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Make Money In The Internet of Knowledge – Why KNW Cryptocurrency ICO May Explode in Value

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:20 – Knw Cryptocurrency Ico
  • 01:15 – What Is Knowledge.Io
  • 01:46 – How Does Knowledge.Io Work?
  • 02:31 – The Potential Of Knowledge.Io
  • 02:49 – How Is Knowledge.Io Mined
  • 03:44 – Distribution For Knw Tokens
  • 04:04 – More About The Knw Token
  • 04:24 – How Does The Knw Token Work
  • 04:48 – How Is Knw Used
  • 05:05 – Consumer Applications Of Knw Tokens
  • 05:39 – More On Mining Knw Towns
  • 06:18 – The Enterprise Side Of Knw
  • 06: 54 – Advantages Of Knowledge.Io
  • 08:56 – More Uses Of Knowledge.Io
  • 09:12 – The Ecosystem Of Knowledge.Io
  • 10:54 – More About Knowledge.Io

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Hey what’s up guys, it’s Dan again from Do you ever realize that the more you get into crypto currency and block chain, the more interesting it becomes, the more interesting you start noticing other projects in the more interesting the whole entire thing is becoming.


I found this ICO today and I have seen it in the past before but I really started reading about it today and it is pretty fascinating. It is a pretty interesting concept. I want to make a video about it because this particular ICO, I’ve seen everything, now we are taking blocked into a whole other level of just keeping track of financial balances on a ledger. We’re actually now talking about taking data or entire data structures and putting them onto the block chain to check them, to be able to program against them and to be able to share and distribute that knowledge to anybody in the world. And then to create a mechanism where you could actually invest in that particular company, that idea, that vision through the block chain and through token creation is fascinating. It is crazy.


And today guys I want to talk about this ICO. It is called It’s fascinating. What these guys are trying to do, they are trying to make a knowledge economy on the block chain itself. So they’re using the etherium block chain and basically when you contribute and participate in this economy, this new knowledge economy, you’re going to be rewarded with knowledge tokens which are convertible back into etherium tokens, bit coin and eventually fiat currency if you want to go that route as well.


So basically by participating in this platform and by collaborating with this ecosystem, you actually be paid and given one in crypto currency clients to give your knowledge to this economy. And so after you give your knowledge to this economy in the form of questions, they’re going to then take this knowledge, take these questions and they’re going to quantify it. They are going to quantify not only the questions it so but they’re going to quantify the engagement of the questions and how the data of that particular question and answer are actually being used and could be used and applied to other areas, other economies, other markets, other businesses and things like that. Very fascinating idea and I thought it would be worthwhile to bring this up and to mention this ICO


Because I think there is a lot of potential here. Even though it is not seen on the surface, I think there is potential here because it is essentially a new paradigm, a new marketplace, a new economy or ecosystem that they’re building which can be used in the future for a variety of different things.


and one very interesting thing about knowledge IO that I thought was that instead of mining, so with bitcoin and etherium and other currencies, typically the mining is done by solving different types of math equations, different math problems that are very complex. Very complicated math problems that the computers will solve in order to validate and confirm that the block should be added to the block chain. That is how bitcoin and etherium and other block chains work. So with knowledge, instead of mining by solving a math problem they are mining by asking questions that people can then answer and contribute their knowledge to which will be stored on the block chain and which will act as that mechanism to solve an equation to actually add a block to block chain. So is going to be doing that with questions rather than mathematical formulas that need to be solved.


So let’s check this out. Let’s check this ICO out. I think it’s very interesting. It goes on till April 21. Token distribution ends April 21. You could go ahead and sign up if you like. There has already been many many coins are sold, over 7 million clients sold to date, KNW tokens are already sold.


Let’s just go through this. Meet the KNW token. The knowledge token. Knowledge token is an ERC 20 token which is essentially the etherium block chain token that will be available through our apps and a variety of other third-party apps that are a part of this new knowledge ecosystem.


So the way it works is that users can then be rewarded by participating in this ecosystem, they can be rewarded with knowledge tokens and can then use those tokens to buy products or services over their marketplace. When these guys have contracted with other retailers, other merchants. So they already have a huge database of products that can be purchased through these knowledge tokens.


KNW token owners can buy products from or in app marketplace. Advertisers use KNW tokens to advertise through our platform and gain access to our bought free market data. The knowledge ecosystem utilizes the power of block chain to bring zero fraud market data.


Consumer applications. So let’s read through this a little bit. I want to make sure that you understand what it is. Users that interact with the platform are rewarded with knowledge tokens for contributing knowledge. So you’re going to be getting these KNW tokens back for answering questions, for giving information about certain topics or whatever. If you have an expertise in marketing, video or engineering or whatever, you can answer questions in this knowledge ecosystem and be rewarded with tokens which are essentially convertible back to other currencies that you may want to use, like dollars.


The KNW token is mined, not cryptographic hashing but solving questions with knowledge scores that can be developed by usage of websites and apps that have some associated knowledge value. In order to jump start the marketplace and ensure users can enjoy knowledge tokens earned we have established relationships with merchants that would provide a catalog of 300,000 products. These guys are already partnering with merchants in product marketplaces. I’m guessing it is something like Amazon or Alibaba or something like that which provides product that users will then be able to get to buy through these knowledge tokens as they acquire them for answering questions.


So that is on the consumer side. On the enterprise side that’s take a look. On the enterprise side, data miners, marketplaces, enterprises, advertisers and third parties can use their knowledge scores as actionable intelligence to target and incentivized both brick-and-mortar campaigns through integration with the knowledge platform educators, employers, advocates and others can devalue and exchange knowledge through voluntary or a gamified interactions. The data is generated in conjunction with knowledge scores, will tell stories and identify opportunities in a way that has never been possible before.


So this is where the platform gets very very interesting. So picture this. Picture that millions of people are now contributing to this knowledge economy, there answering questions in this ecosystem about any type of topic you could think of. Think of Google where people go in the asked questions, think of Google where you cannot only ask questions but you can answer questions and then get paid to actually answer those questions. What would Google do with data like that? So this data would be the data that is a questions and answers to those questions will be stored on this knowledge economy block chain. They will be stored in this ecosystem, in this block chain. And after the knowledge is stored there you’re not only to have the knowledge stored in the block chain, the question, the answers that come from the question, you’re also going to have the people that answer the questions themselves stored against that data. They would have an associated score associate with that as well. An associated or intelligence knowledge score which would give them an opportunity to do business with other people in other companies, in other environments. And so knowledge.IO can then start to match the people up. They can start to match the people that are answering these questions and have this expertise or knowledge, they could start matching them up with other companies that may need health or consulting services or knowledge in a particular area. So if I’m a marketer and I go to knowledge.IO and I start to answer all these questions about marketing. I’m not only going to get paid for those answers from knowledge and from those knowledge tokens but I’m also pretty presented with opportunities to other companies that may need a marketing advice, that may need marketing help or consulting work or whatever. They’re going to be offering my services to those companies if I allow them to, if I want them to. They’re going to open up the gates for these new type of interactions between many different things. It says right here between educators, employers, advocates and others that can value the exchange of knowledge through voluntary or gamified interactions.


So they can create all different types of games, they can create all different tests of employment services. They can create alternative educational opportunities and services through this application. This is where this platform gets really interesting if it actually gets taken to another level.


So imagine Yahoo answers or googleanswers. There has been a lot of companies that have tried to create this question – answer type of ecosystem. If you look at the early days of the Internet, this is actually a pretty big thing that people were trying to start and solve. And I actually myself, back in the day, 15 years ago with the developer at the time we were kind of cool collaborating on creating this answer marketplace. And then we just realize that the time that there just wasn’t enough technology available to do what we wanted to do. And knowledge.IO is actually creating this ecosystem which was never before possible in the past which is traditional HTTP, W WW Internet protocols. Now that we have block chain, now that we have crypto currency and block chain type of protocols, this is possible because all that information can not only be stored in a database, in a distributed database. And not only can it be stored in the block chain but it can be stored at a level that was never possible before and it cannot be hacked. So you could do some very interesting things by coordinating all of these answers and questions and people into this massive ecosystem, this massive database. You could then start utilizing that data in a variety of ways that we never thought possible.

So that is why I am bullish on It’s a fascinating concept, a fascinating idea. I think it is actually a very very smart idea even for creating games. They said their partnerships are growing. They have currently partnered with gaming grades, coinemy, TiVo. They’re partnering with the right players to take this platform to the next level. So this would be very interesting to see how this turns out.


The team is solid. I am not going to go through the team right here but the team is very solid. There are a lot of advisors on the team. The roadmap, I’m very curious. The marketplace is meant to be launched with dropship or integration in Q2, Q3 of 2018. They would probably have some sort of ranking system. So here’s the ICO information, so the crowd is so Is 19 million, the minimum is $200. The total supply of tokens, I’m not seeing the total supply of tokens but I will look for that in just a second.

That is knowledge.IO. Check out their white paper, I’m not going to go through their white paper right now but it is a well-written white paper. I have glanced at it a bit. I’ve read a little bit on it. I haven’t gone completely through it. But check it out. It gives a lot more information to the things I am referring to. It gives more information about how they’re going to build out their platform, how they are going to scale this business. And I think it is going to be a fun ride to see how this turns out. I have already invested a couple of hundred, $400-$500 into this particular ICO a couple of weeks back. I am now making a video because I have revisited it and I think it is a really great idea. Others are bullish on this, I think John McAfee has said something on it.

But anyway, take a look let me know what you think I would love to know. I am Dan from Hopefully found this useful if you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel please do by clicking on that huge red button right below that says subscribe. We’re at 10,000. I would like that to say 15,000. So give that a little click. And next time you want to watch my videos they would just come right to you. You will get a notification, it will come right to you and you could watch it and you don’t even have to search. All right guys I am Dan from crypto Camacho. Go to for moreinformation.