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The Fastest Growing Crypto Exchange – Could Bitxoxo.Exchange Overtake Binance?

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:07 – Bitxoxo Exchange
  • 01:55 – Bitxoxo Ico
  • 03:24 – Blockchain Bitcoin Exchange
  • 04:58 – Bitxoxo Platform
  • 05:35 – Benefits Of Bitxoxo
  • 07:01 – Bitxoxo Gift Card
  • 07:56 – Bitxoxo App
  • 08:08 – Bitxoxo Ico Launch Pad
  • 08:19 – Bch-Altcoin Marketplace
  • 08:58 – Bitcoin Cash (Bch) E-University Certification Program
  • 09:12 – Bitcoin Cash (Bch) Pos App
  • 09:27 – Token Structure
  • 10:53 – Bitxoxowhitepaper

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again for where each day I help you make more money in the cryptocurrency space.


Today guys I want to review a new exchange that’s about to be built right now in the crypto land. There’s a bunch of different types of exchanges being built right. There are decentralized exchanges being built. There’s Binance, Poloniex, Bitrex. I mean the numbers of exchanges are really kind of blowing up and they’re going throughout a number of different countries right. China is very active, Japan is active, the US is active, and Europe we have a few going on there, India so forth and so on. And different types of exchanges are popping up left and right. I want to talk about one exchange today that I think is pretty interesting. They’re launching an ICO. The exchange I’m talking about is a BitXOXO exchange. And it is an exchange based in India. And it’s going to be a primarily Bitcoin cash pairing exchange at least initially and you’ll see here why in a second here. But it’s going to be one of the fastest growing exchanges pairing with Bitcoin cash opposed to Bitcoin core. So, that’s pairing with BCH versus BTC. I think that in itself is pretty interesting, because of what’s going on with Bitcoin cash and what is actually happening with Bitcoin cash. A lot of development of applications, a point of sale solutions, different apps to text message Bitcoin to people. The economy, the network, the ecosystem for Bitcoin cash is growing and is rapidly expanding very quickly. And it’s very interesting to see Bitxoxo you know dedicating and building in exchange primarily for BCH or Bitcoin cash pairings at least initially right. They’re trying to expand the number of pairings so that not all altcoins and cryptocurrencies are really paired with Bitcoin itself because we all know that affects the price pretty significantly when Bitcoin goes up and down. So, anyway let’s go through this just a little bit. I do want to talk about the actual platform and how differentiates.

 01:55 – BITXOXO ICO

First I want you to know there is a token sale. They’ve already hit 62% of their soft cap. There are five more days for the pre ICO token sale where you’re going to get some incentives and some additional tokens for participating now in the program. And so, that’s what’s going on now. They already have a good user base; they already have a product and I think an exchange you can actually use and I’ll show you here in just a second. If you go to their Twitter account and their telegram account you can see that it is growing very quickly. You could see that the exchange is going quickly. The social media channels are going pretty quickly. I don’t like this loading but there are already 20,000 followers right. And they haven’t even launched their ICO yet on Twitter right there are 20,000, there are 12 thousand followers on the telegram. So, this ICO is going to do well because they already have a following that’s a really key factor in launching an ICO and raising funds for an ICO. It’s almost like you got to build the audience and then build the ICO after you build the audience as with any product or service right. The better time is to have an audience and if you have an audience then if you launch a product or service that fits that audience specifically, you’re going to be a lot more successful at raising money and at you know being successful launching your product or service or whatever it is. This is definitely noted here by just looking at a 62% already reached on their soft cap right. So, very interesting but let’s look at the actual exchange itself and let’s look at what it actually does different right than other exchanges that are out there.


Blockchain Bitcoin exchange; here are some of the features of the exchange itself. The team itself has been the encrypted currency for about 15 years. They’ve been you know almost since the beginning. They’re veterans at cryptocurrency and at exchanges. The platform itself while fast execution real-time trading as with any other exchange. flexible interface which I think is very, very important. And I’m really interested to see the interface because I’ve been using KuCoin lately and man that interface sucks. It is a terrible interface which makes it difficult to trade right. So, I’m hoping Bitxoxo it has a better interface than KuCoin and some of them do Binance has a really good interface. Some of them do have a good interface but KuCoin, I just don’t like it right. Mobile optimized, Blockchain Technology, very good support 24/7 support. Another very important thing we all know that Coinbase support is terrible, it’s probably by far the worst. We know that Binance, Poloniex all of the exchanges, their support is terrible. So, it’s very promising to see this. I hope they kind of go through and live up to what they’re saying and promising here. Okay so, they already have a hundred thousand active customers and I’ll show you a minute why? They already have a product. They already have a platform which is why they already have so many customers right. Trading is going to be at 0.1% fees whereas Binance, Bitrex, others do I usually at 0.2 or 0.3% fees. So, that’s attractive in and of itself right. Because if you’re making a $50,000 trade, your fees are going to be about $500,000 sorry about 250 on one side of each trade right. So, you’re going to have quite a bit of fee. So, that’s very good to see that there.


Okay so, let’s see the platform itself is in exchange and they offer the widest spectrum of services for both people in India and outside of India. You can easily buy and sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You can easily buy them for your family with within minutes right. They don’t necessarily need to do KYC. And Bixoxo is the first the world’s first company to launch a Bitcoin physical gift card. This is pretty intriguing to me and I’ll talk about it more in here in a second, but also they’ll be incorporating…excuse me let me pauses this for a second. Oops sorry about that almost lost it there a second ago. But okay let’s go on with more of the benefits what the platform is it’s up right.


So, they’re going to be launching a gift card strictly based on Bitcoin right. There Bitcoin cash then they’re going to create a point-of-sale system for merchants. They’re going to be able to incorporate and integrate with point-of-sale systems for merchants which are very, very interesting right. They’re going to offer a Bitcoin payment gateway for e-commerce websites which is awesome because I want a payment gateway and they’re going to offer travel portals recharges and shopping. So, it looks like this exchange is not only going to be a cryptocurrency exchange but they’re going to start integrating into other decentralized applications. They’re going to be integrating with e-commerce shops. They’re going to begin integrating with financial services like gift cards and merchant services. They’re going to be offering payment gateways. I mean this is huge. This is big for me. I’ve tried the Coinbase e-commerce solution not great. I’ve tried the Bitpay e-commerce solution; it’s okay not bad right. But not great I’m looking for something a lot more robust. I’m hoping this platform can deliver that, but very exciting that they’re thinking beyond the exchange right. Beyond the exchange where they’re going to actually incorporate and integrate all of their technology that they’re offering on the exchange level into other applications and services to make the experience seamless between buying, selling, transacting, moving you know gifting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. They’re trying to make that smoother and easier which is needed in the crypto space. To improve and increase user adoption another smart move Bitcoin cash. I’m pretty sure they’re involved in this as well right.


Okay so, let’s see the Bitxoxo gift card. It is the first exchange in the world to launch a crypto prepaid gift card for users. It’s a physical gift card similar to the cards available with e-commerce website for shopping. Any Bitcoin users can buy a gift card for their self, family and other Bitcoin web. Okay so, looks like you’re going to be able to buy a gift card with cryptocurrency and then give it to somebody in your family or anybody right. And they can just spend it as if they would spend anything else right. Very intriguing, very interesting way to get more adoption with Bitcoin is to put it in the gifting industry right. Safeway Blackhawk and network is really Blackhawk Network which is a subsidiary of Safeway is one of the largest financial services in the world. They do gift cards all over the board. This would fit very, very nicely with what they’re trying to achieve right. So, another partnership in the making, I can see that being very strong and since I used to work there I should actually maybe make a connection here because I think I can.


Anyway okay so, the Bitxoxo app. they’re going to be building an app to boot, to do trading if you’ve used Binance and any of the other exchange apps today. They aren’t very good, they’re okay but they’re not great. And so I’m hoping that’s going to be successful here.


And then ICO a launch pad for other Blockchain products. That is based on the Bitcoin cash Blockchain technology. They’re going to be launching that as well.


BCH-Altcoin marketplace. So, they’re trying to you know shift altcoin marketplaces being tied to Bitcoin to be tied to Bitcoin cash. Another very smart move of Bitcoin cash and if they’re successful, it’s going to disrupt Bitcoin in a way because not all coins are going to be paired with a Bitcoin itself right. So, that is very, very exciting and you’re going to be able to convert your Bitcoin cash into other fiat currencies or into other cryptocurrencies through atomic swaps which is coming right. It’s when you can convert your cryptocurrency into whatever else you want on the fly on a chain on the Blockchain itself right. Bitcoin cash is setting that up now.


Bitcoin cash (BCH) E-University certificate program; it looks like they’re trying to get the public more aware of what cryptocurrency is and they’re offering a certification program to do that, which I think is awesome.


The Bitcoin cash POS app which is coming, which is all laid out right here to offer merchants a solution to accept cryptocurrency there; they’re going to be setting up an incubator, a debit card similar to others. So, they’re just doing a number of things right.


And their token structure, the ICO. This is how it’s structured; they’ll have a total supply of 20,000,000 coins. It’ll be based on the Ethereum ERC 20 Blockchain at this point in time. And they’re going to be launching an ICO with it right. If you get in the pre-sale you get a 25% discount. You’re going to buy tokens at $1.5 versus $2 at the ICO sale. So, if you get in now you have an opportunity right here. Let’s see what else and their roadmap right. all kinds of goodies right here and they got an experienced team. So, you should definitely check out their team. I’m not going to go through all of them but they have a very, very veteran experienced team. They’re going to be at different events very established well-oiled machine here. I want to show you also they have a product that’s already out right. You go to You’re going to be able to sign up to their platform and start using their exchange. you’re going to start being able to use their app itself .and you’re going to be able to get information and start using the payment solution that they have built already as well right. So I’m going to try this out myself. I’m going to try it and see if it works right. I’m going to try their POS. I’m going to try their merchant services. I’m going to try a number of things, their exchange see how it works right. I’ll let you guys know how it goes right, so the launch pad coming soon. They’re building this all out as we speak, but sign up to get access to this as well.


That’s just an article about it and their white paper very well written forty page white paper talks all about what their vision is, and how they’re going to achieve their vision with this broad big vision that they do have. Okay so, yeah read over the white paper. I think it’s uh it’s worth a read and I’m actually very bullish on Bitxoxo.  I was bullish and even after doing this review now; I’m even more bullish just because I think that there’s going to be a lot of potentials. I don’t like the fact that it starts at $2 for an ICO. I think that’s quite high, but if we are in a bear market, I would say be cautious of that considering we’re in a bear…sorry in a bull market right now. And things are starting to ship and go upwards in the cryptocurrency space. I think it’s actually not a bad time to get into ICOs that have a little bit higher of a price point. I think that’s okay and the supply on these coins is quite low as well. So, I also think that’s okay, but just something to consider right. So, again I’m Dan from hopefully this has been useful for you guys? Let me know what you think and subscribe by clicking on that little red button below. See you guys

Marketing Automation Will be Changed Forever – How Momentum Token Will Lead in Customer Loyalty

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Momentum Tokens
  • 02:04 – Marketing Technology Landscape
  • 06:02 – Momentum.Io Tokens
  • 10:06 – Launch Branded Tokens
  • 10:30 – Reward Customers
  • 11:00 – Build Lifelong Relationship
  • 11:47 – The Momentum Platform
  • 12:03 – The Mobile Bridge Momentum Token
  • 12:38 – Earn Collect Use Or Trade
  • 12:54 – Why Mobilebrigde Momentum
  • 13:58 – The Momentum Team

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Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Dan again for


And hey guys today I have something exciting for you. I want to review a marketing-specific ICO. And guys these marketing ICOs keep popping up left and right. I have some interesting insight in this and I want to share with you. But first I want to show you what token I want to review today. So, there is a new ICO coming out trying to revolutionize marketing and loyalty programs. The token is called momentum token and you can find it at Right now they are currently in a private sale. They soon will be launching an ICO. If you’re interested you should join the whitelist right here. So, the reason guys I want to bring up this company bring up this ICO because I think it’s quite interesting that what’s going on in the digital marketing space. So, I’ve been doing digital marketing and have been in that space for well over 15 years. I’m very, very familiar with the space, with the tools you know anything from marketing automation, and analytics inbound advertising outbound advertising and you know the overall customer or marketing ecosystem that’s built off of digital advertising pay-per-click you know you name it. I’m familiar with all the different types of digital marketing technologies offering so forth. I mean for a very long time I managed marketing technology stacks, I’ve done marketing systems integrations, and I’ve set up my own types of marketing programs. And so, the reason I’m bringing this up is not to tout my marketing experience and background, it’s really to just let you know what’s going on and what’s going to happen in the marketing space as we look to the next five or so years outright. So, let’s take a step back and I do want to give a quick review of momentum token here because I think there’s some potential with the company and with what the company is trying to do and actually the team itself. But first what I’d really like to do is just give you kind of a quick breakdown of the marketing technology landscape that’s out there today and how that applies to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space. And how the two are going to start merging and fusing together and how you’re going to start seeing that. I want to show you that right now.


So, if you look over at the marketing technology landscape. And this really this image right here. It’s built from right. So, is a pretty well-known popular marketing technology website where it talks about the latest marketing tools, technologies software, SAS solutions so forth and so on. So, if you look at this, this is from September 2012 and this is the marketing landscape in 2012. If we look at this today in 2018 this is going to be much, much larger but I didn’t want to kind of overwhelm you. The reason I’m bringing this up is that look at all of the applications that are in the digital marketing technology space right. Anything from digital asset management solutions, video solutions, email marketing solutions, marketing automation solutions, search and pay-per-click ad solutions, retargeting display ads. I mean the list goes on and on and on and every single one of these circles here has a number of companies with inside it right. so, there are hundreds if not thousands of digital marketing companies on this list and if we look at 2018 let’s just say 2018 marketing technology landscape and let’s see what this looks like in 2018. It’s going to be a huge diagram as you’re seeing right here. I just want to show you kind of how this is evolving and how this is expanding right. so, this is I’m going to open this in a new window so you can kind of see it. But it has exploded right and let me make this bigger for you guys um control. Let’s see plus oh you know what you can’t see it. Okay, let me let me go back here. Let me let me pause this real quick all right. So, I found one from 2017 and it looks like this. So, you can obviously see that the ecosystem has blown up in the last several years in digital marketing. And this is the marketing technology right and it’s very similar to what I just showed you. It’s just built out and blown out a lot more than what I just showed you, but you can see some of the same things right. Video marketing, email marketing, content marketing, optimization and personalization automation analytics there the list literally goes on and mobile marketing and so forth and so on. And the reason I want to bring this up is that what’s going to happen in the Blockchain in cryptocurrency space is that the digital marketing space, the Internet space is going to be gutted out and completely rebuilt on Blockchain technology or something similar right. And that is what’s happening with all of these different marketing tools that I’m showing you that are now popping up in the form of ICOs right. I’ve shown you the vivid token, I’ve shown you momentum I’ve shown you Sethal, I’ve shown you a number of different marketing specific Snovio a number of marketing specific I Cos that are popping up and this is because marketing technology is now completely internet-based right. It’s database driven. Its analytics-is driven, it’s data-driven in general and what better place to build a marketing app that’s data-driven but on the Blockchain right which is decentralized, distributed and it offers a lot more flexibility features and in additional uses really with the data by using it and utilizing it on the Blockchain. So, now let’s come back to momentum token and let’s look at what they’re actually doing because I think there’s some potential here, if you think in the context of the digital marketing industry, and where it has come from and where it’s actually going because where it’s going is going to the form of Blockchain all the internet companies and digital marketing companies that you see today, they’re going to be rebuilt from the inside out. And they’re going to be coupled on to a Blockchain and cryptocurrency like solution right because there are advantages that they’re going to get by doing so. And we’ll talk about some of those right here Okay.


So it’s the world’s first Blockchain and crypto token based marketing automation platform that enables companies to reward their best customers and supporters with crypto tokens right. So, what’s a marketing automation platform right? So, marketing automation is essentially email marketing right. It’s automatic emails that are sent out to prospects and customers to either up sell them, to cross-sell them, to retain them as customers, to offer value to them in the form of content or other perks. That’s what marketing automation is right. you have big players right now today which are like Marketo which are sales force par died, which are Eloqua which is made by Oracle. Those are enterprise level applications right enterprise level of solutions. Then you have the smaller players for kind of the customer-facing solutions right. And those are like the AWeber’s, the constant contact, the MailChimp’s all those smaller players are really in the marketing automation space for small customers right or for small business customers right. So, is trying to revolutionize the marketing automation industry by creating a marketing automation platform that is also a loyalty program that’s based on cryptocurrency and Blockchain right. So, how is this going to be useful? All right so redefining the way companies that build customer relationships. With momentum, companies can reward customers in exchange for their attention. Business brand advocacy and data insights while giving the customer full control over their personal data. So, this is something that we don’t see today right. Customers typically don’t have control over their data fully in a marketing automation platform environment. If you look at like a Marketo for example, the customer data is stored on the Marketo system. It may also be stored in a data warehouse on the backend within the company itself. The customer never sees or controls any of that data whatsoever right. they may be sent an email saying hey do you want to opt out or do you want to stay opted in or hey do you want to subscribe to X Y & Z newsletters, but they’re never given a full chance to see what data you actually have right. Momentum token is going to do that. So, it’s going to make more transparency in marketing automation and marketing in general right which comes out of very good time. because there’s something called GDPR which is a European Union law that has passed which is requiring customers I’m sorry which is requiring companies to give customers access to their data and to allow them to decide and opt-in multiple times to get marketing materials or marketing communications sent back to them right. So, this is very timely and I think it’s very smart. Okay solving real problems, traditional marketing is often disliked by customers. They often are badly timed at lack personalization and result in spam that’s a very, very, very real problem that many, many companies are trying to solve. They can solve it but it’s not easy. It’s time-consuming. It takes technical aptitude to do that and development to do that. But companies are doing it right. And so, momentum is trying to simplify that next loyalty programs repeatedly fail as consumers lack a sense of value and ownership points, offer no real value, offer to expire and are wasted. So, instead of offering a traditional loyalty program like a point system that you know typically customers do, they’re going to be offering a loyalty program in the form of cryptocurrency. That’s ultimately redeemable in cash and other rewards right. so, ultimately there is going to be a value tied to these points and rewards that customers receive for engaging in interacting with whatever marketing materials may come their way right. So, that’s an incentive to interact with communications that come by being rewarded with loyalty programs that are transferable back into actual cash right. So, that’s something I want you guys to be aware of and keep in mind because that doesn’t exist in the marketplace today right. Okay in North America alone the total value of unused points is approximately $100 billion right. So, people aren’t using their points that they’re getting from these reward programs and so is trying to flip them on its head and say hey look you can actually get cryptocurrency which is redeemable in cash, into fiat if you’d like by participating in our marketing programs right.


Okay so, they’re going to also enable companies to launch branded tokens. So, if I’m a company and I want to do marketing, I can actually launch a branded cryptocurrency token for my company through and then I could then send that out to my customers and reward my customers with my own branded cryptocurrency that’s redeemable in cash right. So, again very, very good concept and I think this is scalable in a number of ways right.


Reward customers give crypto tokens to customer supporting your brand for buying, reviewing, or telling all their running friends about their new sports shoes right. so, again another way to earn money by engaging with marketing programs is kind of flipping it on its head usually people engage with marketing programs and they’re not really rewarded. They’re given more ads right. They’re not really rewarded they might be rewarded with content with you know like a PDF or a book or something like that, but here they’re rewarded with actual real money right.


Okay build lifelong relationships; build up a detailed understanding of customers and use it to have a relevant one-to-one conversation with them and their friends right. So, here’s kind of a look at what the app may look like, what it may look like in general. Okay so, companies that are they are working with have seen 100X more active app users, 40 X more customer data, 10x more app users in their store. And they’re working with companies already like Volkswagen, Praxis, Galbani, Burger King, Plus, Bilka, Firelli. These are big-name companies that you can go search and they’re big companies that are using so, I think this is another very good sign they already have a platform, they already have a team. They haven’t even launched an ICO yet, so they’re trying to hone in on the product solution itself before launching an ICO very smart right all right.


Next, the momentum platform transforms the way companies do marketing. So, a lot of this I’ve already talked about and talked through this just gives a little bit more details around this and I think all very, very important as you look at this company and whether or not you want to invest in.


The mobile bridge momentum token right; so, the momentum is a utility token and will be used in four different ways;

It rewards and loyalty token it is used to reward consumers for their attention business and brand advocacy, and data insights.

A gateway token; The momentum token tables enable consumers to convert company branded loyalty rewards into momentum tokens which in turn can be exchanged for reward tokens or other cryptocurrencies ultimately back to fiat currency or dollars if you would like right.

A platform payment currency: companies who are using the momentum platform will pay for it in momentum tokens. A cryptocurrency and encrypted, okay so she’s talking about that all right


Earn, collect, use or trade, get involved. So, it’s talking about how you can actually get involved to earn tokens. Get real value by actually buying products or buying services right or turning them back into cash. You’ll never waste tokens again right all right.


So, why mobile bridge momentum? Mobile bridge momentum token is the token that powers the mobile bridge momentum platform. Demand for the momentum token will be fuelled by the ever-increasing demand for the token as transactions on the mobile bridge platform continue to increase. Why? And this lists all the reasons why the people may want to use the mobile token right: the momentum mobile bridge token right; the momentum allows marketers to assign a value to each action that positively influences their sales right, so very powerful right. You can assign a value to each action or any action that somebody takes and you can have that stored back into their profile on the Blockchain and over time build that profile out to create more successful and creative marketing programs that can be rewarded with momentum and tokens. Okay, a lot of really, really good I mean even the loyalty program. The loyalty market itself is a $4 billion market right. In North America 100 billion unused loyalty points in general right. Anyway so, this goes on and on about momentum and what it is and the benefits and so forth.


Look at the team; so the team they are all experienced folks right. Many of them from Hybris which is you know a successful company that’s been around for a very long time. They’ve worked for Walmart, Argos, and Tesco so forth and so on. These guys are veterans, these guys are experienced from Intel, from here’s a Blockchain and expert from the mobile bridge. You got advisors from SAP Accenture and these folks are our powerful folks in the digital marketing space. And they’re now turning into advisors for this company right. I’ve worked directly with Accenture myself multiple times on marketing programs strategically and tactically. So, I think this is a big, big thing to notice here. A GM of the shell is backing this as an advisor; a vice president at MasterCard is backing this which is very interesting and actually kind of peculiar, but nonetheless very, very interesting. What else? Okay more experts that they have a lot of partners already working with some big name, companies Deloitte another huge Capgemini, huge marketing, and digital marketing integrators. So, this is…I’m bullish on this because of just the ecosystem that they’ve already built and they don’t even have an ICO to speak of right. So, anyway here’s how the token sale will be distributed. You can see they have a total token supply of 1 million here and oh actually it’s 1 billion sorry and then they’re going to be offering 500 million tokens for sale at 10 cents a pop right. So, it’s going to be a little cheaper because there are so many tokens in circulation. Okay so, let’s see what else here guys. I think that’s about it. I do you want to show you. So, they’re brand new, this company is brand spanking new and they already have a following on Twitter of over 1500 folks. They already have a telegram presence of 3,000 folks; they already have a lot of activity on their Bitcoin talk platform. So, check that out.


Go and check out their one-pager in their white pager. So, they have a light paper and a white paper. Their white paper here, its 53 pages long pretty extensive, pretty well written, I’m not going to go through it all, but I would definitely encourage you to go check it out especially if you don’t know much about digital marketing or online marketing platforms, marketing automation platforms. Definitely, take a look at this because it’ll really explain what the business proposition is. I understand a lot of this because I know what marketing automation is. I’ve used it myself a lot of times. Okay so and really just go check out this light paper. This light paper is pretty intriguing because it gives you all the key points you need to know. It’s only six pages long, gives you the key points you need to know about this platform guys. So, again I am NOT a financial advisor, I’m not a CPA, I am not telling you to go out and spend all of your hard-earned cash on this ICO. However, I think that momentum token is going to have potential. I am personally going to look to invest in this ICO not sure 100 % if I’ll do it.

I so need a look at some of the background you know do a little bit more due diligence, but I wanted to at least bring it up to you guys and again the one very, very important thing I want to leave with you guys today is that, momentum token is one digital marketing application and technology that solves in the area of marketing automation and loyalty programs. Look at what’s happening to the digital marketing space alright. This image right here is from 2000 and like 12; it shows the digital marketing space back then. This image is from 2017 it shows the same digital marketing space only a couple of years later. It has shown how it has completely exploded and the market cap, and then the amount of money poured into this ecosystem is absolutely jaw-dropping. And so, what I want to leave you with is that momentum token is one of many, many, many, many, many apps that are going to be built in the marketing technology space in the years to come here. We’re going to see a complete transformation of market technology. We’re going to see the industry completely disrupted and all the apps on this page here will essentially be gutted or rebuilt from the inside out to somehow connect and tether up to a Blockchain or similar technology. And if they don’t I guarantee you they will fall by the wayside and their market share will continually go down. That’s the nature of the game guys. It’s going to be web 4.0. We’re currently in a web 2 web 3.0 environment and we’re moving to a web 4.0 environment which is all about rebuilding technologies on the Internet based on Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Alright guys so, there you have it. Just remember that I am Dan. if you haven’t subscribed please do by clicking on that little red button below. Dan crypto Camacho here and I’ll see you tomorrow. Let me know what you think of these guys. I’d love to know your thoughts on momentum token or See you guys

Will Replace Steemit? What Do You Think?

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Yours.Org
  • 01:23 – You Can Buy Into Additional Content

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from Crypto Camacho

00:03 – YOURS.ORG

And hey guys right now I literally just signed up for a new platform called so, it’s kind of a new version or a new social network kind of like steamit, but it’s based on Bitcoin cash and it’s a social network. It’s a social community where you get paid for the content you produce. So, if you can see right here on the screen, there are blog posts basically that people have posted and you can see the kind of right here there are people that are voting for how much money this particular post should be paid for this particular content right. So, there are a couple different ways you can earn money on You can publish just like a blog post right. And I’ll just click on one for example. You can publish a blog post like this like you would on any type of blogging platform. And you can see it’s just a blog post right. And then people go to the bottom of your post or the top view of your post right and they actually can upvote your post. And you can earn $0.25 right. And so that’s kind of one way you can also tip people for the content they produce at $0.25. And so, you can see there have been a number of people that have either voted or tipped. And you know this particular article and blog post has actually made some money right. So, that’s kind of the first thing.


The second thing is that you can buy into additional content right behind a paywall. So, the paywalls are blocked by a Buy button right here. Look this is a Buy button for example and if you buy this, if you click to buy you can actually you can actually go and buy whatever content it is behind this paywall. And the author of the content can actually make some money right. And then you can see the reviews of people that are saying it is or it is not worth paying for. And you can see the amount of money people have actually paid to view this content behind the wall. You can see how many people have tipped, how many people have voted on the particular content right. This gets really, really interesting when you start talking about microtransactions and micropayments right. Because you could essentially earn cents for content that’s being produced and it can be quickly transacted in Bitcoin cash right. You could quickly set up a kind of payment wall or a payment gateway in which you produce content training materials, tutorials lessons, courses whatever you want behind this payment wall and people can then pay for the content in micropayments or however much you want. And they’ll be given access to that content behind the paywall right. So, this is a first attempt really not a first attempt but an attempt at building a new social network to take on the likes of Facebook and other large social networks, like Twitter and so forthright .it is to decentralize the social network from the corporation and actually create a decentralized and distributed social network platform that nobody in particular owns. That’s widely distributed cannot be shut down. And it can be you know people can actually earn money from the content, they produce based on the quality and based on the merit or overall value of the content that they produce right. So, I just signed up for I’m going to give it a while I literally just signed up like 5 minutes ago. I haven’t even added a picture; I haven’t connected my payment accounts or anything like that. So, I’m going to go ahead and connect to it and I’m going to start playing around with it. I’m going to start posting content to it. Initially, I’ll probably post free content right. so, blog post, videos, things like that I’ll post on here for free and you guys can you know go check out my blog post and whatnot on here on and then second I may produce some high quality content right. Some training materials or some tutorials or lessons or whatever it may be and I may put a payment gateway up. So, that the content if its training course for example; you would have to pay for that and I’m curious to know what you guys think. If you think that’s a good idea, if you think you know if you’d be willing to interact and try this out with me. It’s kind of an experiment to see how it works you guys. You guys don’t know that I have a steamit account, and my steamit account you know I used to publish my content on Steamit for quite some time. And I just wasn’t really getting any traction, wasn’t really getting too much you know traction on the platform in general. And I wasn’t really impressed with the capabilities and functionality of the platform. I do think Steamit has potential don’t get me wrong, but I think it was lacking overall. An overall kind of vision in guidelines and you can see that people on Steamit have actually stopped it kind of slowed down and the number of posts that they’re receiving. Again don’t get me wrong I think steamit has huge, huge potential in the future and it’s a great example of setting up a decentralized distributed social network based on Blockchain, but I just think that there were there are some issues with Steamit. Anyway so, is something else I’ll be trying out. And I’ll let you know how it goes. If you guys have signed up let me know. I’ll put the link to my profile in the comment section of this video and I’ll let you know how it goes guys; Until next time I’m Dan from Thank you. Later see you guys

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make You Rich – Signals.Network is The Future of Trading

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – New Trading Platform Signals.Network
  • 00:42 – Signals.Network Website
  • 01:43 – Signals.Network Ico
  • 02:13 – Signals.Network Telegram Channels
  • 02:29 – Signals.Network On Social Mention
  • 03:08 – Signals.Network Platform
  • 04:50 – Why Should You Trust In Machine Learning And Not Your Gut?
  • 05:45 – How Signals.Network Will Revolutionize Crypto Trading
  • 06:14 – Crowd Sourced Wisdom
  • 06:43 – How Signals Work
  • 08:18 – Share And Monetize Your Trading Strategy
  • 09:51 – Signals Token Sale
  • 10:36 – Signals Whitepaper
  • 10:52 – Machine Learning In The Stock Market

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from cryptoCamacho


And I’m super excited today guys to review a new trading platform. So, most of you know I am a day trader, swing trader, investor in cryptocurrency. Today I want to review a new trading platform that is in development it’s called It’s a new trading platform that’s going to be using machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you not only create successful trading models but also to help you learn what others are doing and how others are trading to incorporate that into your trading model that you can create with this new platform. You don’t need to be technical; you don’t need to be a developer which is the beauty of what signals network is developing.


So, let’s jump over it guys right now. So, if you had signals .network is the website. I’ll put the link in the show notes here, but the website is There is a token sale going on right now to raise money for this new artificial intelligence and machine learning the trading platform. If you’re a trader, an investor, a swing trader in cryptocurrencies, you’re going to love this. I think this platform is going to be a game-changer in a lot of ways. A lot of folks are exploring this type of thing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in the stock market and cryptocurrency trading really with any type of market trading. People are looking at machine learning to help them predict what the prices may be for a particular cryptocurrency or stock or market right. And so, that’s what is doing. They’re trying to create a platform like the trading view that offers not the only kind of views and ways to manipulate and look at charts, but to actually build models based on machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you become a more successful trader. And to gain more money or gain more profits on your investments alright.


So, this ICO I want to just very briefly touch on and then I want to get into the meat of what the platform does. But the ICO has a target cap of 10,000 Ethereum tokens, they’ve raised 31.4 2% of their goal. Right now there are four days left in this token sale and I think that it’s worth checking out because I think the platform will have potential. The platform itself already has more than 19,000 users.


If you jump over to their telegram channels and their Twitter channels, they’re also getting a pretty good following to 19,000 followers on the telegram. On Twitter, they have 25,000 followers. So, there’s clearly interest in this particular ICO.


If we go over to social mention and just type in into the actual search of social mention, let’s look at what the social sentiment would be for this particular ICO right. I would imagine the social sentiments going to be somewhat higher than usual. Yes, it is. We have a 7% strength, 45% passion and 4-1 social sentiment being positive. So, the passion is very strong right which means that the passion is the measure of the likelihood that individuals are talking about this about the brand and will do so repeatedly. So, people are talking about and people are looking to invest in it.


So, let’s jump into the platform itself. Looks like they’re going to be developing a pretty slick interface which you can see kind of a glimpse of right here, it shows where you should buy and sell based on the model the machine learning model that you’re building. So, what is right? So, signals aimed to disrupt the crypto trading industry by lowering the barrier to creating algorithmic trading models. Even for users without any programming skills. Our mission is to open crypto trading to anyone by empowering users with a smart tool for creating automated trading strategies. Signals is a playground for those who want to experiment with different training models and machine learning techniques as well as building and optimizing strategies and sharing them with others right. So, this is very, very interesting right. So, they’re going to enable non-technical developers, non-technical users like you and me right people that want to trade but don’t necessarily have a technical or programming background. They want to enable users like that, like us to be able to create machine learning and artificial intelligence models to do automatic trading through this platform itself right. And what they also want to do is take the successful models from traders that really understand how to trade, that understand how to build models and then to allow those users to share those models with anybody in the network on the ecosystem so that they can use profit and utilize those models as well. I think it’s a very, very cool idea. Trading view does something similar, but they do not incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning yet. So, I think is doing a great job at doing that. They have a lot of reviews on a lot of different ICO type of review sites so check that out right here. I think it’s worth looking at. The white paper I’ll get into in just a second.


And then this is interesting why should you trust in machine learning and not your gut? So, there’s debate about this right. Some traders think absolutely not they do not want to trust a machine or a computer to do trading for them. They’d like to see the action, see what’s happening. So, they can make subjective decisions on their own but I kind of I’m kind of mixed on my feelings here right because I think machine learning is capable of doing things that humans are unable to do. I think in many cases they’re smarter, they can do regression testing, they could do a lot of like statistical types of probability testing and modelling that human just can’t easily do. So, I think on the one hand machine learning could be a very, very powerful way to trade as long as there is a human kind of behind it making sure and validating that. What it’s doing is what it should be actually doing right. Lightning speed decisions. So, based on machine intelligence they’re you know the models that you build will be able to react in and react quickly.


How we want to revolutionize crypto trading. So, what they want to do is they want to offer a service where you can build an artificial intelligence or machine learning model to trade with no programming skills at all. They want to leverage a decentralized, some supercomputer power by having their platform across a distributed network on a decentralized Blockchain which is what they’re doing here to tap into the power of all the computers on the network to offer a lightning-quick service and a lightning-quick platform that allows you to do this kind of thing.


And then crowd-sourced wisdom; the signal’s platform gives you a chance to use indicators driven by main Blockchain-based prediction market platforms which generate powerful trading strategies augmented by crowd-sourced wisdom. So, not only is the machine learning going to take effect here but, the crowd is going to be able to weigh in on a particular machine learning model that’s been built out the crowd, the network the ecosystem. The network is going to be able to decide whether or not a particular model is successful or not right.


So, how does signals work? This is kind of the 1on 1 of how this platform actually works right. And build algotrading models with no programming experience right. So, I’ve already kind of went through this. Even if you’re not a data scientist, you can create models you could then train your models before you even spend any money right. So, you can have a model, you could build a model. And then you could hypothetically put it on a market on a cryptocurrency and see how it would actually perform right before you even put any money into it. then knowing that it performs you know at a certain level that you want it to then you can start putting money into the actual model to make money for you. They’re going to be doing things like estimated profit calculated risk based on the model dynamics. So, this is super exciting. As a trader, I would love to be able to build a model and then try out that model and train the model and then see how it would actually perform that is awesome. I mean that to me is a huge game-changer right. Because you can literally you know tinker with a machine learning model until you hone it in or fine-tune it to where you want for a particular cryptocurrency right or a particular market. It doesn’t have to be a broad-reaching kind of AI. It can be an AI for a specific cryptocurrency or a specific market that you’re interested in. and you could continually hone in and fine-tune that the prediction capability to get to a point where it will be you know successful at predicting trades for you for that particular cryptocurrency right. So, very, very cool user training model to generate profit which is exactly what we have here…got to turn up the heat a little bit, getting a little bit cool in here guys all right.


Okay so, share and monetize your trading strategy. So, this is also very cool right. So, place your brand new trading model into the Signals marketplace so that anyone can pay you to copy and trade your strategy. So, if I create successful models to train on cryptocurrencies or crypto markets or whatnot. I could then essentially put those on the Signals Network marketplace and resell that model to other people that may be interested in using that same model to profit the same way that I am from that model right. That is awesome I mean they’re creating this entire ecosystem around trading, around machine learning and artificial intelligence and around crowd sharing, crowdsourcing which I think awesome. I just did me so excited for this platform to come out. I can’t wait really, I mean just the product itself I want to actually try it gets me excited, just thinking about the product, the team itself very strong check them out. I’m not going to go through them but they are PhDs they know what they’re doing in markets. They know what they’re doing in prediction. They know what they’re doing in technology. Just check it out, you’re not going to be disappointed with the team. A lot of partners they’re starting to align with which is always very, very important. So, the token sale has been started on March 12th it goes for another few days. So, get in on that as soon as you possibly can guys. I’m not a financial advisor, I am not a CPA, I’m not giving you financial advice, but I think the product, this product has potential and when a product has potential, the price of the cryptocurrency associated with that product has potential too. This is what I see; this is why I am saying that.


So, let’s jump over the token sale right here real quickly. How to buy SNG tokens? Start by registering by clicking this button. Check your registration status, you do need to sign up for KYC [know your customer] but once you do this you just simply put in an ERC20 wallet like my Ethereum wallet address in here and you can actually buy SNG tokens right. There is a discount structure going on right now. 15% discount if you buy before the token sale ends. The token sale is set to 36 cents during the discount. So, you can get in now and get the tokens for 36 cents which I think is going to be a very, very good deal as the cryptocurrency markets grow and as this product grows. I think it’s a very, very innovative product and platform alright.


So again I’m not going to go through that too much. Check out the white paper guys well-written white paper 25 pages long. So, it is a bit lengthy but not too bad talks about a data marketplace and indicators marketplace. It talks about the vision of the company, talks about how they’re going to monetize and so forth.


So, one last thing I want to show here is that machine learning in the stock market. It is not new; it’s something that’s been around for a while. Something that people have been trying to do for a long time, just search on Google machines learning stock market, you’re going to come up with all different types of tutorials on how to use machine learning to create predictive models or algorithms to predict stock market prices based on different indicators. This is going to be irrelevant soon because you’re not going to need to do that. You’re only going to need to use the platform to do something like that without being a developer. And one thing that got me peaked in on this is I’ve been following this guy on Twitter, his name is Tensor Tom. Very, very cool what he’s doing. He’s actually built out… he’s a computer scientist. He’s a crypto trader and he’s built out an AI which he calls [inaudible, 11:37] to actually trade against Bitcoin BTC. And it’s really interesting to follow what Ana has been doing. And he talks about Ana in his tweets as you can see here. And he talks about predictions that Ana is making and it’s very interesting to see what his AI is actually predicting and what he should do in the markets. And I think it’s fascinating I mean you could go and look at him. His name is Tensor Tom. You should go to Twitter@tensor Tom. So, a little shout out for Tom there but he’s using AI to do predictions and you know he’s been relatively accurate many, many times. It’s not foolproof, it’s not bulletproof but I just want to highlight the fact that there are people now developing models individually on their own that are developers or computer scientists because they see the power in machine learning and artificial intelligence. And building algorithms to do the kind of the legwork, to let you know when you should buy or sell a particular stock or cryptocurrency. So, check that out thanks Tom for all you do, if you watch this video. Again, guys, I’m Dan from I hope you found this useful and helpful? Let me know what you think about then I think it’s going to be a game-changer. Let me know if you think it’s going to be a game-changer. I’d love to know your thoughts on this and if you would use something like signals. But I’m very bullish on signals myself. If you haven’t subscribed please click on the little red button below and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks, guys and I’ll be back tomorrow. See you guys

Make Money In The Internet of Knowledge – Why KNW Cryptocurrency ICO May Explode in Value

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:20 – Knw Cryptocurrency Ico
  • 01:15 – What Is Knowledge.Io
  • 01:46 – How Does Knowledge.Io Work?
  • 02:31 – The Potential Of Knowledge.Io
  • 02:49 – How Is Knowledge.Io Mined
  • 03:44 – Distribution For Knw Tokens
  • 04:04 – More About The Knw Token
  • 04:24 – How Does The Knw Token Work
  • 04:48 – How Is Knw Used
  • 05:05 – Consumer Applications Of Knw Tokens
  • 05:39 – More On Mining Knw Towns
  • 06:18 – The Enterprise Side Of Knw
  • 06: 54 – Advantages Of Knowledge.Io
  • 08:56 – More Uses Of Knowledge.Io
  • 09:12 – The Ecosystem Of Knowledge.Io
  • 10:54 – More About Knowledge.Io

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Hey what’s up guys, it’s Dan again from Do you ever realize that the more you get into crypto currency and block chain, the more interesting it becomes, the more interesting you start noticing other projects in the more interesting the whole entire thing is becoming.


I found this ICO today and I have seen it in the past before but I really started reading about it today and it is pretty fascinating. It is a pretty interesting concept. I want to make a video about it because this particular ICO, I’ve seen everything, now we are taking blocked into a whole other level of just keeping track of financial balances on a ledger. We’re actually now talking about taking data or entire data structures and putting them onto the block chain to check them, to be able to program against them and to be able to share and distribute that knowledge to anybody in the world. And then to create a mechanism where you could actually invest in that particular company, that idea, that vision through the block chain and through token creation is fascinating. It is crazy.


And today guys I want to talk about this ICO. It is called It’s fascinating. What these guys are trying to do, they are trying to make a knowledge economy on the block chain itself. So they’re using the etherium block chain and basically when you contribute and participate in this economy, this new knowledge economy, you’re going to be rewarded with knowledge tokens which are convertible back into etherium tokens, bit coin and eventually fiat currency if you want to go that route as well.


So basically by participating in this platform and by collaborating with this ecosystem, you actually be paid and given one in crypto currency clients to give your knowledge to this economy. And so after you give your knowledge to this economy in the form of questions, they’re going to then take this knowledge, take these questions and they’re going to quantify it. They are going to quantify not only the questions it so but they’re going to quantify the engagement of the questions and how the data of that particular question and answer are actually being used and could be used and applied to other areas, other economies, other markets, other businesses and things like that. Very fascinating idea and I thought it would be worthwhile to bring this up and to mention this ICO


Because I think there is a lot of potential here. Even though it is not seen on the surface, I think there is potential here because it is essentially a new paradigm, a new marketplace, a new economy or ecosystem that they’re building which can be used in the future for a variety of different things.


and one very interesting thing about knowledge IO that I thought was that instead of mining, so with bitcoin and etherium and other currencies, typically the mining is done by solving different types of math equations, different math problems that are very complex. Very complicated math problems that the computers will solve in order to validate and confirm that the block should be added to the block chain. That is how bitcoin and etherium and other block chains work. So with knowledge, instead of mining by solving a math problem they are mining by asking questions that people can then answer and contribute their knowledge to which will be stored on the block chain and which will act as that mechanism to solve an equation to actually add a block to block chain. So is going to be doing that with questions rather than mathematical formulas that need to be solved.


So let’s check this out. Let’s check this ICO out. I think it’s very interesting. It goes on till April 21. Token distribution ends April 21. You could go ahead and sign up if you like. There has already been many many coins are sold, over 7 million clients sold to date, KNW tokens are already sold.


Let’s just go through this. Meet the KNW token. The knowledge token. Knowledge token is an ERC 20 token which is essentially the etherium block chain token that will be available through our apps and a variety of other third-party apps that are a part of this new knowledge ecosystem.


So the way it works is that users can then be rewarded by participating in this ecosystem, they can be rewarded with knowledge tokens and can then use those tokens to buy products or services over their marketplace. When these guys have contracted with other retailers, other merchants. So they already have a huge database of products that can be purchased through these knowledge tokens.


KNW token owners can buy products from or in app marketplace. Advertisers use KNW tokens to advertise through our platform and gain access to our bought free market data. The knowledge ecosystem utilizes the power of block chain to bring zero fraud market data.


Consumer applications. So let’s read through this a little bit. I want to make sure that you understand what it is. Users that interact with the platform are rewarded with knowledge tokens for contributing knowledge. So you’re going to be getting these KNW tokens back for answering questions, for giving information about certain topics or whatever. If you have an expertise in marketing, video or engineering or whatever, you can answer questions in this knowledge ecosystem and be rewarded with tokens which are essentially convertible back to other currencies that you may want to use, like dollars.


The KNW token is mined, not cryptographic hashing but solving questions with knowledge scores that can be developed by usage of websites and apps that have some associated knowledge value. In order to jump start the marketplace and ensure users can enjoy knowledge tokens earned we have established relationships with merchants that would provide a catalog of 300,000 products. These guys are already partnering with merchants in product marketplaces. I’m guessing it is something like Amazon or Alibaba or something like that which provides product that users will then be able to get to buy through these knowledge tokens as they acquire them for answering questions.


So that is on the consumer side. On the enterprise side that’s take a look. On the enterprise side, data miners, marketplaces, enterprises, advertisers and third parties can use their knowledge scores as actionable intelligence to target and incentivized both brick-and-mortar campaigns through integration with the knowledge platform educators, employers, advocates and others can devalue and exchange knowledge through voluntary or a gamified interactions. The data is generated in conjunction with knowledge scores, will tell stories and identify opportunities in a way that has never been possible before.


So this is where the platform gets very very interesting. So picture this. Picture that millions of people are now contributing to this knowledge economy, there answering questions in this ecosystem about any type of topic you could think of. Think of Google where people go in the asked questions, think of Google where you cannot only ask questions but you can answer questions and then get paid to actually answer those questions. What would Google do with data like that? So this data would be the data that is a questions and answers to those questions will be stored on this knowledge economy block chain. They will be stored in this ecosystem, in this block chain. And after the knowledge is stored there you’re not only to have the knowledge stored in the block chain, the question, the answers that come from the question, you’re also going to have the people that answer the questions themselves stored against that data. They would have an associated score associate with that as well. An associated or intelligence knowledge score which would give them an opportunity to do business with other people in other companies, in other environments. And so knowledge.IO can then start to match the people up. They can start to match the people that are answering these questions and have this expertise or knowledge, they could start matching them up with other companies that may need health or consulting services or knowledge in a particular area. So if I’m a marketer and I go to knowledge.IO and I start to answer all these questions about marketing. I’m not only going to get paid for those answers from knowledge and from those knowledge tokens but I’m also pretty presented with opportunities to other companies that may need a marketing advice, that may need marketing help or consulting work or whatever. They’re going to be offering my services to those companies if I allow them to, if I want them to. They’re going to open up the gates for these new type of interactions between many different things. It says right here between educators, employers, advocates and others that can value the exchange of knowledge through voluntary or gamified interactions.


So they can create all different types of games, they can create all different tests of employment services. They can create alternative educational opportunities and services through this application. This is where this platform gets really interesting if it actually gets taken to another level.


So imagine Yahoo answers or googleanswers. There has been a lot of companies that have tried to create this question – answer type of ecosystem. If you look at the early days of the Internet, this is actually a pretty big thing that people were trying to start and solve. And I actually myself, back in the day, 15 years ago with the developer at the time we were kind of cool collaborating on creating this answer marketplace. And then we just realize that the time that there just wasn’t enough technology available to do what we wanted to do. And knowledge.IO is actually creating this ecosystem which was never before possible in the past which is traditional HTTP, W WW Internet protocols. Now that we have block chain, now that we have crypto currency and block chain type of protocols, this is possible because all that information can not only be stored in a database, in a distributed database. And not only can it be stored in the block chain but it can be stored at a level that was never possible before and it cannot be hacked. So you could do some very interesting things by coordinating all of these answers and questions and people into this massive ecosystem, this massive database. You could then start utilizing that data in a variety of ways that we never thought possible.

So that is why I am bullish on It’s a fascinating concept, a fascinating idea. I think it is actually a very very smart idea even for creating games. They said their partnerships are growing. They have currently partnered with gaming grades, coinemy, TiVo. They’re partnering with the right players to take this platform to the next level. So this would be very interesting to see how this turns out.


The team is solid. I am not going to go through the team right here but the team is very solid. There are a lot of advisors on the team. The roadmap, I’m very curious. The marketplace is meant to be launched with dropship or integration in Q2, Q3 of 2018. They would probably have some sort of ranking system. So here’s the ICO information, so the crowd is so Is 19 million, the minimum is $200. The total supply of tokens, I’m not seeing the total supply of tokens but I will look for that in just a second.

That is knowledge.IO. Check out their white paper, I’m not going to go through their white paper right now but it is a well-written white paper. I have glanced at it a bit. I’ve read a little bit on it. I haven’t gone completely through it. But check it out. It gives a lot more information to the things I am referring to. It gives more information about how they’re going to build out their platform, how they are going to scale this business. And I think it is going to be a fun ride to see how this turns out. I have already invested a couple of hundred, $400-$500 into this particular ICO a couple of weeks back. I am now making a video because I have revisited it and I think it is a really great idea. Others are bullish on this, I think John McAfee has said something on it.

But anyway, take a look let me know what you think I would love to know. I am Dan from Hopefully found this useful if you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel please do by clicking on that huge red button right below that says subscribe. We’re at 10,000. I would like that to say 15,000. So give that a little click. And next time you want to watch my videos they would just come right to you. You will get a notification, it will come right to you and you could watch it and you don’t even have to search. All right guys I am Dan from crypto Camacho. Go to for moreinformation.

It’s Not Too Late to Get in on This Bull Run for Bitcoin Cash – Crypto Trading Opportunity

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Trading Opportunity
  • 00:14 – Bitcion Cash/Usd Chart On Binance
  • 01:17 – The Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis

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Hey guys what’s up? It’s Dan here from cryptoCamacho


Hey, guys I just want to show you a quick trading opportunity right here. I think Bitcoin cash is about to go up. It’s about to jump up to a new high from its recent lows.


Okay, guys, I’m looking at the Bitcoin cash USD teather chart on Binance and this is the chart right here. And the reason I think there could be a quick move in the next few days for Bitcoin cash to go up is, because right here…so, let me explain this to you guys alright. So, zooming out I’m using the hour charts here right. And historically we’ve gone way up and there’s been a huge downtrend as there has been with all other cryptocurrencies right. Huge, huge downtrend right. Okay, that is now starting to turn a corner right. You see all of these downtrends, and you see everything keeps going down, keeps going down, but now things are starting to turn just ever so slightly right here, which could indicate a new bull run about to happen right. It’s not a guarantee, but definitely an opportunity for a bull run to start in the other you know if you look at the other cryptocurrencies, you look at the other markets out there, the other coins all the markets are starting to turn and becoming bullish markets going from bear markets to bull markets now.


So, let’s look at this opportunity that I’m talking about. So, if we zoom into the hour charts right here, we zoom into the hour charts and I’ll just zoom out a little bit. So, as we turn this corner right. You see this little pattern right here. We’re turning the corner, and we’re starting to go up, we’re starting to form a trend up right. So, now if I actually go and draw my lines at the start of this new channel, the start of the new channel is really right where the top levels of resistance start right. So, we can technically say that it started kind of maybe right here, right here, right here potentially right. And so, looking at those tops as the new channel that’s forming, I could then draw my lines against those tops right. Against those top channels of resistance sorry trying to talk and draw these lines at the same time. And we do the same thing on the bottom here, and I might need a zoom out a little here. Let’s do it right here. That wasn’t very good. Let’s see here all right. Okay so, let me adjust this just ever so slightly there we go and that needs to come up like that all right. So, the channel is forming kind of like this right. And it could actually be starting right here opposed to right here, but this will illustrate the point right. So, we see that the corner has been turned from a bear market to a bull market and when that happened, what it did is it created a new high. And the new high that I’m talking about is really just right here right. This is the new high that I was talking about when we turn the corner from a bear market to a bull market right. The next time we see the price goes down the low, the low of support is not quite so low as it was previously, and we see a new high above the previous high right, based on the last level of support and resistance. So, now we’ve seen a drop in the price of Bitcoin cash right here right. Here’s the drop in price chances are it will not fall below this line because that’s where the last level of support was. It’s typically going to fall a bit higher than that. And so, we’re technically like right here right. So, right there is where…okay so bear with me trying to delete this can’t work with Coinigy charts today for some reason. Okay so, that’s where it’s going to go right. Okay so, the next spot that if this is going to bounce to is likely going to be somewhere up here right. It could happen anywhere along this line. it could happen a little bit over here, it could happen here, but chances are it’s going to happen just slightly above this last line as we work our way up through the channel reversing from a bear market to a bull market right. It could actually end up being a lot higher than this right. It could end up being somewhere up here if the bull run you know keeps running up right. But to be conservative it may just run up to the line here, to the next kind of area of resistance up top. And if it does that, you’re looking at from today a percentage of at least 7, 8% and upward you know depending on how high it actually goes. But you can expect somewhere around the 5-10% range just by following this method alone alright. So, I just wanted to give you this quick little tip, quick little opportunity. I think Bitcoin cash is going to be going up at least 5-15% in the next let’s say the next 48-36 or so hours right. The next two to four days it’s going to be going up let’s say that. Hopefully, this is helpful guys? I’m Dan from let’s see how this plays out. Make some money while you can day trade while you can. And if you haven’t done it, get in now guys. You haven’t got any crypto yet, go to sign up and get some cryptocurrency guys. I’m Dan from good luck.

A ‘Digital’ Run on the Bank?! How Crypto Will Take Over All Fiat Currencies (Part 2)

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Cryptocurrency Is Transforming The Economy
  • 01:26 – The Time Of Great Depression Of The Us
  • 03:34 – Proofs That Cryptocurrency Is Here To Stay
  • 05:50 – Venezuela Is Adopting Cryptocurrency
  • 06:00 – Us Government Is Trying To Regulate Bitcoin
  • 06:27 – Why Government Might Join Crypto Craze
  • 06:55 – The Government Reveals Dollar Proposal Amid Fears Of Cryptocurrency
  • 07:20 – Us Dollar Collapse In Crypto
  • 08:053 – Google Search Dollar Hyperinflation
  • 11: 27 – Imf Chief Envisage Large-Scale Shift Away From Government Fiat To Crypto
  • 13:30 – Crypto-Assets Enable Fast Inexpensive Financial Transactions
  • 14:39 – Imf Crypto
  • 15:39 – Imf Calls For International Cooperation
  • 15:59 – Banks Crypto
  • 17:50 – Bank Of America Crypto
  • 18:25 – Goldman Sachs Is Taking Different Approach

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Hi guys, I’m Dan again from crypto Camacho.


Last time I talked about how crypto was transforming the economy, the world economy, how it’s changing the nature of fiat currency and in its relationship to cryptocurrency and I asked the question what’s going to happen? How is this going to actually end? And I made the claim that there’s proof all around us that this is happening, that fiat is slow, fiat currencies like US dollar, like the Euro, like the Yen they’re slowly being it funneled into cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency, is starting to consume fiat currencies. And I talked before what is that going to do, how is that going to change you know the price of cryptocurrency the price of fiat, is it going to cause inflation, what is it actually going to do? And how is it going to turn out right? So, this is part two of that video that I that I already kind of started talking about and I wanted to dig in a little deeper because I wanted to give you some evidence and proof of what’s actually going to happen. And when I when I talk about this I don’t want to scare you, but I want you to be prepared because I think this is really going to happen in the next you know within our lifetime. I don’t know exactly when but I think it’s going to be a lot sooner than a lot of people realize because it’s going to accelerate right. And I really think what’s going to happen at some point is there’s going to be a digital run on the banks right. and what that means is that people are going to start converting their fiat currency into crypto at such a fast pace that it’s essentially going to be equivalent to a run on the bank right.


If you remember like during the Great Depression days of the US right. When you know that the dollar was collapsing, people were making runs on the bank right. And what does that mean? They were actually going to the bank and they were trying to withdraw their physical cash, their physical money, gold, and cash whatever it was. They’re trying to physically you know withdraw it from the banks and the banks had to close down. They couldn’t actually give back the money to the people that wanted it, because there was a run on the bank and there wasn’t enough money to give back to the people right. and so, that was a physical run on the bank and what I think is going to happen now in the in the near years to come is a digital run on the banks. So, what that means is that people will start using cryptocurrency so heavily and it will become so widespread that people will start converting fiat currency into cryptocurrency for the seer you being able to use it in transactions right. And for many things businesses and many, many different things right, and people will also want to invest in cryptocurrency because they won’t want to miss out on price hikes that we’re going to see in the coming years. And so, I think that we’re all ultimately this big kind of Digital run on the banks and how that’s going to take place is you know it’s going to start slowly which it is right now and in December there is a kind of a glimpse of you know as more people put money, as more financial institutions put more money into cryptocurrency, what happens well the price goes way up right. because the market cap goes way up, but what else happens is the media gets a hold of it, the media starts now talking about cryptocurrency and talking about the opportunity in front of people and talking about how the price is going up and the gains that people are getting. And what does that do that perpetuates the momentum that accelerates that trend of upward movement right of pouring more money into cryptocurrency. And it in its snowballs and it just goes and goes and goes and goes and we saw them in December and after that people started to try to kind of say crypto was a scam it was going away it wasn’t going to be around forever. It’s too volatile. All this all BS right. and as now it’s recovering people are starting to wake up and see that you know okay it’s not going anywhere, it’s not going away. So, it can only increase from here and I want to give you some proof.


So, first, run on the bank’s like let’s talk about a run on the banks. When do I say a digital run on the bank, like what is a run of the bank? And have they happened before, is it possible that it could happen again? Just in a different way in this new digital era that we live in okay. So, just go in Google history of run on the banks and you’re going to see a list of run on the banks that have happened. You’re going to see you know bank runs and what they are, and you’re going to look at you know how banks actually go bad and cause runs on the banks.  So, in recent times list of run on the banks this is just from Wikipedia in the 1600s, 1800s, 1920s there were always runs on the banks right. People that wanted their money back, governments and banks that failed and could not pay the people back, people you know lost all their savings in hyperinflation, so far that happened in the 20s. It happened in the 1990s. In 1990s Malaysia the bank of Negara Malaysia went bankrupt right. People they saw runs on the bank and people could not get their money back right. In let’s see 1984 the Bank of Spain there was a run on the bank, in the 2000s there was a run on the bank in Argentina. In Uruguay, in Myanmar, in Britain, there was a small one. It looks like you know it looks like there was you know even in 2008 when there was a big financial crisis in the US Lehman Brothers went bankrupt right. In 2010 the Swedbank there was a run on the Swede Bank right. So, there are all these different types of runs on the bank, and here if you look at this other Wikipedia chart in the 21st century. So, this is just to show you a list of banking crises right. And in the 21st century alone Uruguay had a banking crisis, Myanmar had a banking crisis. In the late 2000s, we had the subprime mortgage crisis in the US starting in 2007 right. and the United Kingdom was affected by this. Belgium had a financial crisis, Iceland, Russia Ukraine, Spain these happen all the time. And recently what has happened Venezuela has a banking crisis in 2009, 2010 shortly thereafter they create their own cryptocurrency called the petrol that they’re now trying to get the national audience to adopt as the new form of the Venezuelan currency. How much more clear can it be than that right.


But let me give you some more evidence of this right. So, Venezuela is adopting cryptocurrency, because they know fiat currencies days are limited they know they’re limited right.


So, when you go and you search for on Google US government cryptocurrency. US government is trying to get coordinated in its efforts to regulate Bitcoin. Why are they trying to regulate Bitcoin right? Because they’re scared of it it’s taking over markets, it’s taking over economies right. It’s starting to show a significant enough market cap that the government is now concerned that it could start affecting businesses and affecting financial sectors of the economy right.


Okay so, why governments might join the crypto craze right? It’s not if they might it’s when they will right. I mean people are now using cryptocurrency to avoid sanctions. North Korea, Russia right; it’s being adopted even by governments. That’s how transformative this really is and they don’t want you to know that, but it is extremely transformative that governments them themselves are adopting it. Venezuela, North Korea because of the sanctions, Russia because of sanctions. I mean the list goes on and on right.


The government reveals digital dollar proposal amid fears of cryptocurrency right. So, because they’re fearing cryptocurrency. They’re going to create their own cryptocurrencies at least that’s what they’re trying to do and make you think they’re trying to do right. The government has seized Bitcoin and they’re holding Bitcoin right. All right so this is just a few of the top headlines right that I’m seeing in the news by literally just searching US government cryptocurrency all right.


So let’s keep going the US now its search for US dollar collapse in crypto right. So, Kaiser just on November 28th, 2017, Kaiser wrote dollar collapsing against Bitcoin. What about a dollar collapse right? If the dollar collapses will the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin go up or down right? And there are all these now searches and people talking about crypto in the dollar collapsing right. so, it doesn’t take a whole lot to know that people are thinking about this, people are thinking about well what would happen if more people adopt cryptocurrency right. Could the dollar collapse? Could the dollar be replaced as the world’s reserve currency right? Okay and there’s videos you know this isn’t completely new people have been talking about this for a while, but just recently people are now talking about it. The dollar collapsing with cryptocurrency, before 2009 people talked about the dollar collapsing all the time right it was a big conspiracy theory. but there was not an alternative currency that could replace the dollar and function as the dollar didn’t exist right. Now we’re seeing that potential with cryptocurrencies there is an alternative currency that may emerge out of this cryptocurrency and Blockchain revolution. And if it does and when it does emerge it will seriously displace the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Because there will simply be an alternative, people will not need to use the dollar anymore like governments will not need to rely on and use the dollar anymore, because they’ll have an alternative method cryptocurrency and they’ll just stop using the dollar right. And it will cause the dollar to go down in value. It will cause inflation to set in right. Okay so, that’s a bit more let me keep going right.


So, okay so now just go to Google and search for dollar hyperinflation crypto right. crypto BOTS hyperinflation, hyper Bitcoinization, people are talking about it. Dollar hyperinflation from crypto. Why cryptocurrencies could push the US dollar from world reserve status?…taking a little drink here all right. So, our crypto is evidence of dollar hyperinflation right. You can read any of these articles. And I have read several of them and they’re very, very interesting. But as you start looking at this, you’re starting to piece together what’s going on here right. So, people are talking about it and thinking of it and actually consider using cryptocurrencies as an alternative to the dollar right. And the technology is just about there right. There needs to be more merchant adoption. There need to be more UI and UX interfaces built out to allow for ease of use as people you know make it easier for people to transact using cryptocurrencies. But that is all happening and it’s in the works right now as we speak right. So, what’s going to happen if cryptocurrency keeps going up in value? The dollar is going to hyperinflate right because what’s going to happen is the snowball effect right. cryptocurrencies are going to go up and up and up the media’s going to get a hold of it. They’re going to start creating this buzz and fear of missing out or FOMO in the market, people are going to start taking their dollars and start putting it into crypto and as the hype gets more and more and more and more and the price just keeps going up, so much that people can’t resist it anymore. They’re going to go to their bank so they’re going to start they’re going to start taking all their money out in fiat and putting it into cryptocurrency in fear that they’re going to miss out on the opportunity right. And those folks that don’t do that well they’re going to wake up one day. And what’s going to happen is Bitcoin is going to be out like a hundred thousand dollar price point or a two hundred thousand dollar price point or whatever that price point. Maybe they’re going to wake up and be like wow I never bought any Bitcoin, I never bought any cryptocurrency and now the price is so high that my dollars are essentially are effectively worthless right. Because it’s going to cost a lot of money, it’s going to be expensive to buy cryptocurrency if it’s too late right. As it becomes too late, as the price goes up, as adoption sets in, the price of Bitcoin is going to go up so high that your dollars are naturally just going to be worth less money, because the price of cryptocurrency is going to be high and in order to participate in the new economy the cryptocurrency economy, in order to actually just participate in it and to transact in it. What are you going to have to do you’re going to have to buy cryptocurrency right. Using Fiat but at this point, the price is going to be the way; way high that your dollars are going to be worth much less than you thought they ever would be right. This is the reality guys, this is what’s happening.


Let me give you a little bit more proof in the pudding all right. So today the IMF chief Christine Lagarde. The IMF chief envisages large-scale shift away from government Fiat towards crypto. So, the IMF chief today April 17, 2018, has said that large-scale shifts away from government Fiat toward crypto is happening, this is big news guys. This isn’t the first time she said this. Back in I think October last year, she said the same or similar thing right. Let me read a little bit this to you IMF chief Christine Lagarde has dedicated last two blog posts on the official IMF website two cryptocurrencies. And in her latest post, she outlines multiple benefits of crypto and a large-scale shift away from government-issued currencies towards cryptocurrencies right. Two blog posts dedicated to crypto the managing director of the IMF. The International Monetary Fund who basically controls a lot of the world’s financial system is now talking about crypto right. She said in one of her posts recently, that she outlined the drawbacks citing that she previously looked at the dark side of crypto assets including their potential use for money laundering and financial terrorism. Lagarde proceeded to say here I want to examine the promise they [cryptocurrencies] offer. a judicious look at crypto- assets should lead us to neither crypto condemnation nor crypto euphoria. She acknowledged the many cryptocurrencies in circulation and says it’s inevitable that many will not survive the process of creative destruction right. The crypto-assets that survive could have a significant impact on how we save, invest and pay our bills right.  she’s telling you right here that they’re going to have an impact on how we pay our bills, how we save money, how we invest money right. Hello, the Internet’s about to turn into a stock market how you’re about to be able to pay your bills when merchants adopt it. Bitcoin platforms to be able to transact in Bitcoin, you’re going to be able to pay your bills in crypto. Hello guys, wake up look hard explorers benefits of crypto right.


Crypto-assets enable fast and inexpensive financial transactions while offering some of the convenience of cash right. The writing’s on the wall. I mean, I don’t know how much clearer can get. There is hope however that decentralized applications spurred by crypto-assets will lead to a diversification of financial landscape. A better balance between centralized and decentralized service providers and a financial ecosystem that is more efficient and potentially more robust in resisting threats right. Moreover, she says banks and other financial institutions will face challenges to their business models. should there be a large-scale shift away from government- issues currencies towards crypto assets, regulators might find it harder to ensure the stability of a more diffuse and decentralized financial system. Central banks might have more trouble acting as the lender of last resort in case of a crisis. There it is guys amen IMF said it best in this last quote. This is what happening guys is, I’m going to go ahead and then I’m going to tweet this after this video because I think it’s very important. Keep these going, let’s keep this going just for a minute okay; I want to make sure you understand what’s happening right.

 14:39 – IMF CRYPTO

So, go to Google type in IMF crypto right. And you’re going to see not only what I just read, you’re going to see countless articles of the same thing. IMF Lagarde counters crypto warnings with new praise of potential benefits of crypto. Why IMF wants to enter the crypto market with its own coin. Whoa, that’s weird the IMF is creating its own coin. So, is Venezuela, so is the US government, so is Russia, so is every government the states are starting to propose that they have cryptocurrencies. California, Nevada you name it right. They’re starting to what’s that going to do? It’s crazy because cryptocurrencies can’t be controlled by anybody. There are certain cryptocurrencies that cannot be controlled by anybody, but governments are trying to create their own cryptocurrency to lure people in to buy their cryptocurrency you know making them think it’s a more sanctioned and safe cryptocurrency. But the truth of the matter is they just want to tax it. They just want to regulate it, want to control it as they have always controlled the money supply. That’s what’s going on guys all right.


Okay so, IMF calls for international cooperation and crypto. let’s see Bitcoin and Ethereum IMF head Christine Lagarde again October 2nd, 2017 says cryptocurrency could be the future right. The future okay, the future of money right; okay so, they’re going back and forth on this but now let’s keep going right.


Let’s go to Google and search for banks crypto right. Chile government let’s see.

Lithuania let’s see India central bank to stop dealing with all crypto related assets. Why there are government’s that are now starting to ban cryptocurrency. Why because they’re scared of cryptocurrency right. Let’s see who else is doing that. Let’s see Canada banks ban users from buying cryptocurrency. And what actually recently happened in the US Chase Bank, Bank of America, Visa other big, big credit providers, they recently disallowed people to buy cryptocurrency with credit cards. Why? Because people were starting to run, make run on the bank using their credit cards by buying cryptocurrency for fear of missing out that the price would go up right. So we’ve already seen this happen once back in December 2017 when banks decided to ban credit card use for cryptocurrencies right. They’re afraid that there’s going to be a digital run on the bank’s guys. And this is happening and so banks are reacting differently. some banks are banning cryptocurrencies, some banks are you know keeping an open dialogue and trying to work with them, but back to Christine Lagarde’s last quote banks and other financial institutions are going to face challenges in their business models should there be a large-scale shift away from government-issued currencies towards crypto assets right. Central banks may have trouble acting. So, regulators might find it harder to find stability. So, banks are now trying to figure out how to deal with this cryptocurrency revolution. They don’t know if they should ban it, they don’t know if they should create their own, they don’t know if they should kind of embrace it and try to think of a new business model with it. They don’t really know what to do. So, they’re trying to do all these different things and this is proof and writing on the wall that this is happening to go Google this stuff right.


Next Bank of America crypto right; Bank of America now considers crypto a business risk. The IMF just said that right the other day, but this article was published three, two months ago right. So this is this is slowly happening, guys. Bank of America worried about the threat of cryptocurrency to his business. Bank of America our inability to adapt could see a failure to compete with crypto. Bank of America is a warning, they’re saying this is happening. This is happening guys, this is happening right before our eyes and there are many, many more articles about this and other banks and the same thing happening right.


Goldman Sachs is taking a little bit of a different approach right. Goldman Sachs is actually trying to get into the crypto game. They’re actually buying cryptocurrency companies. They bought circle that app that you can text people cryptocurrency on your iPhone, you can text people Bitcoin right. That was purchased by Goldman Sachs. They’re trying to get into the crypto game Goldman Sachs recently also purchased what an exchange Phoenix. They purchased the Phoniex exchange because why? They want to get in the crypto game; they want to start controlling it. They want to change their business model because they see the writing on the wall. Fiat is shifting to crypto; it’s only a matter of time before there is a digital run on the banks and crypto skyrockets in price as it hyperinflates the fiat currencies that it came from the right. There will be a displacement a diffusion of fiat into crypto guys look at what I’m telling you and learn from this right. Goldman Sachs leaves to join crypto. Goldman Sachs joins crypto wallet Blockchain. Goldman Sachs label crypto as a business risk just as Bank of America. JPMorgan Bitcoin jitters right. I mean this is just Goldman Sachs entering crypto will lead to a Bitcoin price surge. What I’m telling you guys is, what I am telling you guys this is happening whether or not you want to like it. There will be a digital run on the banks. Crypto will replace Fiat and in doing so it will hyperinflate fiat currencies when the vast majority people wake up and want to get into crypto. They will realize the price of crypto has gone to the moon and it’s too high and that their precious dollars and fiat currency are essentially worthless. And there’s going to be a lot of sad people on that day. Don’t be one of those sad people follow what I’m trying to tell you, buy a little bit of cryptocurrency. Understand how it works, you’re an early adopter it’s okay it doesn’t need to be perfect right. You don’t have to do all of you spend all of, your life savings just go buy a hundred bucks worth of Bitcoin right, or Bitcoin cash for that matter any of it right. Just go play around with it. This is real guys and I think you guys need to really spread this word as much as you can because this is happening. I’m trying to tell my family, I’m trying to tell my friends, I’m trying to tell people I know because this is happening right before our eyes. I will put these links in the show notes and I hope you guys just take this seriously. Go buy some crypto and have fun make some money and get some money out of this. You know because the prices are going to go up a lot and a lot of people are going to get rich off of this. And I hope you’re one of them. Okay, I’m Dan from hope you enjoyed the video? This is the end of a two-part series. This is part 2 this is the end. You haven’t subscribed guys, click on that red button below and subscribe to crypto Camacho. Visit my website at for more of this goodness and I will talk to you later. See you guys

A ‘Digital’ Run on the Bank?! How Crypto Will Take Over All Fiat Currencies (Part 1)

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:01 – Cryptocurrency Is Here To Stay
  • 01:21 – Cryptocurrency Is Going To Displace Fiat Currency

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So, guys, I mean how do you actually think this is going to end?  How do you think crypto is going to turn out guys? I mean I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I’ve been trying to piece together okay, cryptocurrency is now coming into being. It exists it’s you know we’ve opened Pandora’s Box; it’s not going away. Cryptocurrency, Blockchain it’s going to be around for a very long time, and it’s only just now getting started. The cryptocurrency revolution is just beginning, but how does this end? How does this whole thing end? I mean I know the internet in the web is going to change; it’s fundamentally going to be gutted out and rebuilt from the ground up using Blockchain technology, using cryptocurrency technology and other similar technologies. We’re going to completely rebuild the Internet right. But what else is going to happen besides the internet becoming this huge giant stock market which it’s going to become right? Decentralized apps are being built and they’re replacing traditional internet business models, and they’re replacing it with new decentralized business models right. New decentralized browsers, new decentralized Twitter, and social media platforms, new decentralized data platforms, and marketing platforms and all these things are now just starting to be developed right. But how is this going to turn out?


Because there’s another aspect to this which is money, money is involved right. Fiat currencies are involved in this whole cryptocurrency revolution right. Or I should say the displacement of fiat currencies in this cryptocurrency revolution. What do I mean by displacement of fiat currencies? Well, as more and more people get into cryptocurrency, and as more and more people buy cryptocurrency that displaces the number of people that use that same amount of money in fiat currencies like US dollars or Euros or Yen or whatever currency you may want to use right. Whatever fiat currency you may want to use; So, as people start taking their dollars and their Euros and their Yen and they start taking those and they start buying cryptocurrency what do you think is going to happen? Well, the market capitalization, the total market cap or the market share of fiat currency is going to go down. It’s going to shrink right. while the value in the total market cap of cryptocurrencies is going to expand in rise right. So, there’s going to be a displacement of fiat currency being you know basically being pushed into or a funnelled into cryptocurrency which is going to expand the cryptocurrency markets right. And as the cryptocurrency markets grow, what’s going to happen right? Well, first crypto currencies value is just going to go up right. There’s going to be more people involved in cryptocurrency and investing in cryptocurrency. And the total supply of a particular cryptocurrency may be fixed right. In many cases it is with Bitcoin with Ethereum with others it’s fixed right. And so, the more people that get into crypto the more the market cap goes up in general, the more scarce those cryptocurrencies become and ultimately the more the price goes up in value right. And so, slowly people are entering cryptocurrency, slowly it’s getting adopted and it’s gaining more and more a mass adoption and it’s gaining speed right. December was a test. Last December, 2017 was a test and we saw some of the big players have a lot of money in the financial world they started dipping their toes into crypto right. And you saw the price go way up, you saw the media hype go way up right. And because the media hype and everything went up, the price of Bitcoin went up. The price of all cryptos went up really there’s a huge, huge increase in crypto currencies purchasing in that time period, because it was being adopted right. Then that slowed down and they you know banks and governments and central banks and IMF and everybody’s been trying to say that cryptocurrency is a fraud. It’s a scam, it’s going to collapse. It’s not sustainable. All these different things all of this is BS, all this is complete bullshit. It is not going to change any of this. Cryptocurrency is around. It’s going to stay around forever. We have opened Pandora’s Box. There’s no way to close it. It’s going to continue to grow. Fiat currencies are going to continue to be displaced and what that’s going to do is going to be very, very interesting over the next not 20 years, maybe 10 years, maybe 5 years. I think it’s going to go a lot quicker than people actually think. So, my question is and this maybe could be a part two of this video, but my question is what do you think is going to happen as this transition happens? Like as we enter this new phase you know is the dollar going to be displaced? Is the dollar going to be replaced? As the world reserve currency with cryptocurrency whether or not that’s Bitcoin we don’t know, but it will likely be one or another cryptocurrency or multiple cryptocurrencies right. I think it’s going to ultimately be one cryptocurrency that’s dominant or has the predominant market share. But I think there will be a place for multiple and many types of cryptocurrencies in the market right. From privacy coins to you know coins and tokens that provide a platform to build applications. All of this is going to happen, but mark my words, there’s going to be a very, very large displacement of fiat currency being put into cryptocurrency. And that is going to devalue the dollar and other fiat currencies. It’s going to devalue it by hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is going to kick in; the value of cryptocurrency is going to go up as people start to realize that this transition is real, that it’s happening that people are moving away from fiat and into cryptocurrency. It’s going to have a snowball effect right. It going to increase and increase, increase, increase and as it gains acceleration, as it gains momentum and accelerates up. It’s only going to gain more and more momentum. It’s going to be publicized the more, it’s going to be talked about in the media more you know more businesses are going to be talking about it and getting into it and investing into it. Financial institutions are going to start getting into it, and it’s going to snowball out of control. This is going to have a profound effect on the US economy, on the world economy. And I hope you guys are ready, because what is taking place it’s clear as day. I’m going to make another video after this that shows you why this is clear as day. It’s happening in front of our eyes. It’s happening relatively quickly although; it’s not always on the mainstream news and mainstream media. It is happening and I’m going to show you here in the next video that I make guys. So, stay tuned let me know your thoughts. I’d love to know if you agree with this disagree with this. What do you think is going to happen? How is this all going to really turn out in the end? Or banks going to disappear, government’s going to disappear? I don’t know. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but they will change. Government’s function is going to change. Central’s functions are going to change regular banks are going to change. Their functions are going to change. They’re not going to go away but, they are going to dramatically be disrupted and they’re going to completely change the nature of what they do, how they handle it, what they can and can’t have access to so forth and so on. Anyway I’m Dan from love to know what you think about this guys. Subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking on that little red button below and I’ll talk to you next time.


Lead Generation on the Blockchain – Has Snovio Created a Match Made in Heaven?

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:03 – Snovio Coin
  • 01:00 – How Snovio Works
  • 01:58 – Features Of Snovio
  • 03: 56 – Snovio Roadmap
  • 04:32 – Snovio Ico
  • 05:52 – Snovio Marketplace
  • 06:32 – Challenging The Way Lead Sourcing Works
  • 08:20 – The Snovio Team
  • 08:36 – Snovian.Space
  • 09:30 – How Snovian Space Works
  • 10:07 – Perfect Token Airdrop Tool
  • 11:26 – Details About The Company
  • 12:50 – The Price Of Snovio
  • 13:39 – Snovio Chart

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again from


And guys today I want to review a coin that I think has the potential to change the marketing industry forever. Guys, what coin am I talking about today? I’m talking about Snov io. So, what in the world is Snov io? Email finder; find the right people faster with easy outbound research. So, if you know anything about marketing, about digital marketing, about sales and about finding good contacts and good leads to market or sell to, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I’m talking about Snov io. Snov io I think has the potential to change the marketing industry forever. I mean if you go and look at online marketing, digital marketing you’re going to find a host of range a variety of solutions out there you know, but not very many are you going to find on the Blockchain. And Snov io, what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to bring a lead generation to the Blockchain to offer decentralized lead generation marketplace.


So, let’s dive in and let’s explore how Snov io actually works guys all right. so, first and foremost, if you go to this is the website and immediately what you’re going to see is a Chrome extension to start. And what this Chrome extension does you’ll probably see a pop up here in a moment, but what it does is it allows you to find contacts across LinkedIn, across other platforms based on their domain. So, if you want to find particular contacts or leads within a particular domain like, or or If you want to find contacts associated with that domain and email addresses associated with that domain, you can do that through Snov io, you could do that with their Chrome extension here. And I may show you that in a sec if I have a chance and if I have time to do it.


So, what is Snovio? So, Snovio is a couple of things right. It’s a number of things, but really it’s the world’s first decentralized lead generation platform.


And let’s go and look at what the features are. I’m going to jump over here, because they did run a token sale a while back, and I do want to jump into some of the details there because I think it’s important as you understand what Snov is, you understand what the token sale is and what it was actually for. But let’s first jump to the platform. So, Snovio has a marketing platform to do lead generation for b2b, or enterprise level or types of companies right. And so, the different features they offer on their platform are really outlined right here. So, they offer something that’s called a domain search. So, you can access you know hundreds if not thousands of email addresses within a particular domain by using Snovio. And this is a little picture to show you what I’m talking about right. if you want contacts from, you just enter Microsoft that domain into the snov platform and you’ll get a number of contacts back that you could then contact and market to you know based on that particular domain you’re searching right. You can also search for contacts within LinkedIn and get the email addresses of folks that you may find on LinkedIn right; very powerful for b2b, for enterprise-level companies that are trying to find leads for their sales team right. You can get company profiles if you’re doing company or competitive research. You can even send emails to the folks you’re researching, the leads you’re researching. You can send emails to them free directly from the Snovio platform. So, you don’t need to use Outlook, you don’t need to use your marketing automation platform or anything like that. You could do it directly from the platform. You can find websites and their tech stack, the tech stack associated with a particular domain or website. You can use the marketplace to help connect with freelancers, data researchers, marketing experts, employers and so forth. If you want to contact people like that. So, snovio it’s a variety of things, but ultimately it’s a marketing company. it’s a lead generation company. It’s a way for companies, for b2b, for enterprise-level companies to connect with potential buyers right, with potential leads that are interested in a product or service right.


So, they do have a roadmap that goes all the way through 2019, where they even talk about content AI. They talk about form builders, data enrichment, and all things very important in the marketing space. I come from the marketing space, so I know how important this information is. They’re already working with companies like Uber, Oracle, so forth and so on. NYU, Lenovo, UC San Diego. I mean so they have their network built. And I think this is a very, very good company that’s already solidly built, already has a great business plan, already has a product, and already has a platform. They’ve launched their ICO.

04:32 – SNOVIO ICO

So, now let’s get into some of the nitty gritty of the ICO and then I want to get into the price, because I think there’s potential at the current price point we’re at today. So, Snovio did launch a token sale and here’s the kind of the websites Here’s the website that they did, that as well to do that. They have a telegram channel you could check them out. Their Twitter all these other places right. Just checking out their telegram, in their Twitter let’s see what type of following they have right. The following on Twitter is about 10,500 users, which is actually really, really good for a brand new company right. Join August 27, 2017. So, not even that long ago, about six to eight months ago. They just started this up already have over 10,000 followers on the telegram. They have over 20,000 members. So, if you have any questions about Snov go to the telegram channel, but this is a company that I think has a lot of potential right. They have Snovio which is their lead generation platform, which is what I just showed you. They have Snovio marketplace which I’m going to show you here in a minute. It’s their decentralized lead generation marketplace. Then they also have Snovian space which is where you can earn crypto with your expertise, for giving your information, for giving your expertise. You can actually earn cryptocurrency in the form of Snov which can be converted back to Ethereum, Bitcoin and US dollars or other fiat currencies as well if you’d like right.


So, I do want to get into the marketplace in the Snovian space here in just a second right. Their token sale; they had a total supply of 651 million. They started the token sale at one cent and the price is hovering above 2 cents right now. So, if you would have invested in this ICO you would have actually already doubled your money. The token sale ran through November 30th now it’s actually live. You could get, you could buy Snov tokens on the exchange. You could buy them I believe on let’s see on a KuCoin. Yep, KuCoin. And I’ll show you more of that in just a second here. And you could also buy KuCoin and here are some other exchanges you could buy on.


Okay so let’s read this really quickly. Challenging the way the lead sourcing works; the platform Snovio will help overcome the main challenges faced when searching for quality leads and valuable assets for businesses. Finding the required contact data will become much easier and faster. Clients will be able to find even the most specific groups of people according to any number of complex criteria. Another challenge that will be met by Snovio is the poor quality of leads. Usually, a client sending an email campaign can get up to a 40% bounce rate for a large list of non-existent phone numbers. Snovio will provide access to most up-to-date information which will reduce your bounce rate when you’re running email campaigns so forth and so on. Now, this is very important guys because in the marketing world and if you work for a b2b company. If you’re in the enterprise space and I and I say this from experience. Many if not all Enterprise companies, they always are looking for new contacts or new leads right. They’re always looking for new ways to enrich those leads with new data whether, it’s third party data coming from an external company like a dun & Bradstreet trying to enrich the data the customer profile, the lead profile with firm graphic, with demographic with psychographic information dun & Bradstreet does this, Thomas Reuters does this, their LinkedIn does this. There’s a number of companies out there that will actually sell data to an individual, that will sell data of individuals to enterprise companies, to b2b companies, to enrich their database with additional information. Snovio is going to be doing the same thing, but they’re going to be doing the same thing on the Blockchain. They’re going to be offering data enrichment; they’re going to be offering lead generation services. They’re going to be offering a way to connect with people that actually want to be contacted about something, and we’re going to get more into that and just a second here.


So, the team guys the team Alexis Kratko is the CEO. Check his LinkedIn profile outlook on his Facebook profile. I think the team is solid and I think that their social profiles are solid as well.


Let’s get into Snovian space all right. So, snovian space will allow you to you know to accept and to make direct crypto payments between those who want contacts and those who want to be contacted right. So, companies that need a lead, you can go to snovian space and acquire new leads. For those that want to be contacted and want to actually, make a little bit of money in cryptocurrency, in the process, you could actually give up your information. Give up your expertise. You know to explain what you do for a living and what your interests are and so forth. Snov will then take that and give that information to folks that may want to contact you from a business standpoint. And they marry the two together on the Blockchain through smart contracts, through the Ethereum Blockchain right. Get rewarded directly with crypto for being contacted and letting the world know who you are, or reach out to targeted leads and connect with professionals and crypto tech and other niches right.


So, here’s how it works guys. There’s somebody who has a budget and trying to find a particular number of leads or advisors in a space right. In this example that they use, this person’s looking for advisors that may help with a token sale right. So, he goes to Snovian space. He goes and pays a fee in this case; they’re using the example of $29. Then he’ll actually be able to find folks that are interested and becoming an adviser for a particular

ICO right as it all started right here right. And those people will then get paid part of that $29 to be connected with the person that has the questions about the token sale right. so, that’s how it works.


A perfect token airdrop tool; they have technology that will allow you to easily participate. Snovian space will add the paid messaging service in a method that is highly desirable to Blockchain enthusiasts: start-ups can utilize SNOV or other ERC20 tokens, which is basically the Ethereum Blockchain. And so, what they’ll be able to do is, a start-up may be able to go on a Snovian space to say I need advice about human resources. I need advice about legal issues that I’m facing. They’ll be able to go to Snovian space and they’ll be able to actually hire somebody in whatever expertise they want on the Blockchain facilitated through smart contracts, facilitated through this decentralized ledger and ecosystem that they’re going to be building right. And if you want to make yourself available to these type of services you can actually earn crypto by publishing your skill set on Snovian space and allowing others to reach out to you because you may have expertise around some particular subject area right. So, if I had expertise in cryptocurrency, somebody could reach out to me and say hey! Look I’m going to pay you to give me advice, or to give me recommendations on cryptocurrency right. And then I would be paid through this intermediary system that Snovian space has created, that Snovio has created right. Earn crypto by publishing your unique skill-set and that’s exactly what’s right here right.


Okay so, now let just kind of goes into some of the details about the company. You know talks about who they are, again about the team so forth. So, let’s jump into the price I think the company is solid, I think the business idea and the vision is solid. I don’t think there’s anything like this in the marketing space today, aside from some I COs that have recently popped up like Sether, like other marketing services that are popping up now on the Blockchain. I think this is going to be happening more and more in the marketing space. I think that Snovio is an early adopter. I think they’re going to be first to the market here, first in the space here. They’re going to have first mover advantage in a lot of cases here, but again mark my words, guys. I’ve said this before but the Internet is going to be rebuilt and gutted out from the inside out and rebuilt with Blockchain technology. It’s going to transform web 2.0, web 3.0 into web 4.0. The next version of the internet, the next version of the World Wide Web is going to be built and based on Blockchain technology. Snov is getting ahead of the curve, they’re building a lead generation engine on top of the Blockchain, they’re enabling a way for folks to connect to get paid, and to offer expert advice on a certain topic area. They’re enabling all these connections to happen on the Blockchain so that it’ll all be done through an intermediary contract system all really on a decentralized network which we call the Blockchain.


So, let’s look at the price all right. So, the ICO launched at one cent, now Snovio is sitting at two and a half cents. So, you would have almost tripled your money two and a half times your money, if you were to invest in this ICO. The chart not looking so pretty right, but I think the high was obviously back in December. I’m sorry back in January when everything went to the moon and now it’s been corrected like everything else has right. And so, now we’ve kind of flat-lined out and you’re going to see that the total circulating number of coins is 404 million. Total supply is 651 million. So, I think that eventually, the price is going to go up there. The market cap not huge right now, it’s at 10 million. I think there’s a lot of room to grow there. What I really want to go and look at is a chart that I can work with right.


So, here’s the Snov chart on KuCoin. You can buy Snov points on KuCoin through Ethereum or Bitcoin combination. But look at this chart, I mean this is dropped gosh hundreds of percent. I mean since it’s high, it’s dropped like…oh not hundred sorry about a hundred percent and I think as we see the bull run starting to creep up, as we see this bear market start to end and finalized. You’re going to see tokens like Snov starting to kind of curve and ramp back upright. Especially, established companies like Snov. I mean this is an established company, has an established platform, it has a product, it has a couple products right. It’s not something that they’re trying to prove. They’re not trying to prove the concept, they have it. They’re now, trying to gain adoption for folks marketing, folks b2b folks to actually use the platform right. And so, that’s the work they have ahead of them, is to get people to adopt the platform. The more adoption they’re going to get, the more this price is going to go up in value right. And so as you can see here we have a low, low, low down here, and this could be the bottom. This could be the bottom right down here right. And we could start seeing the corner turn because there’s a step up right here. And we could start seeing this slowly kind of creep up now, and that’s why I think there’s an opportunity here. I don’t think it’s going to stay at two and a half cents forever. And I think it’s going to go up as the market moves up, as the total supply, the total market cap of cryptocurrency, as that goes up Snovio is going to go up as well. I think it’s in a phenomenal price right now two and a half cents. Even if this goes to five cents in the next you know eight months let’s say you’re going to double your money. So, again I just think it’s an opportunity now looking down closer at the charts. I think there’s an opportunity to day trade this as well. If you see a lot of the ups and downs…oops let me get back to the tool… I mean you see a lot of the ups and downs. We’re seeing percentages like you know 5-10% on many of the ups and downs. There’s 10% there’s another, there’s 20%. So, even if you date trade this on hour charts, you’re going to be working with 5, 15, 20% incremental changes throughout a particular cycle. So, I think it’s a good opportunity to do that as well. I’m going to go down and look at the 5-minute charts here. So, even looking at the 5-minute charts up volume is not huge, but the opportunities to trade for an account building type of scenario is really, really good actually 5% up and down all day all day all day long right. So, again I would personally wait for the price to get somewhere down like two rights here, and then I’d buy as it goes up and make that 5-10% put an alert down at the bottom here, all you do on Coinigy is click on that, put down on the alert right here as soon as that price falls out level, you’re going to be alerted and then you can invest. And you’re going to get a bump back upright. it’s consistent, it’s going up and down, up and down in the relatively same channel for a very long period of time right. So, that’s why I’m bullish on Snovio guys. I hope this is valuable? I hope you guys understand what this platform is? You know it’s a lead generation platform that I think is going to be huge. digital marketing, marketing is not going away, online marketing is only going to go stronger, online marketing is going to transform into AI, and it’s going to transform into Blockchain technologies. And you can see that Snov is getting ahead of the curve. You know with all of that even on their roadmap you can see content AI. They’re going to incorporate AI into this mix; they’re already incorporating Blockchain into this mix of lead generation. Other Internet companies better be doing the same thing. Other digital marketing companies better be doing the same thing, or they are going to die. They’re going to fall by the wayside. They’re going to go out of business like Circuit City went out of business, like Toys”R” Us is going out of business. Any company that’s been disrupted by online digital e-commerce is going out of business because they did not adapt to the market. The same thing is going to happen in the digital marketing space. digital marketing companies that do not adapt to the new economy, that do not adapt to web 4.0, that do not adapt to a Blockchain LED internet and world wide web which is coming, guys mark my words. I promise that they will fail right. I’m bullish on Snov guys. Let me know what you think. I’d love to know if you think there’s an opportunity here. I’d love to know if you think the concept is good. I’d love to know what you think about the market supply, the price, the market cap so forth and so on. I’m Dan from hopefully you love this video? If you did please subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking on that little red button below, and each day I will help you guys make more money in cryptocurrency. We’re going to the moon guys. We’re just getting started. Hopefully you enjoyed this? Stick around as we go to the moon in 2018. See you guys later.

Up 23% on EOS Day Trading – Make Quick Gains from Cryptocurrency Investing

Episode Highlights:


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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Dan again for


And today guys, I have a trading opportunity for you. So, guys a few days ago I made a video on a trading opportunity that would enable you to make anywhere from like 5, 15, 20% in profit on day trades. That opportunity is still going strong. Look back at my previous videos and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s the poly Ethereum a trading opportunity on cue coin. Today I have a different opportunity that I want to show you, it is on Binance and it is specific to EOS.


So, let’s jump over the chart here guys. So, if we look at the EOS Bitcoin combination on Binance, this is the chart you see right. So, EOS has been a very strong player in the crypto space for some time now. There’s been talk that EOS may unseat Ethereum, it may actually surpass the Ethereum at some point in terms of market cap price so forth and so on right. If EOS is a platform plan similar to what Ethereum is, which it enables other companies to make decentralized applications on the EOS Blockchain alright so, that’s what EOS is. There is a trading opportunity for EOS right here that I’m going to show you. Doesn’t necessarily look like it from this chart, this is the one day chart for EOS. So, we’re zoomed way out, I like to zoom way out just to get the context of the overall chart. The overall direction of the particular cryptocurrency and market and this does a nice job at doing that. So, what I want to point out here guys is that EOS does this parabolic Bowl kind of shaping similar to what Poly and Ethereum did back in my other videos. So, if you notice here, you’ll see that it’s very common for EOS to have highs and then see a dip right at the lows, and then come back to return to the highs and kind of this parabolic Bowl type of shape right. It’s happened right here. It’s happened right here, it’s happened right here, it’s happened right here. I mean it just repeats itself over and over and over. And if you look right here from the top all the way to where we are now, it’s actually done the same thing right here right. It’s done the same thing recently to get back to the recent highs, which we saw in January. We saw the same recent highs about five days ago for EOS right. So, keep this in mind. It’s making these parabolic Bowl type of shapes right. And that’s very, very important for what I’m about to show you all right.


So, I’m going to erase this and now let’s drill down into the chart into one-hour charts right. So, this is the one-hour chart of EOS. It brings it a little bit closer to home, to what we’re looking at here and I will show you where the opportunity is for this trade right. So, the big opportunity is pretty obvious right. Here’s the top and then we slowly see this decline, decline, decline which is shaping this parabolic Bowl and that it has done so many times in the past right. And so, this will likely continue to play out. Let me just make my chart a little bit bigger here. This will continue to likely play out all the way up to the high right. It may not be exactly like this, but this is what you’re going to see guys and this is the opportunity that I want to show you because I think it’s really important. And it’s not only one trading opportunity; it’s going to be an opportunity over and over and over again. And this is important with day trading right. So, if you notice and I’m going to make a different color here, I’m going to make it pink here. So, let’s make that the yellow here, let’s get a new one and we’ll make that pink right. So, there’s been a top high of resistance right here, resistance right here, and resistance right here. And then two resistance points right here right, which this makes me think that this is more of the kind of the middle and it may go a little bit further. It makes me think it’s the middle of this parabolic Bowl that we’re creating right. So, we’re likely going to see another downtrend and you know a couple uptrends, and we’re going to see this kind of play out kind of something like this right all the way to the top. So, the key here is that the next time that EOS drops, it’ll likely drop somewhere down let me let me delete that and let me give you a better line here because what’s going to happen is EOS is likely going to drop somewhere down by this pink line right here right. So, this is kind of the bottom area of support that we’re seeing. So, we’re likely going to see the price drop again down to those levels, but just slightly higher right. So, you can see, you can expect the bottom you know maybe somewhere right here, maybe somewhere right here, maybe somewhere right here, right here, right here. And so, every time the price goes up and down you should be playing the balance right. So, when it goes down put in a stop order for down here right. And then put it in another sell order for right here right. Then put in a stop order for right here, put in another sell order for up here right. And you’re going to see, this going all the way up. So, this is an opportunity that you can attack multiple times guys. And so, the long-term is this can go up and I’m going to clear this chart out, but the long-term shows that you could gain a percentage anywhere of like 30% right. From the bottom all the way back to the top, that’s about 30% right. But these little spikes that you’re seeing are about 10 to15% right. All right let just say 5 to 15% right here we got an 8%, we got a 10%, most recently we had a 12, 13% right. So, this is going to keep going up, and up and you can see the pattern and the trends have happened to other times right. Here’s another one, here’s another parabolic bowl. I mean this is very, very common with this chart right. And it’s playing it out on the micro and the macro level if you can see what I just showed you right. So, again guys this is a trading opportunity, I would not get in it right at the moment. I would wait for this price to drop, but I’d put in your stop order somewhere around the tens; so, that you can get in on this trade, hopefully, this is really useful for you guys? I’m Dan from Let me know if this is good for you. let me know if it worked out for you, but here’s another trading opportunity to help you make more money, get in guys while you can and watch us this is going to be huge guys. I’m going to make lots of money in the process. See you guys later.