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Unforeseen Blockchain Opportunities are Everywhere – Pavocoin is Transforming the AgTech Industry

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Ag Tech Ico
  • 00:53 – What’S Ag Tech?
  • 01:25 – Trends In Ag Tech For 2018
  • 04:13 – What Is Pavo Coin
  • 04:48 – What Are We Expert In
  • 05:27 – Feature Of Pavo Coin
  • 06:57 – System Feature
  • 08:46 – Pavo Functionality.
  • 09:12 – Pavo Token
  • 09:43 – Pavo Team
  • 11:36 – One-Pager
  • 12:50 – The Problem Pavo Will Solve
  • 13:25 – Pavo White Paper

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from

00:03 – AG TECH ICO

And today guys I want to review another ICO, because these ICO just keep getting better and better and better and the opportunities just keep kind of flooding in and I’m just always amazed at how people are taking Blockchain technology, how people are taking the IOT or Internet of Things technology and applying it to Blockchain and industries and circumstances or for use cases, that I would never even expect, that I would not imagine in a million years. And that’s exactly what Pavo coin has done. Pavo coin is the first IOT Blockchain for the AG Tech ecosystem. So, when I first saw this, I had to ask myself what in the world is the AG Tech ecosystem right. I assume that it’s relating to something with agriculture right. So, I started to look it up right.

00:53 – WHAT’S AG TECH?

I first looked up AG Tech and I looked okay what’s AG tech acting definition? Okay so, AG tech is entrepreneur group’s start-up. Australia says the term AG tech refers to transforming the global food system through digital technology. At the root of it, AG Tech is simply combining two words to define the joining two worlds of agriculture and technology. Okay, pretty interesting right. They’re trying to digitize the agricultural industry, farming production, distribution of food right of foods that go throughout the world throughout your local communities and so forth. That is what AG tech is referring to.

 01:25 – TRENDS IN AG TECH FOR 2018

So, I looked a little deeper and wanted to see okay well, what are the trends in Ag tech for 2018? So, a little more googling came up with this article talks about Ag tech, gives a little diagram of how AG tech works right. And it shows that there’s a little farm the food is actually grown and produced in crops. It is then you know produced or what’s the word I’m looking for…it is I can’t think of the word that I’m thinking of, but it’s produced right. And then it’s distributed to different factories all over the world right. So, but let’s just take a look at this article really quickly. The distribution over the last decade in the retail food value chain gained momentum in 2017 with the IPO of Blue Apron. So, you’re seeing a Blue Apron, you’re seeing Amazon buy whole food to get more in the distribution and production of foods and delivery and distribution of food. So, Amazon is getting into that space. A continued slump in commodity prices has seen big AG facing declining margins. And so, agriculture technology is now becoming a big, big thing for our folks in this space to keep their business models going, to keep pace with the market growing and growing demand of efficiency of digitization and so forth and so on right. Even GE is getting into agricultural technology right. The future of Agriculture indoor farms powered by LEDs G reports let’s see what else do we have here. Big data in smart farming GE powers internet of agriculture the Internet of Agriculture well pretty interesting right. So, that should give you an idea of what Pava coin is right. They’re entering the agriculture technology space by building an IOT Blockchain application that will help to kind of encapsulate the whole process into one single platform on the Blockchain and that’s exactly what Pavo coin is doing very, very fascinating this ICO has been brought to you by ICO box, which is a pre-packaged solution for folks that want to launch an ICO, it also is a good indicator when you see something with ICO box on it, that it is not a scam, that it has been approved and has gone through a number of reviews and regulatory kind of checkpoints. If you will to make sure that the ICO is legitimate, and it is not a scam, it’s also been reviewed by a number of other ICO reviewing agencies which you can take a look at right here, but let’s dig in a little deeper right. So, here’s some, some testimonials you have a testimonial from Jeff Burton, from EA Sports which you can see right here. Pretty, pretty cool Electronic Arts. I’m sorry not EA Sports Electronic Arts which is a big video game manufacturer. You’re seeing from ICO box the founder here you’re seeing him talk about it.


Okay, so now let’s get into the product itself. What is Pavo coin? Because I think this is the most exciting piece right. So, the product is bringing together the cutting-edge technologies of IOT and Blockchain and our vast experience in crop cultivation. We are serving an aggregate AG ecosystem focused on a highly technological crop growing processing and distribution alright. So, they’re trying to digitize everything from growing crops to distributing crops, growing crops and distributing crops around the world. They’re trying to digitize that whole process to bring crop growing and farming and agricultural really to a more operationalize or kind of supply chain type of process right on the Blockchain itself right.


Okay so, what are we experts in building monitoring systems for valued crops, 10 years of experience with almonds hazelnuts and walnuts. So, they’ve been in this industry for 10 years that’s why we built it. Pavo’s IOT system is used for monitoring and optimizing the entire lifecycle of crop production. Today Pavo’s being beta tested in California where I’m from the right. It’d be interesting to go check out these guys and go do an interview with these guys, which I’m not actually considered trying to do. Because I think it’s pretty cool right. What they’re trying to do.


So, ok so, features. So, this is where it gets really cool. Pavo’s IOT Blockchain software platform is designed for the data-driven agriculture professional of the future right. So, they’re going to put sensors in the soil, they’re going to put sensors in the environment, they’re going to monitor the light that’s coming into a particular crop, the contaminants that may be in the soil. They’re going to check the water quality, the pH level, so salinity, and the ORP levels of the particular soil that they’re using. They’re going to check the CO2 sensor in the plants and in the crops themselves. All of that is going to be delivered as data back into the Pavo platform into an application. Right now the IOT software component exists and is deployed in two greenhouses in California. So, they’re already doing this where they’re monitoring all of these different types of parameters and indicators in an app, in an ecosystem in California. This is already happening right. And they’re pulling it back into a platform, a decentralized platform. The Pavo platform and they’re going to be able to track all of this information in the platform and guys this is already happening. The platform already exists; it is in beta testing in California as we speak. So, very exciting you can see what the interface of the app looks like very, very cool. I think all the farmers are going to be you know soon caring their smartphones and looking at their crops. However, my almond tree is doing, how are my orange trees doing? Oh no my strawberries have too much salinity, and they’re too much salt in their soil. I need to go correct that problem and they’re going to go rush over their crops alright. Maybe it will be that crazy, but it gives you an idea of what’s going on here alright.


So, the system features to record and monitor production practices in real time via the Pavo IOT gateway.

  • Record, report and analyze activities from planting to spray records to shipping.
  • Track labour records and productivity to optimize human resources and related costs.
  • Easily measure and track the entire cultivation operation from anywhere right.

So, this is awesome on a kind of a one-to-one farm level, like if you give this to a farmer, this technology right. It’ll help them really optimize their crop production and make their distribution more efficient, ultimately overall helping them profit more. But if you look at this at a more kind of macro scale, now what happens when you get all farmers and all you know producers right of food farming. Hey, what about when you get all of them on this application in this ecosystem on this network then what starts happening right. Then you start being able to see farmers and crops from specific or regions in the world, from specific areas in the world. And you can start then monitoring how much food will be produced in a particular region of the world and how much food will be distributed to a particular region of the world. You can essentially quantify all of this, all crop production in the world and then you can more efficiently distribute food to places that need food more easily accessible right. You can more easily tap into what markets May you know pays more for a particular kind of food or may pay less for a particular kind of food. I mean the number of business models that can be created off of this simple technology not simple, but these technologies are mind-blowing. I mean to me they’re mind-blowing. I mean the potential here goes far beyond individual crops and individual farmers into a much, much broader strategic play on a worldwide level on a worldwide scale. When it comes to food distribution, you know helping people that need food, helping countries that don’t have enough food. This is awesome I mean this is a very, very cool platform in technology right.


Okay so, Pavo functionalities solving industry problems; a software solution that helps with regulatory compliance from seed to market. A solution that helps growers better man manage the cost of labor, supplies, and electricity. away for growers to better track their product and test yields and to better brand themselves as providers of a safe, high-quality environmentally friendly product so forth and so on. This is awesome alright. Okay, let’s keep going through this because I’d like to show you a few more things.

09:12 – PAVO TOKEN

So, on their token sale, this is what the token distribution looks like pretty standard right. Go ahead and check that out yourselves. Here’s the tokens sale stage right now, you get a 45% bonus if you buy Pavo coins during this ICO presale. You will get 45% bonus and the price goes up from there right. So, that’s something too worth taking a note on. I’ve been doing that and I’d be getting in on these presale bonuses and it actually is paying off quite well right.  Because you get a lot more bang for your buck when you’re buying it.

09:43 – PAVO TEAM

Check out this team guys I’m not going to go to individually every person’s LinkedIn profile, but very, very solid team. Alan Young who’s the co-founder and the vice chairman; he has vast experience in this scene. He founded Runway, a major startup incubator and support firm in San Francisco in Silicon Valley. He’s fostering start-ups, he’s also got experience in private equity and venture funding all around the Bay Area. So, he’s definitely a Silicon Valley veteran. He’s done multiple ICO I’m sorry I POS in the stock market world and is prime and a great leader for this particular product. The advisory board enormous as well. Jeff Burton founder of Electronic Arts, the video game company is backing this. He’s one of the main advisors here, which is again a very, very strong indication that this company is going to do really well. Interesting one of their partners is weed club. So, literally, as I was making this video, I was thinking this would be a great product for the marijuana industry right. The emerging marijuana industry in the United States, California, Colorado, Washington marijuana is becoming legalized everywhere right. And so, they’re partnering with weed clubs starting to tap into that market which is a multi-billion dollar market, another very, very, very smart move on their behalf right; to get this technology out there and to get it used alright. Pavo in the media again ICO box talking about that; Partners frequently asked questions, you can check that out on your own. Let’s look at their following like how much trash is getting right. So, when we go over to their telegram page they already have almost 5000 members on the telegram. If you go to their Bitcoin talk page they already have 49 pages and they’ve only been on this since April 2nd. So, not very long, but there’s already a lot of excitement about this platform and you could kind of read through this and kind of just see what the excitement is if you haven’t looked check out this one-pager it’s right on their website. It gives a very, very good breakdown of how the platform works and I’ll talk about it quickly, but check it out yourself.

 11:36 – ONE-PAGER

So, the agricultural market size is five trillion dollars globally. So, it’s not a small market by you know it’s only growing and digitizing every aspect of the economy is happening right. The software is eating the world and Blockchain is now going to start eating the internet and eating software that has eaten in the world right. So, we’re kind of at a pivot point here where Blockchain technologies are going to start eating traditional internet applications. This is happening right when agriculture is becoming digitized and not only digitized but on the Blockchain, you got to look out you, got to take note because this is a big, big shift and a big disruption that’s about to happen to this market. And I’m very bullish on this particular app. I’m actually going to go and invest in this myself because this is very, very promising and I’ve worked for companies like GE and they’re focused on the Internet of Things and their focus very, very seriously and spending billions of dollars on things like what Pavo coin is actually doing. Cisco’s doing it, Intel is doing it, Microsoft is doing it, and Google is doing it. they’re all getting into this space and they’re actually threatened by little startups like Pavo coin that have much more flexibility you know can growth hack can much more nimble and how they execute. And they’re going to give these big players a big run for their money okay.


So, anyway what problems this Pablo solved? So, a seed is planted, monitor the actual tool the Pavo ecosystem, and in technology monitors the crop production, provides real-time feedback with their analytics right. Ongoing monitoring for crop health developing, chronic and then storing data for future production; so, it’s kind of like you know you can store this data over time and see what conditions actually yield the most crops. What conditions are most favorable for distribution and processing of crops and so forth and so on right? Wow, I’ve said a lot this is an awesome one pager check it out. I’ll put it in the show notes.


And then you got the white paper 85 pages long. It’s a very, very thick dense white paper. They’re located on Market Street in San Francisco. I’m probably going to go take a visit to these guys because I think their technology is so, so fascinating and I’ll let you know how that turns out. If I do, I will film it and I’ll aim them but take a look at this white paper. It’s very, very well-written very, very well laid out. The ways their Blockchain and ecosystem and platform will work highly recommend it. They’ve spent a lot of time thinking through this. I’m not going to read through the white paper obviously because it’s very dense and very thick, but it is fascinating. It’s very, very, very clever what they’re doing here. Again I’m Dan from Check out Pavo coin you got one more day for the 45% bonus. It’s phase 1, so you have time to invest even if you don’t get into phase 1 you still want to get into phase 2. Again this is an ICO put together by ICO box which I am beginning to trust much more, now that they’ve been launching so many quality ICOs, I can see that they’re a serious business. They seriously want to help companies get into this space successfully and they pre-packaged up solutions for launching ICOs that I think it’s worth noting if you are looking to launch an ICO yourself very, very, very cool guys. I’m not a financial adviser, I’m not a CPA, I’m not saying go out and buy this, but I personally am going to go out and buy some Pavo coins, because I am very, very excited at what they’re doing. I think this is very, very clever and done. Anyway, let me know what you guys think alright. I’m Dan from Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get all the latest updates on the latest ICOs that have the most potential guys. I’m only finding ICOs and reviewing ICOs that I think have the highest potential for you because I’m in the same game as you guys. I want to make money on ICOs, I want to make money from cryptocurrency. I don’t want to lose money right. I’m finding quality ICOs that you guys can get behind obviously do your own research, but I’m backing these because I believe in them and I think they have future potential. Check it out, guys. I’m Dan from and I will see you tomorrow. See you guys

The Most Unique Use Case For Blockchain – Ever – PinkDate

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:01 – Introduction
  • 00:45 – Where Blockchain Technology Can Take Us
  • 01:17 – What Is Pinkdate?
  • 02:59 – Why Use Pinkdate?
  • 04:22 – How Pinkdate Works
  • 05:34 – Benefits Of Pinkdate
  • 07:02 – Why I Am Reviewing Pinkdate
  • 07:39 – Features Of Pinkdate
  • 09:11 – Legality
  • 09:38 – Fighting Sex Trafficking
  • 10:36 – Token Sale And Whitepaper
  • 12:42 – Pinkdate In The Media And On Social Media
  • 14:53 – Conclusion

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Hey guys what’s up, It’s Dan again from, and guys just when you thought you’ve seen everything related to blockchain, to cryptocurrency, I’m going to bring you something new, it is, guys, blockchain is infiltrating and seeping into every corner of our society, you know the Internet is being gut out and completely rebuilt from the inside out and I want to show you exactly some of the examples or some of the projects that are being done on block chain that you probably have not even thought about, you probably haven’t even considered, but this ICO that I’m about to review will show you how blockchain can be used for so many different use-cases, like it’s such a variety of use-cases that will use blockchain and this technology, it’s truly fascinating for me to talk about it.


so today guys, the ICO that I want to talk about and review, I typically would not talk about because the industry, in and of itself, may offend some people, maybe a little bit controversial to some people, but I find it so fascinating that blockchain has found a home in this particular industry that I thought it would be worthwhile to at least give a quick review of this particular ICO. I think it’s important because I think it will highlight and it will illustrate why blockchain technology is so important now and how and where this technology can go and where it may take us.


So what am I talking about guys, I’m talking about an ICO called, escorting meets the sharing economy. PinkDate is the first ICO to offer an equity position with returns on investment based on profit. So what is PinkDate? What is PinkDate? I mean you can see here, by the website here, that it’s obviously related to adult and kind of like the adult industry, and essentially what Pink Davis trying to do is they’re trying to bring escort services onto the blockchain to help minimize fraud, to help minimize the issues and the problems that are seen in the escorting industry and the adult industry today, PinkDate is trying to solve all of that with their ICO. Let’s jump into it because I think this is really fascinating that the more that blockchain is talked about, the more we get into this new type of technology, you’re going to see more and more and more types of projects popping up like PinkDate. Like it or not, you may not agree with the adult industry, you may not agree with this particular service, you definitely don’t need to invest in this service but I think you know if you’re interested in it, I think there’s a place here for blockchain and I think that there is potential for this particular ICO because I think it’s a problem that is a global problem, wherever escort services may be, and in the U.S. there’s a variety of states that have legalized escort services, in other countries, of course, it’s definitely legal and there are different regulations and rules depending on the country that you’re in, but I think there’s also a lot of dirty business, a lot of bad things that go on in this particular industry that I think PinkDate is poised very, very strongly to solve.


So let’s jump right into it right? Escort work is hard, PinkDate makes it easier, so let’s jump in and let’s look at what PinkDate is actually trying to solve here. So many people do not realize how much work goes into being an escort, they often see an hourly rate and think that it’s a great gig, but for every paid hour of work, a typical escort will spend about three hours of effort, marketing, safety, verification, talking to leads, handling references, hosting, it adds up very quickly and PinkDate is trying to make this easier, not only for escorts but for customers that are end-users as well. They will streamline the escort work, they will save you time, they’ll save you effort for the escort and they’ll help customers that want to subscribe or that want to participate in this type of service, they’re going to create a platform that makes it very, very easy for people to do so in that anonymous way, in a safe way, in an efficient way, in a very clean environment they’re going to enable this. I mean if you look at you know places like Craigslist, or Back Page or other kinds of Internet marketplaces if you will, that offer escort services, often times they’re very sketchy, they’re very shady, you don’t really know what you’re going to get, I mean just gone to Craigslist and type in…go to their adult services section on their site, you’re going to get a whole host of different things and you don’t know if they’re really you know legitimate or they’re not legitimate.


So what PinkDate is trying to do they’re trying to legitimize escorting and escorting services by putting it on the blockchain and centralizing everything on that blockchain in a distributed, decentralized way, as other blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies and projects are doing as well. So, let’s just read here for just a moment, “marketplaces like Craigslist or BackPage create more problems and they solve. Buyers and sellers are left to fend for themselves, such companies cannot do…can not and do not get involved in individual transactions, this is where PinkDate comes in. PinkDate acts as a broker between clients and companions, delivering a real customer service and quality experiences, with a convenient, easy to use platform in a fully anonymous way. Our booking commissions and other revenue streams you want your significant profits to grow and deliver world-class service.” So, it looks like PinkDate, what they’re going to offer, is a marketplace for escorts and clients is to meet, connect and actually do business transactions and PinkDate will just shave a portion of that transaction off as a transaction fee, which is how they’ll be profitable and which is how they will monetize the platform itself.


So think of Pink date as your ultimate matchmaker, It’s, kind of, like a dating service, a dating service for clients and companions to interact directly, they’ll handle all the logistics, they’ll handle logistics for finding a companion, for paying a companion, for scheduling a visit with that companion, helping you select what type of companion or profile you would like to date, they will help with screening, they will help with so much more. And on the escort side, on the actual side where escorts will join the platform, PinkDate will easily, easily let them choose the level of screening and the guarantee payment in case that there’s no shows or cancels from the client’s, and that’s a problem I think that’s probably pretty prevalent in the escorting industry in general, is that clients, I’m sure, often scam the escorts, I’m sure they take their money, I’m sure there are fights and there’s fraud, there are all kinds of things and PinkDate is trying to reduce that type of issue or those types of issues in this particular industry. For the clients, PinkDate is going to ensure companions are real, that they’re accurate, that you get what you pay for, you get what you see, there’s going to be no more spam, no more fake profiles, no more disputes that can’t be resolved and I think that there is a place for this type of service and I think it’s very, very unique and interesting that PinkDate has found a place on blockchain to put this type of service, to really improve the overall experience, the overall quality of escorting services today.


I think it’s a very unique use-case, I think it’s a very unique situation which is why I’m doing a review on it because I’ve seen nothing like this before. In as long as I’ve been in cryptocurrency, as long as I’ve been learning about blockchain, I’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s truly fascinating that technology is being used for literally everything you can possibly think of. So, here’s an example of how like a profile would look from a particular escort and how you may go through and navigate what profiles you might want to see, highly recommend you watch this video demo of PinkDate, it will explain the platform, will explain exactly how everything works.


But let’s take a look at some of the features really quickly here. So think of a Tinder, if you’ve ever used Tinder you know that it’s a dating service, a dating website where you literally go on a mobile phone and you download their app and then you browse through different profiles of whatever person you may want to date or be interested in dating, and if you’re interested in dating a particular person you may swipe right, if you’re not interested in dating that particular person, you may swipe left. So PinkDate is going to offer a similar app where clients can swipe their companions and make a favourites list, you know make it more fun, right? It’s more fun than browsing ads and it will be fun to actually find what type of client, I’m sorry, what type of escort or companion you actually want to do business and engage with. So also, another feature is they’re going to offer hassle-free scheduling, no more back and forth between multiple companions or escorts, they’re going to see…they are going to enable a calendaring system and scheduling system to allow you to see who’s available, when and where they’re available, to help you book instantly and guaranteed for availability. They’re also going to help you match your own profile with a companion profile that matches your needs, your desires and so forth. They’re going to offer a safe platform where there’s a verification on the actual clients and the escorts, although the data will be anonymised on the blockchain and in the cloud, you will remain in control of your data and you will be able to expose, or not expose, who sees that data. So it’s 100% secure, 100% anonymous and I think it’s something to worth looking at.


So lastly, being extra jurisdictional and anonymous, PinkDate minimizes legal risk for everyone involved. PinkDate is immune to subpoenas. As an EJC, PinkDate is able to put users and ethics before legality. So this is going to kind of circumvent the legality of escort services depending on where you are, but I think they’re going to operate in a way that is kind of in compliance with whatever state or with whatever city they’re doing business in.


One last thing is that they’re going to help fight sex trafficking, and who does not think that is a noble and fantastic cause, to fight sex trafficking, it’s a huge problem in the world today, it’s a very, very sad problem in the day and I think that if PinkDate could even alleviate some of the sex trafficking we see today, I think that’s a huge, huge win for the company, even aside from monetization or anything else, if they can help fight sex trafficking that is a huge win. And I just want to read this real quick, PinkDate will grow quickly as the global commercial organization that will stand up for sex workers working for PinkDate will be safer and more profitable than being independent or working for a local organization. We will have strict verification of escort ages, done via a proprietary software. We are working on measures to detect coercion and offer help to escorts suspected of being coerced. Abusive clients will be banned. If you are a stakeholder in sex worker rights and want to work with us to shape our policies, please email us at I think that’s actually very, very interesting that they’re going to be doing that.


so let’s jump over to the token sale, there is a presale going on right now for PinkDate, they have already sold almost forty million of their eighty-five million shares or tokens and if you do want to participate in this pre-ICO, go ahead and sign up here, it’s at You can sign up to be on the whitelist when the ICO actually starts they’ll notify you and you can participate in the ICO. If we jump over to the White Paper PinkDate, PinkDate’s escorting platform and check out the white paper, it’s twenty-two pages long, gives a very, very good summary of what the company is trying to do and just let me read a few lines here “PinkDate is the first anonymously-operated, world-wide escorting service that combines screening, booking, and payment in a single platform. We offer an enhanced companionship experience to trusted clients and verified escorts who value discreet, secure transactions. Unlike our competitors, we provide a single meeting place for screening and planning a date. This allows us to offer safety, convenience, peace of mind, and reduced costs. Escorting is a high-risk profession containing many inefficient business practices. Multiple steps need to be taken by the client and provider in order to schedule a date and to provide security and discretion on both ends. PinkDate offers an elegant solution to this problem by providing search, screening, booking, and payment services in a secure way to pay for a companionship escort or companion. The company is organized to avoid regulation by being extra-jurisdictional, ensuring it can operate in any jurisdiction across the globe” So I think that…wait, this is one last important point: “By capturing 20% of each transaction on our platform, we anticipate that our run-rate will be $56M per year, based on the Gross Revenue in Month 36. So they’re projecting that they would by Month 36, in their third year, they are going to be profiting at fifty-six million dollars per year, based on the 20% transaction fee that they’re going to be taking from client and companion transactions.


So very very interesting use-case here, there’s a lot of news surrounding PinkDate, if you go to their news section you’ll be able to see that there’s a ton of news going on, fireside chat with an escort, you can understand how this platform works, you can understand why not only clients but escorts think this is a phenomenal idea to help facilitate sex work. And sex work, in general, they’re trying to make it more efficient, better quality standards and so forth and so on. If you go and check out their Reddit page at, I’ll put this in the show notes, you don’t have to worry about remembering it, there’s a lot of activity in the sub-reddits, if you can look here you’ll be able to get more information about the company, about the platform, about the ICO itself and how they’re actually going about working this platform, so definitely go ahead and take a look at that. There’s also be on YouTube called ‘the PinkDate ICO’ that I recommend you check out, it’s a very, very good overview of the platform itself, and you can see, kind of, how exactly it works, I’m not going to play this for you now but you can go through, I’m showing you some of the highlights and showing you how the platform actually works itself. And then lastly, well not lastly, but they have a blog, they have a media blog so you can get the latest and greatest on what’s happening on the PinkDate platform and lastly their Twitter profile, their Twitter profile is starting to grow, they have almost a thousand followers on here, they haven’t been around too long, recently launched, but you can get all the updates on what’s happening here. And if you want to check out. their founder, her name is Sarah Stevens, she has been an escort herself and she is the one leading this company, let me just check here, OK, no, that’s not where I want to go. She is one leading the company, very, very good person to interface with and engage with if you want to know more about this, if you want to interview and if you want to know more about the platform. This is the roadmap and right now they’ve done a number of things already, the ICO has opened on March 12th, the token price is fifty-eight cents, which I don’t think it’s a terrible price, I think it’s decent and then here’s some other things that will be happening across PinkDate, across the platform as this develops.


So guys, again, I don’t typically do ICO reviews in this particular industry but I think it’s fascinating that blockchain, that cryptocurrency is entering this space, the adult industry space because I think it goes to show that blockchain and cryptocurrency is here to stay, it is not going anywhere, it is not going away, it’s only getting bigger and this is a testament and proof of how blockchain, of how crypto currency is going to be used in every…in any and every industry you can possibly think of. I mean if you can marry up an escorting service onto the blockchain to help improve the conditions, the quality, reduce fraud in an industry that is typically not regulated very well, often very shady, very sketchy in terms of operations that take place in that industry, I think it’s apparent that PinkDate can actually make a big difference by providing this type of service on the blockchain. Again, I’m Dan from cryptoCamacho, hope you enjoyed this, if you did, please let me know, if you didn’t and you think it was a little too much, too racy, too much in the adult space, please let me know as well, I would love to know but I thought it would be good to point this out because I think it’s just completely fascinating and crazy where blockchain is going and what spaces it’s infiltrating today, it’s literally everywhere guys and now’s the time, if you haven’t already, get into Bitcoin, get into Ethereon, get into cryptocurrency and watch your money go up guys. Again, thanks for joining, if you haven’t subscribed, please click on the little red button below this video and subscribe to my YouTube channel and I will talk to you next time, thanks guys.

How Crowd Machine Will Disrupt AWS and Github to Create a Trillion Dollar Opportunity

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:01 – Introduction
  • 00:25 – Who Is Charlie Shrem?
  • 00:37 – Crowd Machine And What It Plans To Do
  • 01:47 – Private And Token Sales For Crowd Machine
  • 03:04 – What Is Crowd Machine?
  • 03:48 – Problem Crowd Machine Solves
  • 04:40 – Crowd Machine Community
  • 05:56 – Crowd Machine Team
  • 06:55 – Specifics About How Crowd Machine Works
  • 09:16 – Crowd App Studio
  • 10:32 – How Crowd Machine Will Disrupt Aws And Github
  • 12:45 – Crowd Share
  • 14:02 – Project Overview
  • 16:14 – Crowd Machine Compute Token Cmct
  • 16:51 – Getting Paid For Your Code
  • 17:47 – Getting Paid For Your Computer’s Spare Capacity
  • 19:08 – Whitepaper
  • 20:04 – Public Token Sale
  • 21:36 – Additional Resources
  • 22:15 – Recap Of Crowd Machine, Crowd App Studio And Crowd Share
  • 23:37 – Conclusion

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00:01 – Introduction

Hey guys what’s up, Dan again from, where each day I bring you the latest tips, tricks and news in the cryptocurrency market. Guys, I’m super excited today, I have an ICO to review for you that I think is going to be bigger than any ICO that I have reviewed to date, it’s one of Charlie Shrem’s biggest investments, and he actually said on Twitter that this was his biggest investment in cryptocurrency to date.

00:25 – Who Is Charlie Shrem?

If you don’t know Charlie Shrem is, he’s one of the godfathers of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, he started a company way back when with Erik Voorhees way back in the day, he’s been around the block quite a bit, you should look up his name if you don’t know him.

00:37 – Crowd Machine And What It Plans To Do

But the ICO I want to review today it’s called Crowd Machine, Crowd Machine is poised to disrupt the cloud computing industry. If you don’t know what cloud computing is, go check out Amazon Web Services, go check out Microsoft Azure, they are some of the biggest businesses in the last, let’s say, five to ten years of this century, they’re some of the biggest businesses and Crowd Machine is poised to disrupt them from the inside out. What they’re doing is very, very exciting and they’re actually building out a… well let me get into it here, just in a second, let’s go through it you know bit by bit. So here’s Crowd Machines website, and they even claim right on their home page here ‘we disrupt multi-trillion-dollar industries’ and that’s crazy, that’s a very, very bold claim that they disrupt multi-trillion-dollar industries, and if you look at Amazon, which we can look at here in a second, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Internet of Things, Crowd Machine is looking to take them down using blockchain technology to ultimately disrupt the cloud computing space, the app development space, by turning anybody’s computer into a hosting service, if you will, for cloud computing.

01:47 – Private And Token Sales For Crowd Machine

So again, let’s get into this and let’s just see what exactly Crowd Machine is trying to do. If future blockchain apps will be built and run using Crowd Machine, say goodbye to AWS and Azure, never write code again and get apps to market forty-five times faster. They’re claiming that they’re going to enable users to develop apps, use apps and host apps in the cloud on their Crowd Machine if you will, forty-five times faster than what they can do today. Their ICO is not currently open, they do have a private sale going on now, the minimum contribution for the private sale is one hundred thousand dollars so they’re definitely looking for some serious players, their token sale is going to open up very, very soon, in order to participate in the token sale you need to register to be whitelisted so that you’ll be able to participate in their token sale. If you haven’t done this, I highly recommend that you do this now before you know everything gets crowded, just to make sure that you get on this waitlists, to make sure you get an e-mail when they send out the launch dates of their ICO, you want to be on their list to make sure you’re updated for the latest and greatest. So again, they’re just whitelisting folks right now to participate in the I C O, but they do have a private sale if you do have one hundred thousand dollars, or more, that you want to contribute.

03:04 – What Is Crowd Machine?

OK, so what is Crowd Machine? Let’s go into more the specifics about what Crowd Machine is. Crowd Machine is an advanced, distributed computer, very interesting, how are they going to do that? How are they going to create and build a distributed computer? Think of blockchain, think of decentralized computing, think of decentralized apps, essentially what they’re going to do is they’re going to turn, basically, a network of computers into a super-distributed computer to enable all this to happen, and I want to get a little bit more here but I want to read through this ’embedded within the computer is an app development engine that requires no coding, enabling anyone to come to create decentralized apps and smart contracts without limitations,’ and we will go into the how it works here in just a sec.

03:48 – Problem Crowd Machine Solves

Problems that we solve, and they do get kind of a number of different problems that they solve, but they solve the issue of creating apps, creating smart contracts and they make it easier for developers to do that and make it easier non-developers to do that, so if you’re not a developer you can still create apps with Crowd Machine. What else do they do here? Deploying decentralize apps is tedious so they enable one quick process to deploy apps, sounds kind of like WordPress when you do the one-click install of any apps that are related to WordPress, it kind of sounds similar to that but for applications across the cloud, across the Internet. Again, hosting apps is expensive, Crowd Machine makes it more inexpensive, so AWS did a very good job at this, looks like Crowd Machine is going to disrupt that and try to bring the cost down even further from where AWS can actually bring it down. So, I’m not going to kind of read through all this, but I just want to give you kind of a sense.

04:40 – Crowd Machine Community

‘get paid to be a member of the Crowd Machine community’ Crowd Machine is a focus on this community, the people who participate with the Crowd Machine technology combine to form the most advanced, distributed network and decentralized app technology available today. Community members can be app authors, those that create apps, or app processors, those who use their devices to run apps on the network, whether an app author or app processor, community members are paid for their participation. So, think about this for a second, they’re essentially going to create a distributed, decentralized supercomputer that lives across their networks’ Machines. So you, if you were to participate in this network, you would have a Machine or a note or a computer that they would use to do what they’re talking about here, so as they build up their network of computers, of users, they’re going to be able to host apps on these computers, they’re going to build up and pay users that host these apps on their computers. And even says right here anyone can use their devices, spare capacity to run Crowd Machine decentralize apps and get paid, so you’re going to get paid to essentially a host of other people’s apps and to deploy other people’s apps across the blockchain cloud that they’re going to be building out. Very cool, very, very powerful idea and I’m very, very excited to see where this goes.

05:56 – Crowd Machine Team

So let’s begin a little bit more, they do have a few customers already, GE is one of those customers, which is very, very interesting because I have very close ties to G.E., so I do want to dig into that a little bit deeper, have a lot of press going on about Crowd Machine just because of where they’re at, the team is very, very, not the team, the company is very, very new but the team is solid, solid heavy hitters in the industry, you can look up their LinkedIn profiles right here if you want to, sorry, their LinkedIn profiles aren’t connected here but you can look them up on LinkedIn and you can see what their background is, so Craig Sproule, he is an experienced C.E.O. and systems engineer, product management so forth and so on, financial management, so he definitely is a great leader to lead this company forward. I’m not going to go there all these folks, but you can kind of get an idea if you just look really quick, but the team is solid, the team is big, the team is smart, have a number of advisors as well internationally and domestically within the U.S., another good sign.

06:55 – Specifics About How Crowd Machine Works

But let’s actually dig into some of the specifics about how Crowd Machine works, how they’re going to work and what they’re looking to do. So, if you jump over the, you’re going to see exactly how their solutions work. Crowd Machine consists of a decentralized peer-to-peer network computer called ‘The crowd Computer,’ so instead of crowdfunding, they’re going to be creating a crowd computer using a network power, they’re going to be creating, essentially, like a supercomputer from the crowd so they’re going to link all these computers together to really create this massive hosting or cloud-based infrastructure to do all this that they’re talking about here, so keep that in mind guys. The crowd current computer is distributed on the Crowd Machine communities mobile devices and computers where each device on a network functions to execute decentralized apps, so if you think of Amazon, Amazon has AWS, Amazon Web Services, it’s all centralized, Amazon has the server farms where they have you know probably hundreds, thousands if not millions, tens of thousands of computers in their server farms essentially doing the same thing that Crowd Machine wants to do, but it’s all centralized within Amazon’s control, within Amazon’s server farms across the world, and so when we talk about Amazon Web Services, what that basically is, it’s essentially, probably thousands or tens of thousands, I don’t know how many exactly, but thousands of computers linked together in their server farms that provides an infrastructure for other companies to host apps, to deploy apps, to host files and anything like that, to do programs in the cloud so you don’t have to have programs on your Machine, you can do them on the cloud. Crowd Machine is taking this a step further and they’re not necessarily building a server farm, what they’re doing is they’re using individual computers, the users, the end-users which would be you and me if we want to participate, they’re using everybody else’s Machines and computing power to offer very, very similar services to that Amazon Web Services offers, they’re just doing it in a decentralized way, so there’s not going to be a company behind it like Amazon, it’s going to live in a decentralized network across the world. Very, very powerful idea, I think it’s very, very cool that they’re doing this and it’s no surprise that the minimum investment is one hundred thousand dollars just to get in for the private sale.

09:16 – Crowd App Studio

So let’s keep going through this built into the crowd computer is a highly capable blockchain and decentralized app-builder technology called the Crowd App Studio, we’ll dig into this a little bit more but you kind of see a little screenshot here. They’re enabling a crowd app builder to enable anybody to build an application and what they’re going to do is they’re going to enable people to use and reuse code snippets across this decentralized network so that you can pick and choose what pieces of the application you want to actually build out. Over the long term, I can see this being very, very powerful. Think of like a GitHub, but a GitHub that allows you to build apps, kind of like a puzzle, by grabbing code snippets and building them out into a puzzle, building out your application with existing code, that’s very, very powerful. Something like this is never actually been done before and really hasn’t been possible to do until now because of blockchain technology. So, let’s dig in a little bit more, the Crowd App Studio allows developers and non-developers to build decentralized apps that run on the crowd computer, Crowd App Studio is easy to use, functionality rich and enables the creation of decentralized apps to meet any requirement. Additionally, blockchain smart-contracts can create to meet the most demanding requirements.

10:32 – How Crowd Machine Will Disrupt Aws And Github

OK once you’re decentralized app is built, it is deployed across the crowd computer for you and made available to your customers. So your app, when you build it, it will be distributed and deployed across the entire network of users and will be accessible to anybody that wants it in whatever region they need to access it by because of the pure fact that it will live on any one of the computers that are in the network, so again makes it more efficient, makes it faster, makes it easier to access, I mean the benefits just kind of keep going on and on. The Crowd App Studio has access to Crowd Share, a library of reusable code the community has created. Crowd Share speeds up the decentralization app even further, so again think of this is like a decentralized distributed GitHub, if you’re familiar with GitHub at all. Community members can add source code to Crowd Share and be paid for its use every time the code is run on the network, so think of GitHub on steroids, people that use GitHub today, they can store their apps on GitHub, they can store their code on GitHub, they can Share their code with others, they can Share it around, deploy it, however they want in GitHub, but they can’t get paid for that because there’s no payment mechanism in GitHub to enable users and code developers to actually get paid or compensated with the code that they’re creating and that’s being used by other users. Crowd Machine is solving that problem by saying ‘look, we’re going to put everything on the blockchain in this decentralized network so you can store your code in a repository like GitHub, but you could also allow other people, other users, other developers, to use that code and you will be compensated every time that code is used, fantastic idea, I mean this is brilliant, this is a very brilliant idea. GitHub is one of the most popular coding and software development websites on the net, it’s probably the most popular site on the net. Amazon Web Services is probably the most popular cloud computing platform on the net, it has disrupted, you know gosh, I can’t even think of how many industries, thousands of industries, I mean has made software as a service a reality and very, very much possible and that is what Crowd Machine is looking to do, but they’re looking to take it to another level and Amazon I think should really, really be scared here.

12:45 – Crowd Share

Here’s a little diagram of how their Crowd Share library works, and it’s just kind of a little diagram for customers and it says app developers to participate in creating a global repository of reusable objects or code, enabling them to monetize their intellectual capital, that’s what I was just describing, Crowd Share app developers create app behaviours and place them in a Crowd Share when they can be downloaded for use by other app developers or customers, again, what I was just describing, Crowd Machine holds it, app developers, as a percentage of the customer annual payment is made available for payment to the app developers who have contributed to the Crowd Share. So, this is essentially kind of crowdfunding development, and it’s paying developers over and over and over when their software, when their code is being used in other applications, so it’s kind of like a mini blockchain in a blockchain, it’s enabling people to profit from the code that they build across many applications that it may be used in. I mean, this is frickin awesome, I want to buy in on this ICO, it’s not ready yet to participate but I want to buy in when it does because this is going to go to the moon, I mean, this is this is going to go bonkers, I know it. Apps can be created using crowd app Studio deployed to the cloud computer, Crowd Machine enables off-Machine apps to be created that are blockchain-agnostic.

14:02 – Project Overview

OK so now we went into know how it works, let’s look at the project overview. This is just a kind of a quick snapshot of what Crowd Machine is, I want to read a little bit of it because I think it’ll help, kind of, clarify and help you understand what really this company is trying to do. ‘So, the problem: the need for software apps is outpacing their creation, while the same time, device memory and processor capacity remains largely underutilized,’ think of everybody’s computer when they’re not using it, underutilized. ‘The world needs a new methodology for creating decentralized apps that speed to meet demand, to support those apps it needs an efficient way to access and utilize distributed power. A report from Vision mobile estimates that three hundred thousand developers contributing to the IoT apps in 2014 must grow to nearly four point five million developers by 2020, if you add that to the requirement for blockchain and the I developers, as well as sustaining existing legacy apps across all industries, it becomes obvious that there is an insufficient skilled resources to support app creation and sustain engineering demand. The solution: Crowd Machine believes in empowering everyone to create amazing apps, their vision is to deliver the world’s most advanced global app execution network and accelerate the delivery of blockchain in decentralized apps,’ in the ways that I was just describing. ‘Crowd Machine harness is both demand and underutilization of the global processing power with its decentralized app solution, it’s creating the crowd computer, which is basically everybody else’s computer wrapped into one, a powerful peer-to-peer computational network that leverages global device capacity to power the execution of blockchain and decentralized apps.’ Woo! this is friggin awesome! I’m so excited about this! OK I’ve already kind of gone through some of this, I won’t go through all this, ‘a truly disruptive technology, a combination of providing a powerful decentralized cloud computer with an app development platform that has removed the need to understand how to write code, to get apps to the market up to forty-five times faster, will change the software industry forever. If they’re successful building this out, this is going to completely revolutionize how apps are built, how apps are deployed, how people monetize apps and how people actually do cloud computing and run software as a service application in general.

16:14 – Crowd Machine Compute Token Cmct

OK, so the token itself, the Crowd Machine compute token, CMCT, is an ERC20 standard token, which is based on the Ethereon blockchain, and will have a fixed supply of two million tokens, sorry, two billion tokens and be divisible to eight decimal places. I think the supply is quite high because of the Internet of Things, and they are projecting that the Internet of Things is going to really blow out the number of apps that are being built, in general across the world, so that’s why I think that token number is so high. Here’s kind of how they’re distributing the tokens, and here’s just kind of all their social media channels, so forth and so on.

16:51 – Getting Paid For Your Code

So let’s keep going, OK so anyone can create Crowd Machine decentralized apps and get paid, so this is basically talking about how Crowd Machine is going to create a repository that you can add code into, similar to GitHub, like I was saying, when the source code that you provided in the Crowd Share is used by someone else, every time your code is run on the cloud computer, you’re paid, like I was saying. So again, a GitHub type of solution that enables developers to get paid for the code that they create, so they’re going to disrupt GitHub, without a doubt, they’re going to disrupt Amazon Web Services without a doubt, those industries are enormous guys. Crowd Share also allows you to use anything from Crowd Share that you might find useful in your own apps, you simply download the source code from the Crowd Share and it’s ready to go, you can also use the source code from Crowd Share in your other apps for free, so this is going to make building apps even much, much simpler as well right.

17:47 – Getting Paid For Your Computer’s Spare Capacity03:48 – Problem Crowd Machine Solves

And so I wanted to also talk about kind of how the crowd computer will work itself, because anyone can use their devices to spare…I’m sorry, anyone can use their devices spare capacity to run Crowd Machines decentralized apps and get paid, so another way you can get paid if you’re an end-user, you have a computer that’s not really being used very often, you can keep you put on this Crowd Machine network and you can get paid for others to host their apps on your Machine. Crowd Machine combines the global spare processing capacity of mobile devices and computers to create the crowd computer, it’s the world’s most advanced decentralized app execution network, you can choose to allocate some of your devices spare capacity to participate in the cloud computer and the paid tokens every time your processor is used to run an app on the network, right, it’s very cool, I probably will participate in that as well. The amount of your device or computer’s processing capacity allocated to the Crown computer is entirely configurable, so you don’t have to use your entire computer’s bandwidth and CPU power, you can configure it however you want.

Depending on upon the device type you’re using to participate, you can choose to function in a number of different types of roles, each roll is paid differently based upon the type of task performed, so they’re thinking of a hierarchy structure of how they can enable people to get paid and how much they get paid for utilizing the resources that they’re giving up.

19:08 – Whitepaper

So what else here? OK, So here’s the whitepaper, I’m not going to go through all the whitepaper, I’ve already explained a lot of how Crowd Machine works, the paper is forty-seven pages long, I definitely highly recommend you read it, it’s very, very, very interesting how they’re doing this, again, I’m just going to look for some nuggets here that you guys may be like. OK, we’ve already gone…this is one interesting piece that I want to show you, so Gardner predicts that the business value out of blockchain will grow to slightly more than one hundred seventy-six billion by 2025 and will exceed three point one trillion it by 2030. Wowee! we’re just getting started guys, we’re just getting started. OK, so again, I’m not going to go through this whitepaper because I’ve already explained a lot how this platform is going to work but I highly recommend you go through it. You can read the whitepaper, you can read about the actual token sale itself, over here.

20:04 – Public Token Sale

I am going to go open up this token sale here, in just a little bit, here in just a sec. I just need to get this ready, I me pause this one second here. Alright guys, so this paper right here explains how the Crowd Machine compute token actually works, how the tokens going to be allocated, so forth and so on, but one thing I want you to pay attention here is right here, when the public say…OK, ‘sale periods: the public sale of CMCT will run for a total of 417 days, the public sell opens on April1st, 2018, so we have a little bit more than a month before the ICO actually opens, but I want to make you aware of this because I want you to sign up for the whitelist so that you’re aware when the ICO does go live, that’s a date that I’m going to be marching towards, I definitely want to participate in this ICO, I will definitely set aside a number of resources, financial resources, to do so. To get on the whitelist, again, go to token sale…I’m sorry, go to, click on whitelist and then you’re going to get this form here to fill out, to actually get notifications when the ICO will actually go live. If you take a look on Reddit here, Crowd Machine does have a presence, they have a presence, a pretty good presence already, considering that they’ve just started launching their site, starting to gear up for the ICO token sale, they had quite a bit of information here on Reddit that you can read, you can understand what they’re doing a little bit better, and you can see the interest level in the platform itself.

21:36 – Additional Resources

Also on, I will put the links in the show notes here on my YouTube channel, but again it kind of just explains what the platform is, what they’re doing, we have about twelve pages already enthusiastic investors, wanting to learn about…learning about what Crowd Machine is, so forth and so on. Again, I’d recommend you go through here and take a look at this a little bit further because it’ll give you some insights and what they’re trying to do. The FAQ section is also very, very good and I just want to read a little bit right here just again before we kind of close out on this, I want to make sure you understand what this is and what the potential opportunity is here.

22:15 – Recap Of Crowd Machine, Crowd App Studio And Crowd Share

Crowd Machine consists of the crowd computer, Crowd App Studio and Crowd Share, so remember crowd computer is the decentralized network that they’re going to be building with computers all across the world ,they’re not going to have server farms like Amazon Web Services, they’re going to be building their server farms using yours and my computers across the globe. Crowd App Studio is their development suite to allow anybody to build applications by using code that exists in their network, in their repository, people will be able to quickly and easily build applications using their interface, using their building tools to do so. Crowd Share, the last piece, Crowd Share is the ability to be able to Share those apps and reuse those apps and get paid to actually reuse those apps or the code that you’re using to build those apps. It enables developers to be able to profit from any code that they write that others may be using to run their apps, and again, very, very, very exciting guys and then this just goes into you know what Crowd App Studio is, what Crowd Share is, so forth and so on. If you want to get it from them, go through it and you could read, you can read exactly what it is, Crowd Share it’s like a GitHub repository, which I’ve already explained, crowd computer which I’ve already explained, is like a supercomputer but it’s a peer-to-peer based computer network that they’re going to be building out.

23:37 – Conclusion

Again, truly, truly an amazing company, I think an amazing opportunity for those that understand what Crowd Machine is trying to do. If there is one ICO that I would invest in 2018, this is the ICOI would invest in, obviously there may be other ICO’s that come up in 2018, and I may have a different opinion on this, but right now, this ICO specifically is definitely…probably the one I’m most excited about, there’s one other one that I’m going to do a review on and I’m pretty excited about as well, it includes artificial intelligence and building a marketplace and so forth, but excited about that but this one has power, this is very, very powerful, the concept of vision that they played out here, and I want you guys to be aware of it because theICO is coming up in April and you need to be aware of this. Leave your comments in the comments here on my YouTube channel, I’d love to know what you think about this, I’d love to know if you think it has potential, I am 100% bullish on Crowd Machine, 100% in, I gonna save some money to go invest and do that come April, but I couldn’t be more excited about this, this is probably the most exciting ICO that I’ve reviewed to date.

Again I’m Dan from, if you have not subscribed, please click on that little red button below the video and subscribe for daily updates in the cryptocurrency markets, sometimes I review tools, sometimes I teach you how to invest and make more money while trading cryptocurrencies, either way, I’m going to teach you how to navigate this crazy cryptocurrency revolution that’s going on right now. Please leave a comment, guys, want to know what you guys think of this, I am truly excited about this and I hope you are too. See you guys, we’ll talk.

Crypto Tax Time! – How to Navigate the Most Awkward Marriage in Crypto

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:08 – Crypto Taxes
  • 02:35 – Coinbase Now Charge Tax To Transfer Bitcoin
  • 03:25 – How To Get Cost Report For Taxes On Coinbase
  • 05:40 – Coin Tracking Platform
  • 06:43 – Demo Of Coin Tracking
  • 08:38 – Trade Statistic From Coin Tracking
  • 09:06 – Bitcoin.Tax
  • 10:50 – Crypto Tax Prep
  • 14:03 – Cryptocurrency Gains

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Hey guys, what’s up guys? It’s Dan again from where each day I help you navigate through this crazy Cryptocurrency Revolution.


Guys today I want to talk about one of the most exciting topics in Cryptocurrency today! Can you guess what it is? I’m telling you guys, this is…I’m going to leave you on the edge of your seat, this is one of the biggest topics ever, ever you’re not going to forget this guy’s. What I want to talk about today, it’s the big the one and only. I want to talk about taxes guys. I get a lot of questions and comments through email, through YouTube comments, and elsewhere a lot of questions about taxes and Cryptocurrency. How much do I have to pay taxes on my Bitcoin when I buy Ethereum do I have to pay taxes on it? Every time I make a transaction do I need to pay taxes on it? How much is the tax rate for my Cryptocurrency purchases? If they’re long term versus short term, if I buy Cryptocurrency, but I don’t sell Cryptocurrency do I still need to pay taxes on it? Is it taxes capital gains tax like other investments, like stocks and bonds that are short-term? All of these questions I get all the time about taxes, and cryptocurrencies. I am not an accountant, I’m not a CPA, I am not you know certified in any sense of the word to be a financial adviser, but I do want to touch on the topic today. I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on it, but I did want to make a quick video and show you a couple of resources that you can utilize to do your taxes when tax time comes for the Bitcoin, Ethereum other Cryptocurrency purchases. I want you to be ready, because if you’re not ready you are going to get a very hefty tax bill from the taxman, from the IRS at least if you’re in the United States, and you’re not going to be too happy about it right. So, before I begin with the references and as you know the tools that I would recommend using to do your taxes for Cryptocurrency, I would highly, highly recommend you first take a look at buying privacy coins; Monero, Verge, Zcash, dash, deep onion, the list goes on and on and on. There’s a number of privacy coins that are now popping up all over the place, that will hopefully in the future help you pay less and less taxes on your Cryptocurrency purchases, on your Cryptocurrency transactions, and transfers. Now that Coinbase is coming out and signing with the IRS, even when you go I mean here’s Coinbase right here. When you go to Coinbase…I don’t have a whole lot in my account in Coinbase at the moment, but I am happy to report that I got my limit increased to $250,000, now I could buy a lot more Cryptocurrency if I want.


But what I wanted to show you is that, if you go and you make a…you send Bitcoin somewhere right, and again I don’t have a whole lot in here, but I’m going to go ahead and just say I want to send $50. I don’t know if they still do this, but let’s check oh I don’t have an address well, basically what I wanted to show you is that, they ask you now on Coinbase, they ask you know where are you sending your Bitcoin? Is it going to an exchange or somewhere else, and they’re doing that for tax reasons right. They’re doing that because they want to keep track of where your Bitcoin is, where it’s going and so forth. So if you don’t want that to happen don’t use Coinbase; which is why I partly stopped using Coinbase for the most part, but you know I still use Coinbase but not as much as I used to. But if you want to avoid that and go somewhere else and buy your Bitcoin right Robin Hood’s coming out with a fantastic app. So anyway that’s what I want to talk about.


So, the first place I would go you know to learn about your taxes is actually Coinbase offers, if you’ve been using Coinbase, you’ve been transacting on Coinbase quite a bit, you can actually run a report. If you go to tools you go to reports, you can run a tax report to get the cost basis of all of your Cryptocurrency purchases. So, you go in to report right here, you go to the drop-down menu to type, the select cost basis for taxes it’s embedded so, they’re likely going to be adding to this. Then you need to select your account you know what account you want to get your cost basis for, I wish they would combine that which they probably will in the future thing, or you may be able to do it in advanced here and then you could run a report for all histories. So, all of my purchases for let’s just say Bitcoin you know over for all history right, and then you create the report it generates a nice little report right here for you. And I’ve already done it before I actually started making this video and here’s what that report looks like right. Okay so, here’s your cost basis report for taxes from Coinbase right. So, my account right here is…let’s see my account right here shows that in 2017 I purchased $55,000 worth of Bitcoin, in 2018 I’ve purchased $106,000 worth of Bitcoin only guys. If I were to run a report for Bitcoin cash or for Ethereum, or Litecoin these numbers would all be different, but for Bitcoin alone here’s my total bat I’m sorry here’s my total sells and here’s my total buys for Cryptocurrency right. So, these are only buys and sells through Coinbase right, this is not account for buys and sells through other exchanges, other platforms so forth and so on, and I typically move my coins out of coin base and into some other exchange so, that I could lower my fees when transacting and pushing back to my bank account so, take that for what it’s worth guys, but this gives you a nice report you know when it comes tax time to get your cost basis. So, okay another thing here let’s see, okay so, now there are a few other platforms, and I’m going to quickly go over and talk about for a minute.


One that I found and I’ve been exploring a bit it’s called coin tracking, Been around for quite some time, been around since 2013, they have over 200 almost 300,000 users on this platform. If you look at their dashboards and everything, it looks very, very nice, what they can do. The price point looks reasonable as well, I’m not going to go through all of it, but I do want to show you a demo of this platform really quickly, because it’ll show you your personal profit and loss and will monitor all your Cryptocurrency transactions so, that when it comes tax time everything is all in one place for you right and it’s easy to calculate easy to understand what your taxes will be for your Cryptocurrency purchases. They’re supported by all of the different exchanges out there right; here are all the exchanges that you can pull your transactions into this platform on. So, obviously there are quite a few lots of reviews let’s jump right into the demo because I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on just reading through the website you can do that yourself, but let’s look let’s look at a demo here really quick.


So, here’s a sample report and you could go through, and it calculates all the tax year, the total gains, total taxes so forth and so on. But if you jump into an actual demo which I have over here, you’ll see that you get a dashboard right, and on that dashboard it’ll give you the total value of all the coins you hold, or you’ve bought and sold, it’ll give you the number of trades you’ve made per month which is actually pretty interesting. It’ll give you the price of Bitcoin in the last 30 days, it’ll give you the number that the exchanges that you’ve been trading on in the last period of time. It’ll give you all kinds of information. So, not only is this good for taxes, but it’s also good for just kind of personal finance as it relates to Cryptocurrency to help you know create a portfolio that works for you right. This is a really great way to create a portfolio as well aside from taxes right. It’ll give you your balances by day. I’m actually not signed up to this platform yet so, definitely disclaimer there I haven’t signed up yet. I’m just doing a quick review on it; because I’ve been looking into it wanted to give you guy’s insight into it as well. I may sign up, if I do sign up to it I’ll let you know and I’ll show you kind of what that looks like, but right now I’m just exploring. So, I would like you guys to do the same, if you’re interested right. It’ll give you current balances for all your cryptocurrencies in your portfolio right. So, you easily will know how much you’re at across all the exchanges. I kind of do this already in Coinigy so, you know that’s kind of a bonus, but not necessary for me personally um, again balances for the exchanges it’ll give you timelines of what you’ve done your activity in Cryptocurrency across all the exchanges so forth and so on. And then it’ll really just give you your taxes as that the report I just showed you. Let’s go tax report, it’ll give you your tax report and it’ll give you your trade statistics. There’s a lot of information here guys, let me just go here real quick just to show you what I’m talking about.


So, trade statistics it’ll give you kind of you know where you’ve been buying and selling your values, your amount of each Cryptocurrency, it gives you all kinds of stuff right, but most importantly at the end of the year it will give you your tax information, your purchases, your sales, your donations, your gifts, your transfers, your fees, your you know all the information you need. It’ll give you right here at your fingertips. So, that’s the first one I’ll put these links in the show notes so, you have them.


The next one I want to show you is I haven’t really used this one either, looks intriguing, looks like it’s gaining some popularity. You can import your transactions from Coinbase, or other exchanges to calculate your gains or losses on your income and you can actually file your tax return directly from this interface right here as well. So, it’ll give you a complete rundown in the history of everything. And so, here’s a history…I’m sorry here’s a…the screenshot doesn’t get bigger, but I’ll show you here in a second here. So, features I mean you could go through this yourself, but you could import data from a variety of exchanges, you could import mining income, you can import or calculate your capital gains, or capital gains losses, you can do this year over year, supports major currencies, supports major cryptocurrencies including altcoins. And if you go over to…whoops you go to calculate Bitcoin taxes, and you have to be signed in for this. You can go and actually see oh there is a fee to sign up here, but taxes give me one sec here. Okay so, here we go, I haven’t again imported anything in here so, I can’t really show you active data, but I wanted to just show you the interface, to show you what it’s like. You could pull in again all of your exchanges, import the trades you’ve made from these exchanges, add any fees that may be associated, you can add any income that you’ve made, you’re spending and then it’ll calculate ultimately. It’ll calculate your capital gains, taxes, over the year for the tax year right. And then it’ll print them out in nice reports for you right here. There is again a small price point for this, but again I’m just trying to introduce you to this you guys could see it.


The last one I want to show you is called crypto tax prep. It comes from a company called happy Tax Service. is their website, this is more of a hand-holding or more of like an agency kind of like an H&R; block for Cryptocurrency taxes. You can give them a call if you want to talk to somebody live. You can go ahead and sign up and schedule some time with a consultant, but they have a lot of different options here and this is more of you know if you want to talk to somebody like an accountant you can go here and talk to somebody which a lot of people may want. They have large transactions, a lot of transactions they want to make sure they’re completely in compliant with the IRS. You can go here and you could talk to a consultant right. And so, this is definitely much more of a hand-holding experience more of like a financial adviser and the price actually reflects that right. The price on this one is a bit higher on coin tracking and so forth. The price is like you know thirty bucks. It is cheap. Same with Bitcoin tax is fairly cheap. With this one it’s a bit more expensive, because the service the level of service is so much higher. So, you’re going to pay $750 for the base package, $1250 for the premier package, but it will cover everything you want. Every question you have every confusing tax rule or tax code you have a question about, they’ll help you answer that right. They’ll keep this all kind of within the plan. Two different plans they offer and I think that you know…oh I’m sorry they offer three plans. The Platinum package as well $3,500 and this is for kind of high end users. Everything is included from the previous plans, but it includes other features and benefits as well. So, if you want that plan you can join for that. I’d recommend this one for you high frequency Cryptocurrency traders that have trades over you know a certain amount for the year, over ten thousand at least your gains are probably going to be pretty sufficient to cover the costs the base or the premier package, but I think this is really again for somebody that really wants hand-holding, wants to talk to a financial adviser slash accountant, and wants to be comfortable with really submitting their taxes to the IRS, and a legitimate in a professional way. These are the guys you want to go to. So, again I just wanted to show you these resources; a lot of people ask me about taxes. The three again the three options are coin tracking, that’s, it’s also Bitcoin tax, and it’s also crypto tax prep. And you could also run a cost basis report on Coinbase as well. Okay guys, I’m Dan from I hope this was helpful for you guys? I’m curious how you guys are doing your Cryptocurrency taxes this year tax time is coming up. It’s already February in the United States, we have to file taxes by April, April 15th I think is the date. So, we have a little bit of time, but it’s coming up quickly. So, I wanted to give a shout out to these Cryptocurrency tax providers to help you do your taxes. Guys don’t avoid paying taxes to the IRS. You will get burned I know Cryptocurrency, there’s a lot of people talking about don’t pay taxes, don’t pay taxes, hide your taxes, you know on Bitcoin. I don’t know if you do that guys; you’re going to get nailed by the IRS. They’re going to come and want their money, but there is one loophole that I want to show you guys real quick that you may be able to Cryptocurrency cap…


Cryptocurrency gains gambling, there might be a loophole guys for your taxes. If you can classify…see looking right here Bitcoin tax. Bitcoin tax loophole could save Cryptocurrency investors millions as it leaves HMRC short. And what this article is really talking about is taking an advantage of a loophole that the tax code permits, and that’s to declare your Cryptocurrency holdings as gambling, as gambling holdings. So, what is this as gambling holdings? So, that your tax rate will be much, much less on your Cryptocurrency right, because if you declare it as gambling income, it’s a lot less than it is with capital gains taxes which is what stocks you know which is what stocks typically have. Okay so, millions of pounds could be lost by the Treasury after a tax loophole was revealed and Cryptocurrency investors are expected to take full advantage of the gap right. And this kind of goes through this loophole, we don’t normally tax betting and gambling, because it is usually not classified as trading income. So, you may want to look into that talk to your accountant, talk to your financial adviser, or CPA about this. But I want to make you aware that you may be able to declare your Cryptocurrency gains as gambling gains which don’t need to be declared as capital gains. So, just keep that in the back your mind as you’re going through all of these tax implications and tax workshops, as you do your taxes. Again I’m Dan from hopefully you enjoyed this video? Let me know what you’re doing with your taxes, and do your taxes guys, you don’t want to get screwed by the IRS. Let me know what platform you like the best, let me know what platform you choose. Would love to know which one works the best thanks.

8 Fundamental Reasons Why Privacy Coins Will Explode in 2018!

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:15 – Why Am All-In On Privacy Coins
  • 00:40 – What Is Privacy Coin?
  • 01:06 – Eight Reasons Why Privacy Coin Will Do Well In 2018
  • 01:15 – Demand
  • 02:42- Anonymity
  • 03:10- The Darknet
  • 04:02- Tax Avoidance
  • 05:24- The Technology
  • 06:40 – They Work
  • 07:00 – People Are Choosing Privacy Coin Over Bitcoin
  • 07:30 – Leaders Influence

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Hey guys what’s up? Its Dan again from where each day I help you navigate through this crazy cryptocurrency world. Today guys because the response has been so positive because there’s been so much interest in this topic I wanted to revisit the topic.

00:15 – Why Am All-In On Privacy Coins

I wanted to kind of re-explore why I am all-in on privacy coins in 2018. This year guys is going to be the year of privacy coins and I want to give you eight specific reasons why I think privacy coins are going to be the next boom in 2018, and why you can’t go wrong with privacy coins right. There are a lot of them out there right.

00:40 – What Is Privacy Coin?

What’s a privacy coin? It’s Manero, it’s NAB coin, it’s Virg it’s Zcash, it’s dash, its deeponion, it’s uh…there’s a lot of them guys. There’s a ton of privacy coins out there right now, the particle is another one. There’s a lot of privacy coins out there guys and I think there’s going to be a huge demand for them if not this year definitely within the next two to three years as government’s start cracking down on crypto currencies.

01:06 – Eight Reasons Why Privacy Coin Will Do Well In 2018

So, I’ve devised eight reasons why I think you should be buying privacy coins in 2018. And let’s jump right into it

01:15 – Demand

Reason number one demand: this is the most important reason for this entire chart right here right demand. People want to protect their privacy online especially when it comes down to money. People do not want the government, they do not want third-party regulators, and they do not want other people in their business especially when it comes to money. So, there is an in acute and high demand for privacy coins to just get people out of their private lives right. That’s the main reason. There’s going to be a huge demand for privacy coins in 2018 which means that the prices are going to spike right. And that’s because the demand for privacy coins is going up up up. Look at any of the privacy coins and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Look at Manero, it’s the only cryptocurrency now used to power the darknet, the dark web right. The demand is going up, people realize that the government can track Bitcoin, they realize that they can be taxed on other altcoins, they realized that regulators can track exactly who they are and what they’re doing with their cryptocurrencies by using most of these altcoins that are out there. A lot of people don’t like that; a lot of people don’t want to be tracked. Whether it’s you know on the internet, whether it’s you know in your house with surveillance, whether it’s you know your money. People don’t want to be tracked anymore and that’s why the demand is going up.

02:42- Anonymity

Number two in anonymity: with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Ethereum etc people can easily track your transactions and payment history. Privacy coins fix that. They are completely anonymous. And if you’ve watched previous videos you’ll know that different privacy coins have different degrees of anonymity, and privacy, and security. So, you got a look at which ones you really like, but to some degree, all privacy coins are for some sort of anonymity right for your identity.

03:10- The Darknet

Number three the darknet: with the [inaudible, 03:13] of the darknet, people want to protect their identity if they’re buying drugs, pirated materials, and other nefarious things. this is only a catalyst; keep that in mind this is not what’s going to drive privacy coins, but it is definitely going to catalyze or be a catalyst to propel privacy coins into the mainstream and into you know the eyeballs of people like me that don’t go to the darknet very often right. They’re for people like me everyday people like you like me that want an annuity that doesn’t want other people messing in our lives and that is why they start in the darknet, because people want to do nefarious things, want to do things they’re not supposed to do, that are against the law but then it eventually goes into the mass market and it gets more widespread adoption that’s what’s going to happen. That is what’s happening.

04:02- Tax Avoidance

Next tax avoidance: it’s a little taboo yes; most people don’t want to talk about it. They don’t want to admit it, they don’t want to even be part of it, but privacy coins are going to be the coins of choice for people that want to avoid taxes and that’s mainly because authorities can’t see how much money you’re storing, or where you’re storing it. They will have no record of how much Monaro you have or how much deeponion you might have because it will be anonymous, it will be untraceable. So, you can have you know a stick, a hardware wallet let’s just say and you could have a million dollars of Manero on this stick, or a million dollars of deeponion on your hardware wallet. Who’s going to know? Nobody’s going to know. The government’s not going to know and when you want to make a transaction what do you do? You simply take your hardware wallet you load it into your computer, you take off some of that Manero or deeponion or whatever it is you may be trading with and you make a transaction, you make a purchase right. You could buy back Bitcoin you could buy back whatever you want right to make a transaction. But the government in the IRS is not going to be able to track where you’re storing your Monero. where it is right, or how much you even have, they are not going to know, they’re not going to know how much it rises, they’re not going to know. So, if you want to avoid taxes which I do not recommend and I highly advise against avoiding taxes, but if you are that kind of person privacy coins is the way to go.

05:24- The Technology

Next, the technology and this is important one guys the technology, as you’ll discover the technology goes way beyond Bitcoin, the best privacy coins which I’ve covered in previous videos are far cheaper, faster and more innovative than outdated cryptos like Bitcoin. This is an important point, because as the technology gets better and better and better which it already has compared to Bitcoin in many cases, people are going to adopt privacy coins just because the technology is better, because they’re faster, because the transaction costs are cheaper, because they’re easier to use the utility is better. It’s stronger, the applications are stronger, and there are more applications for them than Bitcoin. The technology makes big difference guys. The technology is what also acts as a catalyst to adoption to mass adoption and that is why the darknet has been you know has been adopting Manero because the technology has been better than Bitcoin. It’s faster, it’s cheaper, it’s anonymous, it’s untraceable, it’s unlinkable, and it’s all of these different things that Bitcoin is not. So, people are adopting it maybe for nefarious reasons, maybe to buy drugs, but also maybe because they want a faster coin, maybe because they want lower fees, and transactions all of these reasons are you know propelling privacy coins up up up. Look at deeponion, the Tor network that technology is fantastic. It’s incredible compared to Bitcoin and that’s why it’s going to go higher and higher and higher as it gets widespread adoption.

06:40 – They Work

Next, they work. Number six they work: this isn’t just a nice idea, privacy coins like Manero are already transacting millions and millions and millions of dollars online. Just go Google Monero transactions, Monera on the dark web you’ll see how much people are using Monero and its staggering how much they are using Monero.

07:00 – People Are Choosing Privacy Coin Over Bitcoin

Number seven people are already choosing privacy coins over Bitcoin. Monero is already becoming the default cryptocurrency for the dark web and the trend is going to continue. I expect other privacy coins to start getting traction in the dark web that will flush out the scalability issues that will flush out any technical issues that they may see, that’ll flush out any anonymity privacy security issues that are going to happen as they get more and more adoption. More traction more scaling will happen, more issues will be discovered, more patches and fixes will be applied right. That’s how it works guys.

07:30 – Leaders Influence

Number eight and not to be discounted but also not to be held up as the most important reason, but for cryptocurrency leaders and influencers. This is important whether or not you want to accept it or not, leaders have an influence on the prices of cryptocurrencies at least today and for the near foreseeable future. When you have a following of a million people and you say verge or Manero or whatever privacy coin is the future, those million people or followers are going to take notice and they’re going to act on your recommendations. Especially, if they trust you, they know you’re an expert in a certain field so forth and so on. Those million people are going to act and a percentage of those people are going to go and buy whatever recommendation is made by that influencer right. That’s just the reality. So, while you may like or hate lover hey John McAfee right, the creator of McAfee Antivirus software, you may love him or hate him, but he is an influencer. He does control people on social media. He controls what they do to a large extent. He doesn’t control their minds, but his influence controls their actions, what they do. They hear John McAfee say oh Manero is the best the next best thing, you should go buy verge, and they immediately go jumping by it right. Now there is some credence to that because you can profit when influencers say things you just have to be careful what they’re saying and timing is everything. You have to time it right, otherwise its meaningless right. So, John McAfee is a huge proponent of privacy coins for many of the reasons I’ve already outlined. He, you know may not have the greatest reputation in some cases, but he’s still one of the leading voices of cryptocurrency. He is one of the largest and most influential people talking about cryptocurrency. He’s one of the smartest thought leaders talking about cryptocurrency. He is one of the most technical leaders who know about cryptocurrency who knows the inner workings of how the darknet works, about how cryptocurrencies work, about how block chains work, about how mathematics works, about how the network works. How network effects play out, about how typography works, he knows a lot about all of these things, and I follow him and listen to him because of these things right. And as you’ll see below his recommendations are privacy coins in 2018 guys. That’s why I’m telling you. All these eight reasons are pointing to why you need to get on the bandwagon and buy some privacy coins. I’ve already gone through and recommended some privacy coins I’m going to do some individual recommendations here coming up in the next few days, but there’s one thing I can leave you with guys, in 2018 privacy coins are going to be big. In 2019 they’re going to even be bigger and as time goes on they’re going to grow and grow and grow, grow because this is the future. People do not want a centralized internet, people do not want a centralized financial system, people do not want a centralized government controlling your lives, people do want a lot of regulators, people do not want to pay hefty taxes for programs they do not agree with. Privacy coins are going to disrupt all of that. They’re going to displace all of that in time mark my words. I promise you that they are going to. I don’t know which privacy coin is going to be up on top, I don’t know which one’s going to you know to rise to the top and years to come. I don’t know which ones are going to rise and fall and go out of business, I don’t know but I do know that privacy coins are not going away. And they’re only going to grow in time. Hope you guys found this useful? I’m Dan again from crypto Camacho and let me know what you guys think privacy coins in 2018. If I miss any other reasons, please let me know. We love to hear it. See you guys and talk to you next time

Is Hashgains Quietly Building The Largest Cryptocurrency Mining Farm In The World?

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:18 – New Ico
  • 00:33 – The Hashgains Ico
  • 01:15 – What Is Crypto Mining?
  • 01:38 – How Hashgains Works
  • 02:58 – Bitcoin Mining
  • 05:43 – Hashgain Ico
  • 07:10 – Mega Cloud Mining Data Centers
  • 08:21 – Be Hash Gainer!
  • 08:51 – Hashgains As A Project
  • 09:17 – The Advantages Of Green Mining Framework
  • 09:33 – Benefits Of Hashgains
  • 10:50 – Hashgains Token
  • 11:57 – Hashgains Road Map
  • 12:55 – Hashgaing Toke Distribution
  • 13:06 – Hashgain Teams
  • 14:00 – Hashgaings White Paper
  • 14:28 – Concept Distribution Computing
  • 15:39 – How Hashgains Mining Works

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Hey guys what’s up? Its Dan again for where each day I bring you the latest news, tips, and tricks in the cryptocurrency industry. Overall, guys, my main goal of my YouTube channel is to help you make more money in this crazy cryptocurrency revolution.

00:18 –New Ico

Guys today I want to talk about an ICO that I am very excited about; I think it’s priced very cheaply, It’s a pre-sale going on right now, want to bring it up to you guys because I think there’s an opportunity to make some good money not only in the ICO but actually in the company itself. What am I talking about today guys?

00:33 – The Hashgains Ico

Today I want to talk about the Hashgains ICO. So, what is Hashgain? So, Hashgains is a crypto mining company. An evolution in the crypto mining industry, so they aim to become the largest crypto mining company in the world, they’re raising funds through this ICO which is why they’re launching this ICO to raise funds, to build out more data centers so that they actually can become the largest crypto mining Center in the world. They currently already do have operations; they do offer cloud mining today. Here’s a look at their website not going to spend a whole lot of time on the site itself, but I do want to touch on the basics of crypto mining if you guys aren’t familiar with it.

01:15- What Is Crypto Mining?

So, essentially what crypto mining is the ability to mine cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Manero, a variety of different cryptocurrencies to mine it by using the same process that other developer’s use, other mining pools used to actually get cryptocurrencies into your wallets. So, let’s take a look at how it works exactly.

01:38 How Hashgains Works

So, is the website we’ll jump over the ICO in just a second here but, crypto mining on you can look right here, you can you can mine sign up to new cloud mining for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins, Ecash, Monero, and Ripple and each one of these cryptocurrencies has a different price point, a different mining plan. If you will typically what you do is you enter into a contract for a specific amount of time at a specific price, and then you could mine cryptocurrency based on that on the terms of that contract you can mine cryptocurrency and with prices going up with cryptocurrency you could actually make a lot of money over time by mining the cryptocurrency then holding on to the cryptocurrency and watching the price go up over time. A lot of people have been making a lot of money through cloud mining, I mean you don’t necessarily have to use cloud mining you know obviously some people will go and buy a physical computer and set up cryptocurrency mining themselves using that specific computer, but what HashGaines lets you do; it lets you do the mining in the cloud. You don’t have to buy any computers, you don’t do have to buy any servers and do any technical setup or anything like that. You literally, just sign up with HashGains, you sign on to one of their contracts and then they do the mining for you and send you the actual cryptocurrency that you have mined based on your contract right. So, let’s take a quick example and look at it.

02:58 Bitcoin Mining

So, Bitcoin mining how to mine Bitcoin; so as an example very quickly want to go through this for you newbie’s out there. What is Bitcoin mining? Bitcoin mining is done by using a network of computers from around the world; the Bitcoin mining process can be predominantly defined as the addition of transaction records to the Bitcoin public ledger. So, it’s essentially adding new transaction records to the public ledger, that’s what mining is without getting into all the technical details right. So, if you wanted to get into a mining contract, a cloud mining contract here’s an example; if you go to you go to their pricing, you can see you know what coin do you want in mine. Let’s just say Bitcoin for ease of the example here; here’s the plans that you could sign up for right. There’s different levels of plans all the way from Topaz to Sapphire and what this means is it gives you a certain amount of hash power, or ability to mine a certain amount or a predetermined amount of cryptocurrency based on the energy consumption that you’ll be using right. So, that’s what each of these contracts does is it lets you use a certain amount of energy per day to mine whatever cryptocurrency you want. So, the higher the plan you sign up for, the more expensive it is, but the more cryptocurrency you could actually mine based on the plan you have right. And so, over time you can accumulate you know a lot of different cryptocurrencies by doing this type of cloud mining yourself.

You can also you know go to their calculator and figure out how much can I actually mine; like what would I actually make if I were to sign up to one of these contracts so let’s just do one for an example right. So, if we were to choose Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency we want to mine, current price is about $9300 the hash rate, and you could change the hash rate based on the contract. So, you could play around with this but just using the minimal plan here right. If you invested $350 got into a contract at that low level here is how much cryptocurrency you can expect to mine hourly, daily, monthly, so forth and so on. So, if you sign up for this plan as an example; you would be able to mine 0.002 Bitcoin per month right, and given the current price point today, $9300 for a Bitcoin it would be $24 a month right. The price of Bitcoin is going up the price of other cryptocurrencies are going up. So, this is an accurate reflection on today’s price, but if the price of Bitcoin tomorrow jump to $20,000 this price $24 would be double right. It’d be $50 a month right? So, that’s really how it works and you know you can play around with this tool yourself to get a better handle on that, but that’s pretty much how it works. Okay so now that you understand how crypto mining works and you understand what HashGains is let’s jump over to the ICO here.

05:43 – Hashgain Ico

So, HashGains is offering a pre-sale for their ICO, they’re offering pre-sale tokens at 70 cents which is a 30% discount. When they actually go and launch their ICO, it’s going to be $1.00 per coin per HashGains coin which is in HGS coin, but let’s look at that, the value props of this particular ICO. Invest earlier you get a 30 percent discount like I just said, and one gigahertz hash power for every tokens pass. You also will get an additional gigahertz for every tokens that you buy. So, that’s advantageous, because you’ll build a mine more as well in the end right. So, you’ll be able to use these tokens to do cryptocurrency mining as well right. So, okay so let’s get into the ICO itself right. Blockchain a new technology going over the basics, eco friendly cloud mining. So, HashGaines has an eco-friendly cloud mining operation going up a lot of people complain that cryptocurrency mining takes up too much energy. It’s using too much of the world’s resources. So, HashGains have an equal eco-friendly mining and mining centers. So, that it’s less harmful to the environment, less harmful you know to the energy consumption that we see, and let’s just read it. A huge tract of waste barren land can be best used for putting up windmills and solar panels which run on photovoltaic cells. Using the most effective solar radiation and wind power in the places which offer vast possibilities of renewable energy can bring about the desired results. Cloud mining devices can now make use of green renewable power which is available almost free of costs right.

07:10 Mega Cloud Mining Data Centers

So, that’s really great, the company is doing that mega cloud mining data centers and this is why they’re running an ICO right now is to increase the number of data centers that they have. Who better than an experienced player can build and run the most efficient, cost-effective, robust, scalable, secure, and reliable cloud mining data centers? There cannot be a better choice than HashGains which is backed by a technology giant with an experience of over 15 years in running and managing data centers. HashGains has a team of 1,500 professionals, serving 10 fortune 500 customers and managing over 25,000 servers globally. HashGaines will soon be launching its Cloud Mining Data Centers with a combined capacity of 75 MW in India and Quebec. So, this off right here makes me very, very comfortable with HashGains. They’re an established company, they’ve been around for over 15 years, they have over 1500 people working for them, and they already manage thousands, tens of thousands of servers. So, these guys know what they’re doing. They know what they’re doing in the hash I’m sorry in the cloud mining space, they know what they’re doing in the data mining space. And it’s kind of a match made in heaven in terms of why they would want to build out more data centers to do cloud mining instead of a cloud mining operation like they’re doing here makes complete sense why they would do this guys.

08:21 – Be Hash Gainer!

Okay so be a Hash gainer! There cannot be a better time now than to invest in cryptocurrencies which has grown 15-20 times in 2017 and are expected to perform even better in years to come. So, this again is back to my earlier point you know now the price of Bitcoin is $9000 but in a year from now, it’s going to be worth a lot more. So, the more cryptocurrency you mine the more you’re going to have the option, the ability to make more return on your investment in the future. And that’s the case for all cryptocurrencies if you haven’t noticed lately right.

08:51 Hashgains As A Project

HashGaines as a project 10,000 users in a target of 1 million by 2020; so, they already have 10,000 users right which is which is fantastic right. They just started this in the area of 10,000 users and they want a million users by 2020 to truly become the largest cloud mining platform available on the Internet right in the world right. HashGains has already garnered 10,000 plus customers on its platform and is looking forward to laying the foundation stone of its mega data centers in India and Quebec.

09:17- The Advantages Of Green Mining Framework

The green mining framework has its own advantages such as:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Local Incentives
  • Lowered infrastructure
  • Economic cooling so forth and so on.

Here’s the screenshot of their platform very clean, very nice in the white paper. We’ll get into the white paper here in just a moment, but I wanted to go through some of the benefits right.

09:33 Benefits Of Hashgains

It’s a real business you know you could go through these yourself, but it’s a real business you know that’s one thing I really love about HashGaines and other ICOs that I’ve reviewed, is they have a core business; they already have a business and this is them extending their business into something else that they have a core competency on which is why I like it right. They have a large team; we’ve already talked about that. They have free hashing power. If you participate in this ICO you will get HGS tokens you’ll get free hashing power. Dividend distribution; conservative projections suggest HashGains would be generating per token revenue of $1.5, $2, $3.5 and $4 in first, second and third and fourth year respectively. Consolidated profit generated per token would be around $3 within the duration of four years. So, they’re projecting a price and actually if you go to the bottom here they’re projecting a price of $30 per token in four years right. so if you get in now at a 70 cents per token that’s over 30 times the money that you’re paying to invest right. And that’s, of course, assuming everything goes as plan, assuming everything works out the way they want, but I think $30 per token is actually a fairly conservative estimate in four years given the way the cryptocurrency markets are going today. I’m not going to go through all of these, you guys can go through all of these, but I wanted to go through some of those core ones. I think the discount on the presale is very, very important.

10:50 Hashgains Token

Okay so, now let’s look at the tokens itself right. There’s a ten million hard cap on the presale right. So, for presale, they’re only offering ten million tokens. They’ve already surpassed 68% of that the presale ends on February 28. So, get in and get some as soon as you can the toll or hard cap of the tokens in general for HGS tokens is 30 million. So, once 30 million is reached in their ICO sale, they will not be selling any more tokens so this is a chance to get it before the ICO get in presale and get this discount. They expect to be listed on all of these exchanges. I definitely think at least a handful of these will happen Binance probably should be added to this list as well. You know you typically these things don’t happen overnight, but the likelihood that a cryptocurrency gets added to an exchange is much, much significantly higher if there is already a company backing the ICO. If a company exists, it’s an established company, it’s been around for years, strong team, a strong number of employees, the chance isn’t likelihood they’ll get listed on these exchanges are very, very high 99 percent right 90 maybe 999 maybe 90 percent right.

11:57 Hashgains Road Map

Okay so, let’s take a look at the roadmap quickly and in 2017 they did a lot of work. 2018 is really where they’re going to take off right. So, they want to start building new data centers in March of 2018. They’re going to launch their token sale February this month. So, it’s going on right now. Let’s see December, and November 2017 before I talked about that. So, May they’ll be assembling and integrating of machinery. They’ll be testing in June 2018 and in July 2018 they’ll actually launch their data centers live to do the cloud mining itself right. With the new data centers so that’s their plan. That’s the roadmap. Here’s the ICO timeline ICO is the presale is going on right now it’s a February 28. You know 30%t bonus if you get tokens down and if you don’t you can go to the ICO in March 1st and you know you’ll be able to get a discount, but it won’t be as great and you could kind of read through this down you know and see how they’re going to do that.

12:55 – Hashgaing Toke Distribution

So, token distribution; we’ve already kind of gone through this a bit. They’ve got a pretty good method of how they’re going to distribute all of the tokens, a lot of videos, a lot of reviews already.

13:06 – Hashgain Teams

Here’s the team you know the team I think is worth looking at very quickly. I’m going to look at the first guy here who’s the CEO. I’m also going to look at Gary Barlow who is the director. So, Anuj is the CEO of this company. Let’s go and look down at his YouTube I’m sorry his LinkedIn profile and so he has been recommended very highly. He doesn’t have a whole lot of information here, but he’s the founder and CEO for 19 years of Cyfuture which is the holding company of HashGains. So, he’s been around the block a little bit. One of the directors let’s see, I wanted to get into one of them. Okay chief operating officer you can look through these I won’t go through all these myself guys, but you can look through these people they all have really good backgrounds. I’d say for the most part good advisers on their board and they have a lot of media outreach which I think is also very important given the cryptocurrency markets today.

14:28 – Hashgaings White Paper

So, the last thing I want to show you guys before we jump off here is I want to show you the white paper. So, let’s jump over the white paper and here’s the white paper. It’s pretty long 63 pages so, obviously I’m not goanna go through the whole thing, but I do want to go through some of the main concepts here. So, let me scroll down just a little bit legal abstract won’t go into that introduction I’ve already given you a pretty good introduction I think of HashGais.

14:28 – Concept Distribution Computing

Okay, let’s look at the concept distributed computing and let’s just see. Okay so, distributed computing stands for computer science field for analysis of distributed systems, to be specific distributed computer system is what contains different computers that work as a single computer or system. So, distributed computers all work together to achieve a certain outcome or a certain goal. I’m not going to go through the technical aspects. What is cloud mining? The process of utilizing a data center with shared power in order to mine cryptocurrency is known as cloud mining. It enables miners or users to mine cryptocurrency with no need of managing the hardware. Crypto…sorry cloud mining efficiently runs on the software or hardware and as an ideal option for people who are not tech savvy. So, again if you’re not tech savvy you don’t want to buy a bunch of servers and put them in your home and generate electricity out of your home. You can do cloud mining and that’s exactly what HashGains offers right. They offer multiple types of cloud mining and then they get into the details of why their solution is better than the other ones and what they’re trying to do and how they’re actually trying to become the leading cryptocurrency mining platform that’s out there right.

15:39 – How Hashgains Mining Works

Here’s a quick how it works in terms of mining itself. You don’t need to know this to invest in the ICO, but it’s definitely worth looking at. It shows you exactly how cryptocurrency mining works on Blockchain and how you know the validations go about how the Ledger’s are kept in sync so forth and so on. So, anyway guys I hope you like this? I hope you found this interesting? You know take a look at it, I’d love to know what you think. If you’ve had experience with other cloud mining ICOs or other cloud mining platforms I would love to know how this one compares. I’m Dan from hopefully you found this useful? And I hope you check it out because I think it’s a really good time to buy. I think the potential here is pretty great, and I think you can make some money on this. So, again take a look. Yeah I’m subscribe please subscribe to my YouTube channel and I will take to you next time.

The First Reviews Engine On Blockchain – What Do you Think?

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:04 -What Dan Love About Cryptocurrency
  • 02:04 –Ico Called Zapit
  • 03:52 – How Zapit Works
  • 05:08- Amazon And Reviews
  • 06:22 – Zapit Makes Us Rethink Review Process
  • 07:44 – Further Plans For 2018
  • 09:28- How Dan Feels About The Product

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Hey what’s up guys its Dan again from Crypto

00:04 -What Dan Love About Cryptocurrency

One thing I love about cryptocurrency is that every single day it changes, every single day there’s something new that happens, every single day there’s a new ICO that comes out there’s a new company being built there’s a new solution being built there’s a new cryptocurrency that you can trade there’s it’s just crazy how things are changing and how much things are changing nowadays and it’s crazy to think that the internet is now being really kind of rebuilt andrestructured from the inside out using blockchain technology. I’m going do a different video on this in the future but one the thing I love about the cryptocurrency space is that it’s changing so often and there’s new technologies coming up all the time it makes it very interesting to just do research and to look at what’s actually coming in the market what to understand what the world is going to be like in five years in ten years and so forth. It’s just really intriguing to me and that’s one of the reasons why Ireview ICOs and why I look at companies that are trying to enter the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets because they’re going to make a difference in the years to come- they’re going to make a big difference.

One I say that I want to review today it’s kind of just an interesting one to me I haven’t invested in it yet, I’m considering investing in it but I’d love to know what you guys think about it; but it just is kind of a testament to me that there are so many different opportunities and different ways that we can use blockchain technology, that really the sky is the limit when it comes to how we can use this technology and of course some of these technologies are going to live on forever and become the next Facebook, the next Google, others are going to fall by the way side but one thing is very clear- blockchain is here to stay the technology is so disruptive and is offering opportunities to so many different types of applications and people and it’s just really crazy it’s really fun for me to look at it.

02:04 –Ico Called Zapit

So I did want to talk about this ICObriefly, it’s called Zapit and what Zapit is trying to do it’s the onlyblockchain verify to verify by product reviews; so it’s essentially a platform they’re trying to build out tobe able to verify reviews on other third-party sites; so think of Amazon as an example- on Amazon you go shop for a product and what doyou do immediately when you go shop fora product you go immediatelyand you look at the reviews if there are a certain amount of negative reviews you immediately skip thatproduct and move on to the next.Ifthere’s a certain amount of positive reviews you keep reading further into that product because you have faith that the people before you thathave purchased, if they’ve given a good review on it then the product is probably good and youcould probably go and buy it.But, theproblem is that those reviews are not necessarily always legitimate they’re- not always honest reviews often people will go in and competitors will go in they’ll give a bunch of negative reviews or hire people to givea bunch of negative reviews about a product that they may compete with, which brings that products review score down and essentially will hurt that competitor. On the flipside there are products or companies that will buyreviews, they’ll buy positive reviews, they’ll go to 100 people and say ‘hey wewant to buy a positive review go toAmazon and review this positively andwe’ll give you some money’.It’llbring their reviews up in Amazon butthen you don’t really know if it’shonest and if it’s trustworthy and sothe whole reviews ecosystem getsconvoluted and it gets kind of muddy, where you don’t really know if thereviews you’re looking at are true or not and so that’s what Zapit is actually trying to solve for;is toverify reviews in the cloud on theblockchain so that you know they’relegitimate, whether negative or positive.

03:52 – How Zapit Works

How are they going to do this; this is what I want to drill into in this video is how Zapitis planning on doing that.So what is Zapit?Zapit is the only blockchain verified product reviews platform,Zapitis the need which adds trust between Amazon sellers, consumers and product evaluators. Here’s what I just said exactly kind of what I was just talking about consumers are tired of fake positive reviews while Amazon sellers are frustrated with negative review campaigns from competitors, product evaluators need to get paid for their time.How can this problem be solved while creating a win-win everybody and that’s what Zapit wants to do.With Zapit Amazon sellers can add their Amazon affiliate link to start earning additional 4 to 8% in profits; consumers are then compensated to write reviews,blockchain review moderators earn tokens and add credibility to their portfolio. So they’re trying to bring this under a single umbrella which rewards reviewers by not only giving them an additional percentage but allowing them to sell the product that they’re reviewing to, sell that through an affiliate link on

Amazon so they can make a little bit of money from the review; pretty clever right pretty interesting.

05:08- Amazon And Reviews

Let’s drill down a little bit further, so this is talking about Amazon but I could see the platform being used for other things, for really any e-commerces hop on the internet can have some sort of system like this. Amazon is obviously the biggest 600 million products to billion products worldwide 3 million sellers, 1 billion reviews already to date on the Amazon platform. So, in a nutshell this is how Zapit works sellers will get real reviews that customers can trust and create an affiliate -an Amazon affiliate link to their account so that they will get additional profits if a customer purchases through that link. So any review that a customer may put on an Amazon product if anybody clicks on that link on the review you will get a percentage of the purchase of that product.So that’s one incentive to review products pretty clever right?Okay consumers you will get the trusted reviews before making a purchase decision with your hard-earned money and get compensated for your time that when you write a review for the products you love or hate and heard by the following community so consumers will be able to do this right.

Moderators they are like Bitcoin miners and will build credibility and improve your payouts so they’ll be able to pay you more.

06:22 – Zapit Makes Us Rethink Review Process

The last thing I want to read here built with blockchain technologies app it makes us rethink the ways review processes should be organized. Decentralization makes it possible to change the logic behind writing and moderating reviews and establish the new standards to benefit all sellers, consumers and product evaluators so that you don’t miss your chance. Here’s the team pretty well-established team you can go and check out their LinkedIn profiles I’m not going to go to all them but they all have previous business experience. You can kind of look and see where the founders have been entrepreneurs before; they have a lot of very technical leading talent which I think is really important for a company like this. I think it all comes down to the technology itself so that’s encouraging and then these advisors as well –I think some of these advisors you should go look up yourself but again very good backing for this. So the ICO presale itself you can participate in stage one still going on right now through February 28th one Zapit is .001 etherium if you go down here it’ll give you the details about the actual token sale. They’ve already had a private sale it’s been funded 100 percent now they’re on to the public sale; they do have a hard cap let’s see what’s- okay hard cap of 10 million tokens,10 million token sin stage one. So you got to get in early so you could get this 50 percent bonus if you so choose.

07:44 – Further Plans For 2018

Down below you can see their road map and we’re already in Q1 of 2018 right so now they’restarting to work with development teams to actually start building this out and launch their ICO. They’re going to launch their beta platform in Q2so actually not very far from now in about a couple months here they’re going be doing that and then in Q3 they’re going expand internationally right after they kind of launch their beta make sure all the kinks are worked out they’re going launch into internationally.The last thing I want to do is look at their white paper here very quickly; here’s the Zapit white paper about 20 pages long.In the abstract I think there’s some interesting so we’ve already kind of gone through this I won’t go through the abstract but I do want to go through a little bit more on the vision here. Our vision is to create the trust between sellers, consumers, producte valuators and moderators; Trust is the core mission of blockchain technology and Zapit incorporates this value with the combination of artificial intelligence software along with multiple human moderation processes this gives it Zapit platform and immense advantage in technology time and credibility over any future competitor. Our vision is to become a core review platform and plug-in that consumers allover the world will use regardless of where they are shopping; this will help to create an online worldfree of spam product reviews.This is really important guys because if they widgetize and create a plug-in, if they widgetize their solution they can essentially use this review ecosystem for any e-commerce shop out there; obviously they want to start with Amazon because it’s the biggest out there but I can very easily see this incorporate integrating with Shopify, with WooCommerce, with jet, with WordPressstores, with all kinds of different things if it’s successful.

09:28- How Dan Feels About The Product

I’m intrigued by this concept, I’m very intrigued at what they’re doing, I’m very intrigued at how they’re using blockchain to solve a problem that millions of people deal with and Amazon hasn’t been able to figure out yet so it’s very interesting that they’re doing this I could see something like this- a company like this, I could see going on for a year. So building on a nice platform and then getting acquired through an acquisition from like an Amazon or a Jet or Woo Commerce or something like that; Amazon would probably acquire somebody like this and then they’re their token prices would just go through the roof. Let me know what you think I’m very curious to know if you guys think this technology is interesting, if you think it would be worthwhile to build a platform like this.  I’m Dan from crypto hopefully you found this useful if you haven’t subscribed yet please do click on the red link above right up there is a and we’ll talk next time see you guys


The Truth Behind One of the Biggest Debates in the Crypto Community Today

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:29 Bitcoin Fork
  • 01:26 Bitcoin Core Vs. Bitcoin Cash, Which Is The Original?
  • 02:46 Bitcoin Cash Trading In The Market
  • 03:34 Bitcoin Cash And Bitcoin Core’S Blockchains
  • 05:23 Bitcoin Core Is Gold
  • 07:14 Lightning
  • 11:08 Articles On Lightening Networks
  • 13:08 Who Is Behind Bitcoin Cash?
  • 15:43 Has This Been Planned All Along?
  • 17:41 Your Thoughts And Comments

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00:00 Introduction

Hey guys what’s up again, it’s Dan for, and today I have a topic I want to talk about that’s been intriguing to me for a long time, it’s been kind of bugging me for a little while and it’s definitely a very debatable and controversial topic but I’m very interested in it because it has some significant or profound impacts, it could, depending on what happens through 2018. I’m talking guys about Bitcoin core and Bitcoin cash and the debate between the two coins.

00:29 Bitcoin Fork

so, if you guys remember back in August of 2017, Bitcoin had an initial hard fork, and what that means is that Bitcoin essentially split into two, and the remaining was Bitcoin core and Bitcoin cash was the newly created blockchain supposedly that came out from this hard fork that happened in August. Since then we’ve seen highs and lows on both coins, if you go to look at Bitcoin, we’ve seen, since that fork has happened, we’ve seen the price of big one go all the way up to twenty thousand, now all the way down to about eight thousand-ish, it went down to about seven thousand today. Bitcoin cash very, very similar, when up to about forty-two hundred, now down about a thousand, went down to about a thousand just a few days ago. Both coins had gone up tremendously and have dropped about 70% since their top, since they’ve been at their high for the year. And that was all really happened in the last, let’s say, two months it’s happened.

01:26 Bitcoin Core Vs. Bitcoin Cash, Which Is The Original?

And now there is still an ongoing debate on which blockchain is actually the original Bitcoin, which one is Bitcoin? Is it Bitcoin Core or is it Bitcoin cash? And I’ve been watching how this plays out in the last several months, since August. In August I had no idea, what is this?  What’s going on? I had no idea, I got some free Bitcoin cash, so forth and so on, just like everybody else, if you own some Bitcoin, you got some free Bitcoin cash, and I’ve been watching how this plays out. And the more and more I watch how it plays out it’s becoming very, very evident to me that more and more and more service providers, application or app creators, influencers, exchanges, they’re all starting slowly to support and accept and adopt Bitcoin cash. Now there’s something to that, for me, that says there’s something to this Bitcoin cash, there’s something to the technology, there’s something to what’s going on in the market, otherwise, why would all these different people start accepting and creating applications and building out infrastructure for coin cash. That’s kind of point number one, so whether or not you’re an ideologue and you believe that Bitcoin core is the One and Only True Bitcoin, the original Satoshi Nakamoto vision, so forth and so on.

02:46 Bitcoin Cash Trading In The Market

it doesn’t really matter just look at what’s happening in the market and you can clearly see that more exchanges are adopting that Bitcoin cash, more applications are being built on bitcoin cash, I mean I can name a few, Changelly, Bitpay, Binance, Bitfenex, Bittrex, all the exchanges are now accepting it, they’re now creating more trading peers for Bitcoin cash if you just look at the BCC, you’ve got trading peers here, you’ve got trading peers here, you’ve got trading pairs all over the place. If you look at BCH, which is another symbol it goes by, even more trading peers, and it’s becoming more and more clear that Bitcoin cash is being more and more accepted over the different cryptocurrency communities and so forth. There is still a very, very significant debate going on about what is the true Bitcoin, what is the true Bitcoin, is it Bitcoin cash or Bitcoin core?

03:34 Bitcoin Cash And Bitcoin Core’S Blockchains

One other thing to point out here, which is interesting to me, is just purely looking objective look at what each of the coins can actually do, and I know for Bitcoin core there’s going to a lot of people that say you know the lightning network segregated witness, they fix all of these red X’s right here, may be true, that may be true to be fair and I’ll go into that just a second here, but just looking at the blockchains themselves, just looking at the cryptocurrencies themselves with no other layer on top, no other layer attached, just the currencies themselves, just the blockchains themselves, here is how Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin core stack up against each other, and I know this is debatable but just hear me out here. So, Bitcoin cash has a green checkmark for all of these things, low transaction costs, fast peer-to-peer transactions, reliable transactions, decentralization of the actual blockchain, open source code, so forth and so on, digital currency. Bitcoin core, on the other hand simply does not have the same level of features, capabilities, characteristics that Bitcoin cash does, just purely looking at the blockchain, it is very slow to transact, it’s very expensive to transact, it’s not really worth transacting anymore. If you guys have ever you know gone to Coinbase and bought Bitcoin core and Bitcoin cash and have tried to move them from Coinbase to an exchange, like Bittrex, Bitfenex, whatever, you’ll notice that Bitcoin core is ridiculously slow. I’ve had to take over twenty-four hours to literally make a transaction from Coinbase to Bittrex, to make a transaction or transfer of funds from one exchange to the other, it’s literally taking over twenty-four hours and that is absolutely ridiculous given the market that we’re in.

05:23 Bitcoin Core Is Gold

They claim that Bitcoin core is digital gold, digital gold or the new gold which is fine. Traditionally gold has been a storage of value, it is something that has held value over a long period of time although it’s very difficult to transact, you can’t take gold to the store and buy milk, you just can’t do it, so it’s a little bit harder to transact with, to sell it, then get the money, then you go to the store and buy something. So, it is a good storage of value, it has been for thousands of years but very, very difficult to use. Now Bitcoin core supporters are claiming that’s what the mission of bitcoin is, is to be a storage of value. That’s not necessarily what Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned when he labelled on his white paper peer-to-peer electronic cash. That is not what Bitcoin core is today and if you guys have even just tried to use Bitcoin itself, it’s very, very clear that it is not going to work as a currency, it’s just not going to work. In terms of a storage of value, I mean all you really have to do is go to the exchange and, I don’t know about you, but gold does not fluctuate this much. If you want to store a value somewhere, you do not put it in a place that fluctuates 20, 30, 40% in a single day. If you were to hold or put one hundred thousand dollars in Bitcoin as a storage of value in December and you thought you are going to store my value, just as I would buy gold, you would be you know out about sixty grand now today, within two months. So, storage a value maybe, maybe eventually Bitcoin core will become a storage of value but today, absolutely not! I would not trust my money in Bitcoin to act as a storage of value, I just wouldn’t. I’ve done it and I’ve lost money doing it, so I systematically take money out of Bitcoin because I don’t want it to fluctuate and lose money.  Is that a good of value? Absolutely not!

07:14 Lightning

So now proponents of Bitcoin core claim the lightning network segregated witness is going to fix all of this, so all these X.’s that are red are going to turn green, that’s what everybody is touting. Lightning is going to be the saviour of the world. Well, the first thing I’d have to ask myself is how many applications, how many you know companies are now embracing and accepting and adopting the lighting network. It’s actually been a lot slower than people have anticipated, not as many people are doing it, it is starting to pick up steam a little bit and I’ve noticed that the transactions are getting faster and faster, Coinbase has accepted it, so the transactions are getting a little bit faster, still not that fast but they’re getting faster. Let’s take a closer look at the lightning network and what the lightning network really is, and I’ve always suspected that lightning network will be, essentially a centralization layer on top of Bitcoin. I’ve asked this question to many people in communities on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and they all say no, the Lightning network is completely decentralised, just as Bitcoin core itself. In reality that’s really not the case, it’s a sham, it’s complete utter nonsense. Look at this article, look at other articles and study what Lightning network is and you will come to terms with the fact that Lightning network, it is simply a settlement layer on top of Bitcoin core, it’s on top of it, it is not part of Bitcoin core, it’s a settlement layer on top, similar to what banks do with Visa, similar to what other third-party mediators do to verify transactions in any financial or monetary network and system. It’s a settlement layer, that means that it can be centralized, look at this article ‘lightning network centralization leads to economic censorship’, which completely goes against what Bitcoin is supposed to do, to act as a peer-to-peer electronic cash that’s fully, completely and utterly decentralized so that no government regulatory agency or monetary system can regulate it, that is the point. So now look at this article real quick, it seems that the realities of the lighting networks limitations are being accepted and now narratives are forming to justify the continued morphing of Bitcoin into a settlement layer, for example, and it gives an example of how that’s actually happening on Reddit, you can go read that yourself. ‘Large Bitcoin nodes versus large lightning hubs’,  to play devil’s advocate myself, the author of this article says ‘the argument goes like this, a large expensive Bitcoin nodes are just as bad as a large lightning network payment hubs, so they’re comparing the two, a large miner can decide not to include your transaction in block just as a payment channel can decide not to route your payment, to that he would say you got one part of that wrong, a large miner or even a majority cartel of miners cannot effectively censor your transactions because any miner, any and that’s key, any miner can include your transaction in the block, it does not have to be a specific miner, so that miner cartels, they don’t have to be the ones to verify the transaction, it could be me, in my garage to verify the transaction, that’s a very, very important point guys, on the lightning network the same is not true, lightning networks can effectively censor your transactions because not any hub can route your payment. If you have a set of coins in one specific channel, it has to be routed using that specific channel. That, in and of itself, centralizes the lightning network solution. That’s the point that’s why it’s not a decentralized system, right here you can see, you can read it. Go read other articles if you don’t believe this one because it’s from, go read other ones, really, seriously do, I would love to know the other side of this because I am just not seeing it and I’ve been looking at this for a little while.

11:08 Articles On Lightening Networks

Side note, we’re not talking about the 51% mining monopoly attacks here, just to clarify I’m ignoring the situation…and whaling OK, yeah there are some issues, obviously with the cartels, which we can get into as well. We can safely ignore that educates because OK. Why can’t you just use censorship free’ or in other words as long as re-org attacks aren’t consistently happening, some miner will eventually get your transaction in a block and no one can stop that, that’s on the Bitcoin cash side of things, guys. So, remember, lightning network is not permission less, the problem isn’t necessarily you finding a censorship-free hub, but rather being able to route your payment to others who have it, for example mega bank A, B. And C all decide to become lightning hubs, they all acquire customers and have channels open between the three banks, this allows customers from any of the banks to send money to other customers of those three banks, you being a freedom-loving individual decide to open a channel with an anonymous hub only known as T35G7, Guess what mega banks A, B and C don’t want to open a channel with T35G7 so you can’t send any of your customers since there’s no available route. I think it would be a matter of time before a system that either falls into complete censorship or fractures. Even if you believe the probabilities of these outcomes are small, it should be considered as a deal breaker. This is very, very important guys, this example on this point itself. This is a way that big institutions that have an invested interest can bypass the decentralization of bitcoin itself, of any blockchain itself, by adding a settlement layer on top. If any cryptocurrency needs a settlement layer on top, if any cryptocurrency needs a centralized element to its functioning, it’s a sham, it’s bogus it’s not truly, truly a decentralized free cryptocurrency and cannot, ultimately be a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Very, very important and I want you to know that.

13:08 Who Is Behind Bitcoin Cash?

OK so next, what is behind, who is behind Bitcoin cash. I’ve kind of come up with a few. So, the main people behind cash, in terms of influencers, recently Gavin Andresen, in who’s one of the earliest, earliest enthusiasts, coders-developers in Bitcoin, he’s talked to Satoshi Nakamoto over email, he’s one of the founders. He’s recently come out and said that, and I think I have an article open right here, he’s recently come out and said that, I Google who supports Bitcoin cash and I think one of the first results that came up, I  thought it was in here but it says Gavin, I mean you can just type in Gavin right and it’ll come up. Gavin Andresen throws support behind Bitcoin cash, that happened in November so he’s now a supporter of it. John McAfee has long time been a supporter of it.  Roger Ver has taken a lot of heat, he’s been one of the original founders of Bitcoin, and he’s taken a lot of heat for it, he is pushing that Bitcoin cash is the real Bitcoin itself. Charlie Shrem is behind Bitcoin cash. Craig Wright is behind Bitcoin cash, Jihan Wu, one of the largest miners is now behind Bitcoin cash, the guys from Dollar Vigilante are now behind Bitcoin cash. The National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is a government scientific agency, recently published a paper coming out in favour of the Bitcoin cash and then I see Paper claims ‘Bitcoin cash is technically the real Bitcoin’ and you can read through this article yourself but it does give scientific evidence of why Bitcoin cash is truly the real Bitcoin and it came from the original blockchain and it is the original blockchain, to give credence again that Bitcoin cash is legitimate. So, all of these things are now coming to a head, in 2018, it’s really, really going to come to a head of what is really the real Bitcoin, is it Bitcoin core or Bitcoin cash? Maybe it doesn’t even matter, maybe both coins going to exist in the long run and they likely will exist in the long run, but what’s going to happen to the price? What is going to happen to the price of Bitcoin Core and the price of Bitcoin cash? Bitcoin cash, I’m seeing predictions Calvin Ayre predicts Bitcoin cash price of ten thousand dollars in May. John McAfee has predicted a very high rise in Bitcoin cash as well. Government institute claims Bitcoin cash is the original, you know all these different articles coming out now to support Bitcoin cash.

15:43 Has This Been Planned All Along?

I’ve got to wonder, has this been planned all along? Has there been a hijack of Bitcoin core and Bitcoin cash is now really the real Bitcoin and has this been known all along?  Is that why the markets are being manipulated right now to bring the cost of Bitcoin down and bring the cost of Bitcoin cash up. I think the market is being equalized, I think people are trying to equalize the market, I think the whales, the manipulators, the institutions are in here trying to manipulate it, to get people to adopt whatever one they want. I think there’s a lot more potential in Bitcoin cash because, if in the case that Bitcoin cash, for whatever reason, gains more mass widespread adoption, you’re going to see the price jump from a thousand very, very significantly, and quickly up thousands of dollars higher. And what that’s going to do, it’s going to make you a lot of money. You’re going to also see Bitcoin core drop even further, I don’t know if this is going to happen, Bitcoin core could go up, but in the long run, I’m a technologist, I’m a guy who knows technology who studied technology, who’s been around technology, mainly marketing technology but I understand technology nonetheless, not a coder and but I just see that Bitcoin core is not useful, it’s not functional, there are not as much utilities. You can call it digital gold all of you want, as a storage of value, which is fine use Bitcoin as a storage of value, but be careful because it may lose 20% in a day, so to me that’s not a good storage of value mechanism Lightning, again not a very good solution if it’s centralized, I do not like that and I am starting to stack more my eggs in the Bitcoin cash basket rather than the Bitcoin basket because the potential is higher. I’m not an ideologue, I’m not one to be like a loyalist to Bitcoin core forever and beyond, no matter what happens, even if it goes to zero! That’s utter nonsense and I don’t want to participate in it at all.

17:41 Your Thoughts And Comments

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. I’d love to know if you guys agree or disagree with me. I’d love to know if you’re holding Bitcoin or if you’re holding Bitcoin cash because I want to know, I want to know what’s the real Bitcoin! I don’t really know, I don’t really care so much as long as it makes some money, but I can really, really see the technological advantages of Bitcoin cash over Bitcoin core in my everyday life. When I use it, I can just see it, I can feel it, I can smell it, I can just see the snowball is gaining snow, the snowball is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger as Bitcoin cash gets more and more adopted and it’s going to come down to, really, the miners, the transaction fees and the number of businesses that are able to use it and therefore adopt it, that’s what it’s going to come down to. If more people adopt Bitcoin cash because it does more, it has more utility. it will win out. Lighting Networks is going to throw a wrench into that, don’t know how it’s going to play out but would love your thoughts.

I’m Dan again from crypto Camacho, and please tear this apart and let me know why I’m wrong. Thanks guys, have a good one.

Will This Popular Privacy Altcoin Replace Bitcoin? Why this Cryptocurrency is Undervalued

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:01- Advice You Will Receive From This Video
  • 00:23-Monero
  • 01:11 Monero On The Coin Market
  • 02:03-Monero On The Darkweb
  • 03:02-Zcash Vs Monero-Integration Of Monero
  • 04:14-How Monero Works
  • 05:23-The Importance Of Anonymity
  • 06:42-Monero’S Value And Projected Increase
  • 07:40-Why Monero Is Set Apart From Other Cryptocurrencies
  • 10:57-Why I Recommend Monero

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00:01- Advice You Will Receive From This Video 

And what’s up guys, it’s Dan from, where each day I bring you the latest and greatest in cryptocurrency and help you make more money in this crazy cryptocurrency world that we’re living in today. Guys today I want to talk about a specific privacy coin. I want to talk about the king of privacy coins. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Monero.


I want to talk about Monero because I think Monero is significantly undervalued right now and I think that in 2018 and beyond, we’re going to see Monaro go up a lot in value and I’ll give you the reasons why in just a second here. So first, what is Monero? Monero is one of the oldest privacy coins out there today. If Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency, Monero is the king of privacy coins. They have the most widespread adoption, they’re the only privacy coin that literally is completely untraceable, untrackable, unlinkable, so forth and so on. I’ll get into that in just a moment, but Monero is being widely adopted on the darknet, it’s being widely adopted through a variety of integrations which I’ll go through in just a second and I think that at the price point it’s at today, I think it’s completely undervalued right now.

01:11 Monero On The Coin Market 

Let’s take a quick look Monero on coin market cap. So market cap says that more Monero today is number 13 in terms of market cap compared to all other cryptocurrencies. It has a market cap of about 4.9 almost 5 billion dollars, has a price point of $318.00 with a supply of 15 million coins. I like one: that the supply of coins is relatively low, if you look at dash the supply of Dash is about half that of Monero and the price is about twice that as Monero, it’s a little bit higher than twice that actually as a market cap of 6 billion, Monero has market cap of 4 billion and the supplies are about half what they are from one another, so this even in and of itself tells me that the price of Monero should be closer to $400 you know rather than $318, that’s point number one.

02:03-Monero On The Darkweb

Point number two is that Monero is now overtaking Bitcoin on the darknet, if you just search in Google for darknet web, darkweb or darknet cryptocurrency, you’ll see Monero’s name popping up all over the place. Monero becoming more popular than bitcoin on the darkweb, bitcoin in the dark about new character cryptocurrency, Monero skyrocketing thanks to darknet drug lords financing the darkweb and it talks all about Monero and essentially, if you dig into this topic and research a little bit more, you’re going to find out that Monero is overtaking bitcoin and it’s really becoming the default cryptocurrency to be used on the darkweb, and that is because Monero is completely untraceable, it creates complete anonymity for users that are transacting with Monero. Just search here again for darknet cryptocurrency you’re going to see Monero’s name pop up all over the place, read through these forums you’re going to see Monero again popping up all over the place.

03:02-Zcash Vs Monero-Integration Of Monero

Look at this, darknet cryptocurrency ZCash vs Monero, Monero has a leg up and is better ZCash and I’ll tell you why. I like the ZCash but Monero is better than that. Also if you look at the integrations of Monero, many, many are happening as we speak. Every day, every week, more and more integrations are happening, Dream Market puts finishing touches on Monero integration, Coinsquare’s integrating Monero, Rahakott, the cryptocurrency wallet success story with Monero. It’s all over the board guys, Monaro support for the Ledger Hardware Wallet inches closer to reality, all kinds of things. There was even something in here, Canada’s top exchange Coinsquare could beat Coinbase to adding Monero, so forth and so on. Just look through this, there are integrations happening all over the place so Monero is being widely adopted in the cryptocurrency space in the tech communities, so forth and so on. It’s got a very, very big user base and a very, very big success story, if you will. And the reason why the darkweb is embracing Monero is because it scales, it’s been tested, it’s been tried and true, unlike some of these other privacy coins that are brand new, that are just coming out. I’m not going to say they don’t have potential and they’re not good points because they absolutely are.

04:14-How Monero Works

but Monero has been around longer, it’s been tested, it’s been tried and true and it’s being scaled on the darkweb and we all know that whatever happens on the dark web will ultimately, at some point, become more mainstream especially when it comes to technology. If you guys remember back to like the Napster days, if you guys remember Napster, remember Napster? Napster was a peer-to-peer music selling software. It was a centralized platform that was really the first company to enable peer-to-peer electronic transferring of music files, then we all know Napster went out of business because the government was able to seize control of Napster because it was a centralized enemy and the government shutdown Napster. So what happened after Napster came something called Gnutella. Gnutella was the first decentralized, distributed, peer-to-peer technology and then beyond that we went to things like BitTorrent and Torrent networks and things like that and that’s what’s happening today and that’s really you know, if you go to or, you’ll see how the Torrent network works and in it enables private and anonymous transactions to happen with files, with software with music, with anything data related.

05:23-The Importance Of Anonymity

Monero is basically the same thing as that but for money. So bitcoin, initially, was kind of this poster child for anonymous transaction, darknet transactions and anonymity and things like that and we quickly found out that bitcoin it was not really anonymous because it could be linked back to the account where bitcoin was purchased, where all of my information is right so it’s not truly anonymous. Monero was the first point to come out to really truly be an anonymous coin, to provide untraceable, unlikable transactions between two parties and even beyond that, so I think Monera is really unseating going in terms of becoming the number one, default cryptocurrency for privacy and anonymity across the web and this is going to become more important 2018 as more governments, as more third parties, as more regulators look to regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, regulate the transactions, regulate the taxation of cryptocurrencies, the gains on cryptocurrency gains, so forth and so on. Monero and other privacy coins are going to really fill those gaps where people want this anonymity, they want privacy, they want security, they want the government and third parties out of their hair and I think Monero is really really suited to pick that up well, to really take off in 2018 for all these things coming down the pike, and that’s why I’m very very bullish on Monero

06:42-Monero’S Value And Projected Increase

If you go to the Monero’s chart on Coinigy, yoga Monera sitting at about $319, it’s starting to make its way up a little bit and I expect this to go up a lot more in the next month or even sooner. It did have a high of about $500 in that went down to a low recently of $230 bouncing back up to $319, again I think it should be closer to $400 at least right now and it’s not because of the dips that have been happening and the fear in the market and so forth and so on, fear, uncertainty and doubt. I think it’s its position and it’s poised to blow up and go up from here and so I am definitely invested in it. Another pioneer in the tech space, the cyber security space, John McAfee, he touts Monero as being bullet proof, as being kind of the next coin to really rise up in the ranks. It should be worth really thousands, in my opinion, I think it’s going to take a little longer to get that widespread adoption but it’s happening on the darkweb and we’re going to see soon more applications coming out which enable this privacy, anonymity and security aspect into other applications and I think that’s where Monero is going to start to shine.

07:40-Why Monero Is Set Apart From Other Cryptocurrencies

We go back to the Monero website, you know you can go through this yourself, but I do want to show you that what specifically Monero does that’s different from many of the other privacy coins is really right here. it’s all laid out, there are five points of why Monero is set apart from the other cryptocurrencies and the other private sequence on the market. One, it’s untraceable, unlike most of the digital coins, Monero uses a special technology called Ring signatures, think of an onion with rings, multiple rings which shuffle users private keys in order to eliminate the possibility to an identity of a particular user. Automatically, it’s untraceable because it shifting keys and when the transaction happens it only then chooses the key to use, and it doesn’t link it back to the actual user. Next one,  unlikable, being a great feature and traceability doesn’t protect a receiver from defining his or her balance through inspecting ongoing messages to the user’s public address, therefore Monero employs a specific protocol which generates a multiple, unique, one time address and that can only be linked by the payment receiver and are unfeasible to be revealed through blockchain analysis, that’s a very, very big one. So the transactions you send cannot be linked back to the sender or to the sender’s account or to the person that purchased the Monero in the first place, it can’t be done. Only the receiver of the payment has that code and given the cryptography of Monero, it would be virtually impossible right now to crack that to link it back to the original sender, that’s another reason. Reason Number three, security. Like any other digital currency Monero is cryptographically secured, though the peculiarity of algorithm consists in tremendous computational electric capability, is that a hacker would need to even try to steal your funds, to put in a nutshell your wallet is unbreakable, it’s unpenetrable, given the computing power today, it’s just virtually impossible to break the wallet. Maybe when quantum computing comes out, that will be a different story but right now, completely unbreakable. Number four, private, besides other features, privacy is basically provided with the idea of anonymous transactions without any obligation to cooperate with third parties. Monero is based on cryptography that has lots of modelling factors in its arsenal, making it difficult to detect who transactions belong to, so it’s very, very private and in the protocol, it deliberately models and breaks apart the signals to connect these pieces together to tie them back to a user. Lastly, analysis-resistant. Here’s one thing about bitcoin, is that with the right amount analysis, the right team, the right computational power, anything can be analyzed on bitcoin and bitcoin’s blockchain core. Anything can, given the amount of time and resources, it can be broken then it’s not truly anonymous and that’s why Monero comes in. Monero’s blockchain analysis-resistance results from unlinkability, which was achieved by using a modified version of the Diffie-Hellman exchange protocol that generates multiple one-time public addresses that can only be simply gathered by the message receiver, but hardly analyzed by confused foreigners inside the Explorer, So again, it’s using this ring technology and it’s using this protocol that generates multiple public addresses and keys and it’s only deciphered on the receiving end when that transaction is completed. So boom there again is another reason why Monero is powerful.

10:57-Why I Recommend Monero

So, guys, this is why I’m bullish on Monaro in 2018, I think there’s a ton of potential there. If you want a secure coin, if you want to coin that’s been around for a while, you want to coin that’s not going away, you want to coin that’s more stable than some of these altcoins that are under a dollar, under ten dollars, Monero is it for you. I mean there are other great privacy coins out there but Monero is the most stable and I think, will have the most stability through 2018 and likely have the most rising potential. It may not beat out some of the others in terms of overall gains in 2018,  because it’s a little bit higher priced, but I think, overall in the long term, it’s going to be less risky, it’s going to be more stable, you’re going to make a decent return it’s not a fantastic return and you’re going to see Monero go up in the months to come, mark my words on that.

I’m Dan from, If you haven’t already subscribed, please click on that little red box in the corner there, click that red box you’ll be subscribed, you’ll receive video updates for me on a regular basis and until then guys hope you enjoy it. Leave your comments and let me know if you think there’s anything better than Monero. I would love to hear your opinions guys. Thanks, see you later.

[ICO Review] Influencers and Advertisers On The Blockchain – Match Made in Heaven?

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Introduction
  • 00:59 – What Is The Name Of The ICO?
  • 01:24 – ICO Getting A Lot Of Good Ratings
  • 01:56 – What Is The ICO Project Aiming To Accomplish
  • 02:28 – What Is
  • 02:58 – Will ICO Make Connecting With Influencers Easier?
  • 05:17 – What Is Making It Difficult For Brands And Bloggers To Interact?
  • 06:16 – The State Of The Digital Marketing World Is Huge
  • 07:02 – New Generation Of Online Advertising
  • 07:44 – There Is So Much Money To Be Made
  • 08:26 – There Is A Lot You Can Do As An Influencer
  • 08:44 – The Team And Founders
  • 11:28 – Looking At Social Media Profiles
  • 12:22 – Comments Of How Persons Are Reacting To ICO
  • 13:24 – Taking A Look At The White Paper
  • 14:31 – Benefits For Token Holders
  • 15:45 – Benefits & Advantages Of Their White Paper
  • 17:17 – Advantages Of SMT’s
  • 19:03 – ICO Seems Progressive (Conclusion)

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Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Dan again from


And today guys I have a treat for you, I want to review an ICO that’s in the digital marketing space.They’re aiming to create a marketplace within the digital marketing arena and I’m really bullish on this ICO because I come from a digital marketing background, I’ve been doing it for gosh twenty years at this point, I’m very very familiar with the technology that’s out there currently, I’m very familiar with what you can and can’t do in the industry and we all know do you know marketing has literally blown up in the last like three to five years, it is blown up for enterprises, for small businesses, for independent people that want to use digital marketing technology, you can find digital marketing applications for literally anything in this ICO that I’m going to review hits that sweet spot in the digital marketing space and what they’re ultimately trying to do is create a marketplace for influencers to connect with advertisers. This has been done before but never been done on the blockchain and which is why I think this ICO is actually very interesting and very compelling.

00:59– What Is The Name Of The ICO?

Let’s jump right into it guys, the name of the ICO is Social Media Market, Social Media Market, SocialMedia.Market, you can go to that website, you’ll come here and let’s just look at the basics, right? Monetize your influence, decentralized influencer advertising marketplace. There’s an ICO that starts on February 9th, hasn’t started quite yet but it will be starting in about fourteen days, a little bit longer, fortune days, thirteen hours.

01:24– What Is The Name Of The ICO?

This is the total number of tokens that will be available and in the ICO, they’re calling them SMT’s, their social media tokens, you can go ahead sign up, this ICO is you know getting good ratings, I mean from all these different agencies out there that are now popping up to review ICO’s, to legitimize ICO’s, you know prevent scamming from ICO’s.They all got good ratings on this on social media market token, right? A 5.0 from Track ICO, 4.2 from ICO Bench, 4.0 from Token Tops and Triple A from ICO Bizarre.

01:56 – What Is The ICO Project Aiming To Accomplish

So, that’s very promising in and of itself but let’s dig into what this ICO is actually doing. What the project is actually aiming to accomplish, and I’ll touch on all these guys. This is I’m very very familiar with what they’re trying to do here because like I said I come from a digital marketing space and I’ve seen this before but never on the block chain, right? I mean you see companies like (Inaudible, 02:13) and others that have been trying to connect influencers with advertisers for a very very long time and it’s been very difficult to do for a variety of reasons and the block chain will hopefully solve a lot of these problems and I have a lot of faith in this particular ICO to do just that, right?

02:28– What Is

So, let’s read through it and I’ll explore and explain what exactly this is. SocialMedia.Market is the first decentralized marketplace connecting social media bloggers and advertisers, like I just said, right? Solving major influencer marketing problems that will create new opportunities for content monetization, community engagement and audience exposure, new ecosystem driven by block chain technology and social media token will simplify marketing interaction between businesses and influencers and I can speak from personal experience that this is very very difficult to do.

02:58– Will ICO Make Connecting With Influencers Easier?

Years ago I worked for a company called Symantec and Norton Anti-Virus software and I worked for that company in a marketing capacity for quite some time and we did actually try to run some campaigns where we were trying to connect with influencers in the security space, for example and it was very difficult thing to do right, we had to reach out individually, independently to each one of the influencers out there. We had to you know come up with a completely separate or independent contract with that particular advertiser, sorry with that particular influencer and we had to do that for every single one. So, you can imagine if you have a few influencers that you want to work with, the contracts can be a headache, the structuring of the offers can be a headache, you know the payment options can be a headache, especially with a large corporation. I’ve experienced it firsthand and so I’m very hopeful that this ICO will solve some of those problems because if you can literally do the transactions on the block chain using SMT tokens, disengagement with advertisers and influencers will be tremendously easier, it will be a whole lot easier, right? You will literally go into the block chain and you’ll see what influencers are available, you’ll see how much it costs to have them, you know promote whatever it is you’re promoting, you’ll come to the contract agreement right then and there on the block chain and everything will be verified through the block chain and you’ll pay those influencers with SMT or social media tokens as you know described here. So, let’s look through this a little bit more but I wanted to give you some background and insight into why I think this is going to be valuable, why I think it’s going to be a success because I’ve experienced it first hand and it was a very difficult thing to do and these guys are aiming to solve that, which is what I really like about it, right? So, okay how does this work SocialMedia.Market will create a global marketplace for advertisers and influencers among every major social network, providing convenient and transparent tools for the interaction of any party involved for maintaining commercial relationships between partners, again this was a pain point that I had SocialMedia.Market will use block chain technology to simplify integration, reduce fraud and cost for all market participants. That’s the number one thing that I found to be very difficult doing this independently without a platform like social media market, right and that’s why I think this is interesting. Token value is going to be upheld, not only about the transaction means with the platform services but also supported with the ability to participate in the decentralized dispute solution system gaining it earnings for token holders.

05:17 –What Is Making It Difficult For Brands And Bloggers To Interact?

So, here this kind of explains you know what the current situation is there’s bloggers, there’s influencers on social media, Facebook, YouTube, just go to YouTube you can see all the influencers there and then you’ve got brands, big name brands for enterprise companies, smaller name brands for small businesses and even individuals in some cases want to get notoriety, want to be you know have their own personal brand if you will and there’s this chasm between them you know there’s this chasm that makes it difficult for bloggers and brands to interact because a fraud because you know pricing is uncertain and it has always be structured individually. Complicated transactions, if you work for a corporate company, a Fortune 500 company, it’s often very hard to new transactions, you know with bloggers, with YouTubers, with whoever, you know this kind of people are that work on social media because they don’t have like corporate backing, you know to produce an invoice and to do all these things that sometimes corporations require and so it’s very hard to interact with them and in a partnership can be very very complex so I think they hit it right on when they called out all of these areas here and this kind of just highlights that again.

06:16 – The State Of The Digital Marketing World Is Huge

The state of digital marketing in 2017 is huge, it’s enormous guys and these numbers are likely outdated already because you know we’re now in 2018 and these are going, these numbers are going up significantly every – every single year. Every dollar spent creates $11.69 in return for influencer marketing and really for all digital marketing, I would say this really applies and they kind of hit on these stats because the opportunity in digital marketing is huge, just in digital marketing itself not even talking about block chain, the opportunity in digital marketing is enormous and I know I’ve been in it for twenty years guys, it’s an enormous, enormous market with you know angles every which way you can possibly think and I think this is a good company to that.

07:02 – New Generation Of Online Advertising

So, now it says, meet the new generation of online advertising with the first decentralized ecosystem to discover, create and analyze advertising campaigns with social media influencers. So, not only are they going to provide the intermediary yet to do business, you know with influencers or bloggers depending on which side you sit, they’re also going to provide analytics of those interactions and those campaigns that are executed by those influencers to give you the best results and I can see down the road they’ll start looking at all of the metrics across all of the campaigns, across all of the influencers and they’ll start tailoring the offers and these successes based on the outcomes that they’ve seen in the past, again something very very interesting and very smart in the marketing space and why I think this again has more potential.

07:44 – There Is So Much Money To Be Made

So, guys, there are 3.3 billion in the social media audience and there’s 77.3 billion spent on digital marketing every year, so this market is enormous right, so definitely in a big market. The token functionality itself, its core functionality will be maintained by a utility token, which is called The Social Media token, the SMT, which I just talked about. Every platform activity will require SMT to ensure transactions, campaign contract creation of data validity. So, basically, you’re going to pay for your campaigns through SMT tokens, you’re going to track your analytics through SMT tokens and the way they structure this, I’m not quite sure you know we’ll dig into the white paper here in just a second but this really just kind of goes through how the token will actually operate.

08:26 – There Is A Lot You Can Do As An Influencer

For influencers you can create a self-promotion campaign, you can donate, you can you know purchase tools for analytics, all kinds of things. For brands and agencies, you can acquire, personal marketing assistance. You can read through this all on your own but I think there are some definite use cases here to touch on.

08:44 – The Team And Founders

Okay, so the team, they have a number of advisors, U.S. based and International based, they have legal counsel. Let’s go through I want to look at the founders here really quick, some other locals in San Francisco right here, Century Natural Foods is actually a really interesting one because that is becoming very big and popular in California, it’s actually blowing up because it’s related to the medical marijuana, now the recreational marijuana laws and this guy is the COO of Century Natural Foods, which is actually been blowing up, so that gives me some confidence as well that he’s an early adopter in the markets that are about to blow up. Again, in block chain early adopters, so I like that he’s an advisor to this company and our team Dmitry Shyshov and Aleksandra Morozova. They are the founders, he’s the founder and she is the co-founder and the CMO. Let’s jump real quick over to their LinkedIn profiles, I always like to take a quick look at their LinkedIn profiles just to make sure they have a legitimate background, they have experience in the field that they’re promoting and working in but just real quick Dmitry, a passionate entrepreneur, the CEO and founder of R.Games and Nontita Limited, operating games and Esports industries over the three years, so he does have experience in you know this type of technology in marketing and things like that because in the gaming industry it’s very very big, so that gives me some confidence in him. Aleksandra is the marketing person behind R.Games and Nontita Limited, so it looks like those two work together in the past and she is the one working with influencers in the game and Esports industry on a daily basis, very interesting. She has more than ten years’ experience in digital marketing work on marketing campaigns with Apple, Sony, Dell, Asus, Microsoft, so forth and so on. So, she seems like she’s kind of the brainchild behind some of this and she gets it from an experience standpoint. If you have ever done work with influencers, if you’ve been on one side of the influencer aisle or the advertiser aisle, you’ll know, it’s very difficult to connect these people and so she probably gets that better than anybody else and which is why she’s the CMO of the company. Jumping over there LinkedIn profiles really quickly for Dmitry, let’s just look at his background really quick, social media is obviously for a year he’s been doing that. Let’s see, R.Games, which has been around for four years, Nontita Limited, two years again in the Esports industry, which we just talked about, so they do have experience there. I’m really going to look at Aleksandra’s profile a little bit more. She’s been with this company for a year, Chief Marketing Officer of Nontita Limited and again that’s the Esports industry, Fibrum – seven months, marketing again, diHouse again, marketing, marketing, marketing. So, she gets it, she’s been around the block in terms of marketing and she knows how to handle these situations, she knows what influencer marketing is and how difficult it is for advertisers to connect with influencers to do campaigns like we’re talking about here.

11:28 – Looking At Social Media Profiles

Let’s see let’s take a quick look over at their social media profiles, they got a lot of them. Let’s take a look at the Bitcoin Talk Profile and let’s also look at their Telegram Channel, I think I already got that open here. Here’s their Telegram Channel, 3,171 members not bad, I would expect it to be a little bit higher given it’s in the social media and digital marketing space, I would think that they would have a little bit bigger presence here, I don’t know when this launch though, it’s possible it’s fairly new but definitely go and join because you can ask any questions you like about the ICO. If you look at Bitcoin Talk, we got twenty-seven pages, and this was posted on October 19th, not as big as some of the other reviews that I’ve done but still pretty decent in terms of size. This again just talks about kind of what they are, we’ve gone through some of this. I don’t really want to look at this again, we’ll look at the white paper here in a second and you could look at it.

12:22 – Comments Of How Persons Are Reacting To ICO

What I want to really want to get to the comments here. Need to say that this will take a while to read all of your documents but at first sight, the project seems very interesting, I’ll definitely monitor this project, nice potential. I think it’s a good decision to utilize social media as a shape of advertising or marketing tools. This day social media already became every day. Okay, I am not going to read through all this, but I just want to get a sense of what people are thinking about when they’re looking at this at this particular ICO and how people are thinking. You can go here yourself, of course, read through all the comments, you know just to make sure you’re comfortable with this site, so you know yourself. This will give you a lot of answers to your questions and a lot of feedback of you know what kinds of people are engaging in this project and how many people are engaging in this project. I do want to look at like one previous page here, how you participate in a crowd sale, here’s how proud in a crowd sale, I look forward to it, I’m sure you can beat records. So, a lot of bullish and optimistic you know comments in that forum there, so very optimistic on that as well.

13:24 –Taking A Look At The White Paper

Let’s see what else here, I do want to jump into the white paper here, let’s jump into, okay this is the short white paper and let’s look at this really quick. I do like the way they’ve graphically done this, it’s pretty nice. It gives again some of the other views I’ve already given, how it works we’ve already talked about, already talked about this as well. The token economy, I will try, let me zoom in on this you guys can see this a little bit. All right, so this is that you know really how the platform itself will work. So, brands will come in and make payments through smart contracts, they’ll be holding SMT tokens to actually pay the influencers. Agencies may get commissions for connecting the two together brands and influencers and those SMT tokens can be utilized for commissions as well, which is pretty interesting as well. The influencers will receive payments, you know via SMT token via smart contracts through the platform. Payments for your own channel development decentralized solution so they’re building on an outcome of this separate arm as well to have decentralized dispute solutions. So, they’re billing out kind of this separate arm as well to have decentralized solutions that can be utilized through this platform.

14:31 – Benefits For Token Holders

Okay, so let’s look through these benefits here. So, there are some privileges in advantages for token holders. If you hold 15,000 SMT tokens, premium tools for brands bloggers look like you have access to some premium tools. You own 10,000 you’ll have access to their decentralized dispute solution system, again a way to make money. If you own 5,000 reduced service fees and 5,000 agents’ admission. So, you can get commissions for start connecting advertisers and influencers. The worldwide launch of this platform is going to be in Q1 of 2019, so they’re going to be in development this entire year of 2018 and their going to their token sale. Their platform will be released in probably six months in 2018, which is good to know as well and really the team, the token sale here you can look at. Token sale, the phase one has been finished, we’re going into phase two. Sorry, phase 1, actually I’m going to look on the website here, give me one second. So, the actual ICO starts in fourteen days, like I said. So, phase one was the pre-sale ICO and they did already raise some money, so the actual ICO is coming up.

15:45 –  Benefits & Advantages Of Their White Paper

Let’s look at their white paper, so here’s their white paper and I want to look for something like their benefits. This white paper is 58 pages, so they obviously have a very in-depth business plan, which we can look through a little bit but I don’t want to spend too much time looking through that because I want to find the core benefits here. Social media decentralized, system discover create, we already went through that. Okay, here are some advantages, here are some benefits and advantages, a short list of advantages, SocialMedia.Market will provide all parties as a service, transparency and competitive in a competitive marketplace, a wide range of social media platforms that will be utilized on the platform, reduced operational cost and fees are working with influencer campaigns, I can completely attest to that from personal experience, you will have significantly reduced operational costs by using something like this because you won’t have to individually connect with an influencer for every campaign that you want to run, you won’t have to individually connect with an influencer to structure pricing, to structure contracts, to make payments, it’ll all be done through the platform, so that’s very very cool I think and that’s a reason why a lot of these others haven’t worked out because of the complexity that requires one to one relationships like this. So, hopefully, the block chain will help resolve this. Accessible and easy to use even for small businesses, small businesses will be able to access and have smaller budgets on this, which I think is very interesting. Smart partnership for a wide range of users with the ability to create smart contacts tailored to specific needs using templates and smart tips, so you can structure deals however you want through smart contracts in the block chain, which I would really like about this solution as well.

17:17 –Advantages Of SMT’s

It’s fair. It’s the ultimate resource, smart planning, real-time analytics and data science, I like that they’re get their thinking to build the data science and analytics engine on top of this, which I think is very fascinating and will lead to other business models for them, which is a good sign that this idea is going to be a longer term then just the initial platform of connecting advertisers and influencers. I can see them selling the data in the future, I can see them analyzing the data with AI in the future and then selling it, I could see all kinds of different things being developed from this platform, third-party apps they could develop. Advantages of SMT’s, social media tokens, save, low cost, fast you know all your typical things, I think that you would like to see. Then it gets into the specifics advantages for influencers, for advertisers and I do want to see this decentralized dispute solution a little bit and this may take a little bit more reading, so I won’t go through all of it per say. Data science that is exactly what they’re doing what I just said, Big Data analytics in the future a longer term when this platform starts to take off, they’re going to start creating data applications on top of it, which they will ultimately sell and use for themselves. Think of Netflix guys, Netflix did the same thing. They started out as a movie producer selling or shipping DVD’s in little envelopes to every house, they don’t do that anymore, do they? Now, Netflix is a big data company that produces movies based on the data that they have. They’re going to do something like this, they’re not going to the movies, but you can see why this is powerful and how they can leverage the data to create other business models in the future, that’s the interesting part of this guys and that’s really about it. I want to see, yeah that’s really it guys.

19:03– ICO Seems Progressive (Conclusion)

I have some faith in this ICO, I think it’s very interesting. I’m curious to see how much traction it will get in the ICO. I’ll be reading about it more, it’ll be monitoring it a bit more and I’ll give you some updates on this but I’m curious to know what your thoughts are about SocialMedia.Market, what your thoughts are about marketplace that connects influencers and advertisers, do you think this is a viable business opportunity to be built on block chain? Do you think block chain is the right place for something like this? Would love to know if you think it has, you know viability and if you think it has some potential. Again, guys, I’m Dan from, hopefully, this was useful and thanks again for tuning in. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking on that red button. Talk to you later guys, bye.