Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Ambcrpto
  • 01:46 – Iot And Volkswagen At Cebit 2018
  • 03:45 – Data New Oil

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Hey, what’s up, guys? it’s Dan from cryptocamacho.com

00:03 – AMBCRPTO

And hey guys, I was actually just browsing on this cycled ambcrypto.com. I’ll put the link in the show notes. It’s kind of a news aggregation site for crypto, everything in the cryptocurrency community Bitcoin, Blockchain Altcoins. It just kind of lists out a number of things and you can actually look at all the categories over here. Anyway, I was browsing around on Ambcrypto and I saw two things that I actually wanted to just quickly talk about. First, is IOT and Volkswagen to present proof of concept at CeBIT 2018, which is hailed to be one of if not the largest cryptocurrency events in the world to date. It’s kind of like the Woodstock of cryptocurrency. So, I want to talk about that really quickly and then also I want to talk about…let’s see down here, data is the new oil IOT,  Iota head engineer elaborates on the Iota vision okay. So, the reason I wanted to talk about that real quick is, I just kind of stumbled a crop across, it was very interesting to almost every single database 15 years from now will be a Blockchain. And I think he is absolutely right. And I’m just going through this news, and I’m wondering where do you guys get your news from? Like where do you actually get your information sources from for cryptocurrency, for Blockchain to understand how the markets are doing? What’s coming out with the technology so forth and so on? I’ve been using Twitter a lot; I never was a big Twitter user before crypto. As I started to get into crypto, I’ve been using Twitter a lot because Twitter is just instant. It’s up-to-date. I’ve been using sites like AMBcrypto as well. Kind of aggregated together in my different news feeds or RSS feeds to get just instant news about what’s actually going on in the market. It helps me because when the markets are moving down or up, it helps me to actually know what’s going on in the markets.


So, anyway okay I wanted to talk about IOT and Volkswagen to present proof of concept that CeBIT right. so, Iota has for a long time now been touted as kind of this revolutionary new type of Blockchain right. It’s not based on our sorry…it’s not even a Blockchain per se, it’s called, tangle right. It’s not a Blockchain protocol. It doesn’t use necessarily proof of work. It’s a new way to do Blockchain right. It’s called tangle right. And the price has really kind of shot up to the moon too like $4 four fifty-something like that, maybe even $5 and it’s gone all the way down to pennies right. It’s been in pennies right. And there’s been a lot of speculation of whether or not Iota is going to do well in the future or if it’s just hyped up right. so, this will be very, very interesting to watch how Iota and Volkswagen present their proof-of-concept at this massive event going on this year guys at the CeBIT conference. Volkswagens obviously, is a massive customer for Iota. Volkswagens obviously, is a big customer, a big at one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world and it’ll be interesting to see their proof of concept and how it actually turns out. If it turns out well and if it’s well received, you’re going to see a spike in the price of Iota. So, keep that in mind right. So, CeBIT the conference is huge. I mean so many, so many people are going to be able to see this proof of concept for Iota that I want and make sure that you’re aware of it’s happening okay. So, the date I don’t know if the date is actually in here, but it does give some backgrounds on Iota. just look up Ce BIT, let’s see. let’s see I’ll just look it up for you right now. CeBIT 2018 I just want to show you because…okay it’s going to be Monday, June 11th and ends Friday, June 15th okay. So, very, very important that you go where am I looking at here okay. So, here’s amb crypto. Okay, so that’s the first thing.

03:45 – DATA NEW OIL

The second thing I want to show you on Ambcrypto is this; data is the new oil. Iota head engineer elaborates on the IOTA vision right. Okay, again so I just published a video maybe I don’t. I just made a video a couple hours ago, talking about a company called Fysical which captures in location-based data right. They’re building a marketplace and an ecosystem based on location data right. There connecting data providers and data consumers in this new ecosystem that they’re building on top of Blockchain. And data is really the new oil with IOT, with the industrial internet of things coming. Data is seriously the new oil. Look at Google, Facebook, Netflix; look at look at any company Walmart’s even turning into a data company, Amazon is the biggest data company in the world. It’s all about data guys. It’s definitely the new oil. It’s definitely the new gold. And IOT Iota is trying to capitalize on that with their new protocol called Tangle okay. And I want you to be aware of this because anything happening in the data realm right, any Blockchain being created, any app being created, any new protocol being created, any new business models that are being derived from data, data, data, data analysis are going to do well. Data is gold guys. Data is the key right now. If there’s one word to sum up you know the last kind of decade in the next decade it would probably be data. Maybe it would be Blockchain, but it would probably be something in the realm of data right because data is everything, it’s everywhere okay. So, anyway I just wanted to make a quick video on that. So, you guys are aware of what’s going on with Iota. Wanted to ask you about your news sources, I think this sites pretty is interesting Ambcrypto. Not sure yet you know what exactly is on this, I got to look through a little bit further, but I found some pretty good article. So, I wanted to just share with you. I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho.com. Hopefully, you guys found this interesting? And I will talk to you next time. See you guys