Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Importance Of Data
  • 01:44 – Genetic ICO
  • 06:12 – How Generic Genomes And Big Data Relate To Cryptocurrency And Blockchain
  • 06:57 – Shivom.io
  • 08:50 – Shivom Social Media
  • 09:16 – What Is Shivom?
  • 09:24 – The Shivom Ecosystem
  • 10:05 – Transform Genomics Data Into Knowledge
  • 10:55 – The Shivom Team
  • 11:05 – Faqs
  • 12:03 – Why Is Your Idea Revolutionary Shivom?
  • 13:04 – Revenue And Monetization Model Of Shivom
  • 16:20 – George Church Will Disrupt 23and Me

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Hey, guys what’s up? It’s Dan again from cryptocamacho.com


And hey guys today I want to talk about data. I want to talk about data because I think it’s so important to understand data, big data in 2018 right and how it relates to cryptocurrency, how it relates to Blockchain. I think that entire industries have been transformed by the data, they’ve generated by their user base in general. I think of YouTube, think of Amazon, think of Facebook, think of Google, all of the biggest companies in the world today are data companies right. So, knowing that the biggest companies in the world today are essentially data companies; I would ask you know what industries today have an exponential growth of data? Like what industries do we look at today that we can project and see an enormous growth curve, an enormous potential and opportunity to grow a data. to you know to start building these massive databases? Like what industries are those right? I mean YouTube is obviously one, Amazon is obviously one, so e-commerce and you know on the internet. There are a number of industries that kind of fit in this category obviously the Internet of Things is another big data generator. The topic I want to talk about today though and the ICO that I want to talk about today it’s not as sexy as maybe some of the other ICOs that I’ve talked about. But I think that it’s kind of behind the scenes. It’s really positioning itself to explode in the next five 10, 15 years and that’s really because of the amount of data that’s being generated by this particular industry, by this particular you know by really by this particular industry that is now just exploding like crazy. 


And what am I talking about guys? I am talking about genetics. I’m talking about genetic data. I’m talking about genomics data or biological data that we are generating now at an unprecedented pace.I mean the amount of data that’s being generated by genetics laboratories by genomics laboratories around the world is quite astonishing, to be honest. I mean it is gotten to the point where geneticists and scientists don’t even know how they’re going to actually store the amount of data that their graining from these projects right. And so if you can if you know anything about genetics, if you know anything about the genome the human genome project; it’s essentially where a group of scientists mapped the human genome for the first time. Like in 2000 right, like 2000, 2001 they mapped the entire human genome. Now the technology is becoming more viable to where we can map multiple people’s genomes. We can map animal genomes, plant genomes. We can actually start modifying genomes and modifying genetics and different creatures in the data that’s being generated by studying this by mapping genomes. It is unprecedented I mean just looking at Google, I mean if you search for Google sequencing, the genome you know in data and how much shape data it’s generating. You’re going to see articles like this; sequencing the genome creates so much data. We don’t know what to do with it and this is an entire article and there are many, many articles about this right. That genetics data is you know increasing so rapidly that scientists now are having a difficult time even understanding and figuring out how they can actually store this data appropriately, effectively and make it easy to access and sort and be private and secure and all these kind of things right. I mean if you look at different articles, genetic data will take up more space than YouTube in ten years right. This was published in July 2015. so, the articles a bit old, but even back then you know they’re projecting that in 10 years genetic data could generate anywhere between 2 and 40 exabytes per year at minimum. And that’s 2 million times what your home computer can hold right. So, there’s kind of this overwhelming amount of data that’s being generated by genetics right. And if you just search for genetics data privacy, you’re also going to start looking at topics that come up like why DNA testing companies terrifying privacy policies actually mean; privacy in genetics, privacy delusions of genetic testing. And there’s going to be these kinds of issues that come up about genetic testing, about giving your genetic data over to others to do testing for you right. And what are they going to do with that data, how are they going to store that data and they going to sell that data and so forth and so on. So, it’s becoming a much bigger issue now that we’ve seen in the past right. And if you go to companies like ancestry.com or 23andme you can actually explore your genome, explore your DNA by taking a DNA test for a hundred bucks and getting kind of results back of you know the disease’s you may be a predisposition to the ideal diet for your DNA makeup so forth and so on. If you go over to 23andme, you’re going to see kind of the same thing right. It’s genetic testing and this is really a company that’s been sponsored and funded by Google, but it’s essentially genetic and DNA testing to give you information about your ancestry or about your health and predispositions to diseases and so forth right. But the big question comes up is you know how are these companies 23andme, ancestry.com how are these companies storing the DNA data that they’re generating? It from your DNA right, from your genetics, from your genome like what are they doing with this data? Are they selling it? Absolutely they’re selling it in the future when it becomes more feasible and realistic to actually you know modify genomes and whatnot. Are you scared that your DNA on file with 23andme can be used you know for things that you don’t necessarily want it intended to be used? I mean it’s now possible to create diseases specifically for a particular genome right. So what that means in the future is that a disease can be created specifically for you and only you based on your DNA, based on your genes and your genetics right. That’s pretty scary stuff. I mean it’s pretty scary that companies like 23andme and ancestry.com, they’re just saying hey we want to give you your accessory, we want to give you your, you know health reports on you know what your genes are telling us. But this data is being stored. It’s not like just being thrown away after they’re using it right. They’re going to use it to sell it and so forth so.


What I want to talk about today after kind of getting all of that background out of the way, I want to talk about genetics genomes, data, and big data and as it relates to cryptocurrency and Blockchain right. There are a number of companies now popping up that are trying to build out big massive decentralized databases and applications that will essentially secure and privatize all of this genetic and DNA information that’s being generated. And that’s going to continue to be generated at a very, very fast and exponential pace in the years to come right. We’re making really good strong and profound you know moves in the direction of genetic biology programming genes you know synthetic genetics, synthetic biology you know things like that. 

06:57 – SHIVOM.IO

So, what I want to talk about really today is a company called Shivom.io. Shivom is a genetics company, it’s a data company really and they’re trying…what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to build out a decentralized database to really secure and privatize your genetic data right. Genetic data that’s being generated, they’re trying to create a home for that genetic data where it’s a secure environment that can be distributed around the world that can’t be hacked, that can’t be used for nefarious purposes so forth and so on. So, this is why I like Shivom. I think that it’s kind of under the radar. I think that not a lot of people talk about genetics in cryptocurrency, not a lot of people talk about how Blockchain can actually solve a lot of the really challenging problems that we’re seeing for genetics companies, for scientists for educational institutions that are researching genetics and so forth. And I think Shivom is really positioned really, really well to kind of eat up this space in the next few years in their ICO which is not live yet. They’ve raised $33 million in a private and presale. once they launched their ICO you’re going to start seeing other ICOs like this pop up right. And it’s really attractive to me because the potential of genetics and genetic data and creating a system to really operationalize how genetic data is used whether you know among businesses, among individuals, among research firms, among educational institutions. there’s really no kind of standard of how to use it today and I think Blockchain presents a really intriguing opportunity for genetics companies and scientists to be able to store and study that data with the consent of the person that gave up their freely you know their DNA and genomic information and freely right. So, Shivom is what I’m talking about today guys. Let’s going to look at it right now; the public sale will be starting in one day. And you can see that they’ve already raised a ton of money, I mean even just going to the bottom of this before I even get into what the company doesn’t and whatnot 


Look at their telegram profile, look at their Twitter profile, and look at their Bitcoin talk profile. They are getting a massive amount of attention because it’s such an important topic area right. Just alone in their telegram, we have 70,000 members, over 70,000 members on Twitter they have 47, 000 members already right on their Bitcoin talk form, not so much right. But it was only posted in March right and it’s starting to accelerate quite rapidly.


So, what is Shivom right? They’re trying to create this database; let’s go back up to the top and I can give you some more information.


So, the Shivom ecosystem; our massive precision medicine ecosystem will provide space for other healthcare and wellness providers such as clinics genomic counselors, pharmaceuticals research organizations, governments, patient, support groups, insurance companies to add their Apps and services. So, they’re creating this ecosystem for all of these different types of groups to be able to store and to be able to tap into data that is genetic related right. They will also be able to tap into this data to create applications and services based off of this data, but all of the data will be housed in the Blockchain. So, it’ll be all secure and you will essentially own the rights and permissions to that data and you’ll be able to give that permission to any others that may want to study that data right.


All right so transform c genomics data into knowledge; break down data silos and boost your clinical trials. Collaborate to facilitate a wide range of multi-omics based activities and drug R&D; I mean what they’re trying to do with this platform ecosystem is crazy, crazy smart. They’re trying to create this distributed decentralized database for anyone in the world to be able to use study, create applications from all of this data that’s being generated by genetics, by genomics right. Very, very, very, very smart; I think this is going to have a…it’s a significant use case for Blockchain. I think you know the scientists; the science community has been waiting for something like this, for quite some time. and I think now we’re on the cusp of creating something scalable that can service the genetics and scientific community who studies these types of things right.


So, look at the team. Check it out. Check out this video very, very informative. Look at their roadmap. I mean it kind of you know goes without saying what they’re trying to do

11:05 – FAQS

FAQ’s described the need and problem you are trying to solve to make the direct-to-consumer genomics of business more open fair and beneficial to all users. The Shivom platform uses Blockchain technology to create a disruptive genomics ecosystem. It ensures data is owned by the data donors themselves; you and me. It ensures a transparent and secure bridge to organizations interested in using this data right. so, I can imagine companies like Shivom will partner with ancestry.com, will partner with 23andme and other companies to make this more transparent in terms of what’s happening with into your data. Those literally coming from your DNA and can have profound implications in the future. I mean I’d wake up to this even if you’re not interested in cryptocurrency, I just wake up to the fact that genetics is exploding right. Your personal DNA whatever you do with that, it’s quite important because in the years to come, we’re going to be looking at things like programmable DNA, programmable biology right. That’s pretty, pretty crazy ideas to think about, but it’s actually happening right before our eyes. 


Why is your idea revolutionary Shivom? We have an entirely global vision with the global, with the goal of integrating multiple services into one interconnected ecosystem. We aim to leverage collaboration of partnerships to make this happen in an open and transparent way. Truly utilizing the complete set of benefits that Blockchain technology has to offer Wow! This is a grand vision. It is not entirely out of reach and we have put together a business plan and team that’s capable of executing this on a grander scale. This is a very, very ambitious vision. I think it’s going to take some time to build this out. I don’t think this is going to be one of the ICO’s that you know buy into in the next year. You’ve gotten a thousand decks right. But I do think that in five years time this is one of the companies and others right in this space that is literally going to explode. I mean these are going to be some of the biggest companies of our generation; that you’re going to see pop up related to genetics. and what better kind of partnership in pairing opportunity than genetics and cryptocurrency right and Blockchain. The two are kind of like a match made in heaven, in a lot of ways if you really think about right.


Okay what is the revenue and monetization model? Shivom modern revenue through pharma companies who want to use the data to support their drug development programs. Additionally consumers want answers based on their uploaded DNA sequences. We’ll use the platform to purchase various healthcare Apps for a nominal…sorry for a nominal fee. Eventually consumers will be able to order Shivom sequencing kits directly via the platform. all this can be done via the utility of the Onyx token right. So, this is actually a very, very, very, very important point right here right. Shivom will earn revenue through pharma companies who want to use their data to support their drug development programs right. We know that the pharmaceutical industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry. I mean it is one of the biggest if not the biggest industry in the world. The pharmaceutical industry right; they spend billions and trillions of dollars to do research from data right. They’re going to be using companies like Shivom to tap into the data that’s being provided by people about their DNA to do more R&D; more you know drug treatment, development so forth and so on. And that’s going to make Shivom a very, very profitable company that kind of goes without saying right. But I think what’s really interesting and really exciting is that, consumers who want answers based on their DNA uploaded will be able to do so with this platform. So imagine you know you’ve uploaded your DNA sequence to Shivom or to anywhere right. And imagine every year you’ll Apps are being developed, new ways of analyzing that DNA are being developed. New ways of maybe even modifying that DNA are being developed right. You’re going to be able to tap into a platform like Shivom and say you know I actually want to use this App to understand how my DNA you know can be used to create the ideal health plan or meal plan or exercise plan, for me and literally create a custom application or iPhone

App or whatever App you want, that’s tailored specifically to your DNA. I mean for the sky is the limit really. It’s literally building kind of decentralized Apps on a platform that is married with genetic data. So, imagine kind of marrying a Github with a genetics type of database with you know the ability to create Apps from that data and share those Apps specifically for you. I mean I think this goes very, very deep and very far. And I don’t want to get into like philosophical implications and you know implications and societal implications. But this is big; this is a very, very big idea. It’s a very profound idea. It’s a very transformative idea that will disrupt many, many, many industries right. So, anyway I’m bullish on Shivom. I think we need it. I think it’s a very interesting idea. I think it’s a very, very powerful idea, you know it talks about how they’re going to collect DNA. They’re going to collect DNA from you know things like ancestry.com, 23andme which I’ve already said. They’re going to get that data and enable others to create applications based off of that data that consumers may want to do whatever they want about their DNA data right. Okay, so go through all these FAQs very, very informative, very interesting and I think it’s worth a read. I’m going to kind of leave it at that. I think I’ve given you some pretty solid information about Shivom. I think that you know you’ve understood the genetics industry and how it’s growing exponentially.


One other thing to leave you with is that; so there’s also a Harvard genetics pioneer who wants to monetize DNA with digital currency and defeat 23andme right. So another guy George Church who is a genetics pioneer at Harvard is actually going to be setting up a company and potentially an ICO to start building out a platform somewhat related to this as well right. It’s something that’s going to be popping up here and here and there. And I think it’s going to be popping up more and more because people understand the value here. They understand the potential here and I think that’s really, really important guys. I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho.com. Would you invest in Shivom? What do you think about this idea? What do you think about the potential to shivom? What do you think about you know this massive industry going into the Blockchain space right? I mean I’m really curious. What do you guys think about it? But anyway, I’m Dan from cryptocamcho.com. If you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking on that little red button below. Alright, guys, I will talk to you later. And I hope you enjoy this? see you later