this platform by using a referral link. So, you need to have my referral link to even actually join and sign up for this platform okay. If you don’t do so by July 20th, you will not be able to get into the platform. So, I highly recommend you do that if you’re interested in doing so. We accept payments in Bitcoin cash and Litecoin. Very, very intriguing right you better watch Bitcoin cash guys. I’m telling you Bitcoin cash is coming up, BTC Bitcoin core is the Walking Dead. It’s dying guys but that’s an issue for another video. But anyway okay.

10:35 – THE TEAM

So, let’s jump into this let’s look at the team really quick. To the team, a very experienced a bunch of AI gurus and you could check them all here. You can check out their different

LinkedIn profiles so forth and so on. But very, very strong team,


One thing I want to get into is the AI trader results. Just go to AItrader.ai is all to see the best performing strategies in the last 30 days okay. So, in the last 30 days, here’s how everything has been performing right. So, there are some significant gains here and you can even download. So, let’s just look at POA/BTC pairing and let’s download the spreadsheet of what has happened in the last 30 days with this particular bot or I’m sorry this particular strategy right here okay. So, when you download this, it’ll actually give you the date that the trade was made. The price of the particular trade, the enter price, and the exit price. What the result was and what the profit or loss was on that particular trade, on that particular day. And how monetarily that was affected you know you were affected as a trader right. So, here’s an example on March 6, 2018 POA/BTC pairing was traded at 3804 the exit was the next day and exited at 3457. So, there was a bit of a loss there on a stop-loss, but then if you look down on the 7th, you’re going to see that it was purchased at 3497 and sold at 3657 okay. And you go down this next day at 3399 3571. And you just can go down this list and you could look at all of the different trades that have been made on this platform and see how profitable or how not profitable, unprofitable these trades were okay. So, that is at your disposal. I highly recommend you check that out.


Now let’s jump into the platform. I’m logged in right here. Here is the back end of the actual platform itself. You can see that there’s a variety of different things you can do. If I go over to the dashboard, you’re going to be able to see what you can see here. And you can see your equity, the amount of money that you have available in the account. You’re going to see what the data is. You’re going to see the total trades you’ve made, the total profit you’ve made on all of those trades. How many of those trades have been profitable and then how many of those trades have been not profitable right unprofitable. And you can see here that the majority of the trades are actually in fact very profitable. You can see what your profit is and your losses based on the equity that you’re putting up for each trade right. So, in this case, there’s only $154.18 on every trade, but you can see the profit made from that scenario using a different you know using the different strategies. So, I’m going to go over to the Osio dashboard and this is where you can control the trading like I was saying before. This is where it’s not a 100% AI driven. You can actually have some input on how you actually make trades okay. So, if you look here, what I tend to like to do is I’d like to look at I’m using Binance right. So, you can today you can use Binance or BitMEX. I’m going to use Binance right now. You can use BitMEX if you want other exchanges are being added here very, very soon. But look you can go and you can sort by volume, you can sort by strength. So, the buy signal strength and this is the AI putting together a buy signal for folks that want to trade let me actually turn off my camera here, because I think may be easier for you guys to see okay. So, I turned off my camera so you can see this a little bit better but okay. So, what I like to do is I like to sort by volume and I like to sort by a buy signal okay. So, just looking at here, this I’ve already kind of sorted by buy signal and you can you know you can see here buy signals are very, very low. in this case buy signals are very strong the AI is telling us that these particular pairings on Binance are very, very strong buys at the moment okay. So, I look at that as my first indicator. Second I look at the volume, the 24-hour trading volume. So, in this case, XRP has a very high volume, ICX/BTC has a high pairing volume storm/BTC has a decent volume not very high. Litecoin/BTC has actually a pretty good volume as well. So, I’m going to take the ICX/BTC pairing right here, because it looks very, very good right. It looks like they have a very high volume. Very strong buy signal. And right now actually what I want to do. Let me look a little bit further through here um. I’m going to do; I’m actually going to do Litecoin okay. So, Litecoin right here. So, you put in the amount you would want to buy. How much Litecoin, in this case, I’m just going to put I want to buy I’m just going to put 10 Litecoin okay. I’ll just put 5 Litecoin okay. Wonder buy 5 Litecoin at the current price of 0.012 compared to Bitcoin right. It’s the LTC/BTC pairing. So, this is not in dollars. I want to take profit at 2 okay. So, I’m going to take it profit at 2% actual I’m going to raise that up. I’m going to say I’m going to take profit at 3% okay. Market takes profit, this is how much profit, and this is what the price would have to be at for me to take that profit. My stop-loss, I’m going to put at 1 and this is where if the price falls below 1-5, I will immediately sell and I’ll have a loss. If the price goes to 0.013 I will automatically sell and then I will take the profit. That I’m indicating right here over at the 3 marks 3% and that’s really it guys then you just click market buy. Whoops, I’m not to buy must be greater than 50 my bad. So, I’m going to buy 50 Litecoins and what you got to do market buy, and then it’ll show you okay. LTC available $700 is basically what I’m trading. You’re going to buy it with Bitcoin and I’m going to take a 3% profit with a stop loss of 1% I click yes. And it does the magic for me right. It’s doing the magic on the back end right here. It’s buying the coin and it’s going to buy the coin and it’s going to sell the coin based on what my settings are right here okay. So, this is how I like to play this particular market and this is how I got a comment here. And this is how I like to use this platform. So, I have seen tremendous results so far with this platform. And I’m only starting to experiment and look at how this actually this platform actually works. So, I have a lot more platforms like these coming guys. But I wanted to give you a quick introduction of how this platform works because I think there’s tremendous potential right here. You can also look down if you go to the dashboard, look down at the strategies right here. There’s Cheetah right. So, remember I told you before you can enter cheetah mode, zebra mode… actually, let me go back to Osio okay real quick, I want to show you something here okay. Where is the trading mode? Sorry, you got to go to strategy. So, when you when you choose a strategy that you want to use, you can actually choose cheetah, zebra or elephant right. So, you’re looking at different strategies that are being presented from the AI of how you may want to trade okay. So, here you can play out a strategy and you can see how the strategy is playing out okay. Are you sure you want to start all? I’m not going to do this right now. But play around with this experiment with this guys. It’s very, very interesting how they’re doing this okay. Cheetahs short-term, zebra’s medium-term and elephant is long-term okay. But I wanted to show you if you go back to the dashboard, you can see which strategies you’ve chosen and which strategies are actually running right here and see how they are performing okay. So, latest trading results up 4% in this particular pairing POA/ BTC on Binance with a particular volume based on this particular strategy okay. So, this is how this works guys. Again still experimenting with it, So, I want to make sure you know that, but I think this has a lot of potential guys. It’s called AI trader. Here is the platform itself. AItrader.com the link below in my description here in the show notes because you will get 10% off and you actually need a referral link to join the platform. if you don’t join by July 20th you will not be able to join this platform right now. They’re going to close it off for testing and for beta right now. There already are hundreds of users on the platform right now. But it’s still being tested okay. So, I want to give you an early sneak peek at this and let me know what you think. Let me know what you think guys. I’d love to know how you guys feel about AI trading systems, AI trading platforms. There are a lot of them coming out. I’m going to review one or two others that I’ve actually had personal success with as well. And I’m going to keep a very, very keen eye on this because I think AI is going to take over the cryptocurrency world. It’s going to take over a lot of industries guys. And in cryptocurrency trading markets, market dynamics are all going to be controlled with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. It’s already happening and they’re getting more and more sophisticated. They’re getting smarter, they’re getting better. and if you enter now you’re going to enter in on an early part of the curve right. When everybody is running AI, the market dynamics are going to change. Right now not everybody is running AI. So, there is a strategic advantage for those that use AI to help trade because not everybody is doing it. And right now that’s a competitive advantage okay. So, just to make note of that, I’m Dan from Cryptocamacho.com. I hope you found this video very useful? Please leave a comment. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like getting updates like this. If you like learning about tools that’ll help you trade and become more profitable, please let me know let me know if there are others that you guys want to hear about. But I love AI trader and I think it has a lot of potentials. So, check it out, guys. Again I’m Dan from cryptocamacho.com. Thanks again for watching and I will talk to you later guys.